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Ph Creative social

  1. 1. Create a storyline that encourages ongoing discussion and something new to talk about on a continuous basis. Social media isn’t a’s a conversation.....
  2. 2. • Where are your customers online? • What are your customers’ social behaviour patterns online? • What social info or people do your customers rely on? • How do your customers currently use social media technologies in the context of your products? • How ready for social media is your audience? Before you start your social media rollout you should answer the following questions:
  3. 3. social media framework
  4. 4. Social Proof
  5. 5. • Listen first! Understand what your customers want or need. • Identify where your customers’ needs intersect with your business objectives, then offer something your customers will value. • Have a conversation rather than a monologue – be fun, newsworthy, engaging, helpful and insightful. • Set guidelines for the content your team creates (Get a thick skin!) • Set parameters, goals and measure financial and brand benefits. • Use appropriate tools to optimise your time. • Align your online and offline activities. • Be familiar with using the media before it goes mainstream These are the guidelines we recommend you think about