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Phase2 Health and Wellness Brochure


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Phase2 Health and Wellness Brochure

Published in: Technology
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Phase2 Health and Wellness Brochure

  1. 1. Digital Transformation That Shows.
  2. 2. Phase2 is a Digital Experience Agency. For our healthcare partners, we craft exceptional digital experiences that deliver results for your business and lasting brand loyalty of your audience. Everything we dream, design, and deliver starts and ends with the customer experience. Align Your Team »» Product Development »» Change Management »» Silo Busting »» Customer Journey Mapping Build The Right Platform »» Digital Platform Strategy »» Microservice Architecture »» Integration with API-Driven Systems »» Security and Performance Make A Real Connection »» Design »» Branding »» User Experience »» Content Strategy »» Accessibility Deliver Results »» Personalization »» Analytics »» Conversion Optimization »» CRM Integration
  3. 3. When your patient’s healthcare experience is frictionless and personalized… •  A customer journey designed to reinforce personalized care. •  Transparent healthcare billing and appointment booking, all in one place. •  No more redundant healthcare forms.
  4. 4. When your customer experience strategy delivers real business results... •  Grow and retain market share. •  Prevent outmigration. •  Improve quality and outcomes. •  Build brand equity and trust.
  5. 5. Together we transformed the digital patient experience, through patient-centered design and UX, integrating over 15 internal systems into one cohesive journey. •  Trailblazing new experience unifying every patient touchpoint. •  Improved brand integrity across a growing network of over 22 hospitals and 500 outpatient facilities. •  Consolidated bill pay. •  Scalable digital platform which increases content admin efficiency.
  6. 6. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Drupal 8 platform enables a personalized and seamless digital experience for patients and donors alike. •  Targeted experience for patients, caregivers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and students. •  Enhanced editorial and administrative flexibility. •  Increased developer velocity.
  7. 7. The new sub brand “The Well” provides Northwell’s audience with an on-brand and trusted resource for health and wellness topics, and a community that shares insights into medical issues from a range of perspectives including physicians, patients, and caregivers. •  Developed an editorial sub-brand that engages the health and wellness community. •  Crafted a consistent design and feel with Northwell’s parent brand. •  Built a journalistic-style platform that connects directly to the target audience.
  8. 8. The refreshed design, content, and UX guides Saint Luke’s patients to the information they need, making important processes like locating doctors or paying bills quick and easy. •  Reimagined digital patient experience. •  Brand, design, messaging that resonates with patients. •  Streamlined online interactions.
  9. 9. Weight Watchers’ new internationalized platform is boosting customer acquisition by converting site visitors into subscribers with timely geo-targeted content and optimized call-to-actions — increasing revenue by $1.6M/month. •  Optimized digital experience for conversion. •  Implemented scalable site design system. •  Empowered Internal digital team with hands-on platform training.
  10. 10. Digital Transformation That Shows
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