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Intuitive Project Management - Molly Byrnes at DrupalCon Dublin


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Don’t let your process lead you down the road to ruin, trust your instincts. As a generally intuitive person, I’ll talk about some of the more soft skills you can develop to ensure you can manage your project to success.

Metrics, spreadsheets, the latest and greatest agile tools are all incredible parts of getting projects done in this day and age, yet the softer skills that come from our intuitive or gut can often be just as critical in ensuring a project goes well.

Since I’ve worked in the Drupal space for almost 10 years, I’ll also be touching on some tactical intuitive tips that I’ve learned along the way including some common patterns in Drupal projects that I’ve learned to recognize early on through a combination of experience and intuition. I’ll also focus on a helpful framework of the four types of problems ("internet level," "system level," "business level," and "people level") that can be encountered and solution strategies that bridge your intuition with actionable steps to move the project forward.

While there won’t be milk and cookies, I’ll teach you the value of actually having milk and cookies at your next project meeting, and I’ll be bringing my crystal ball.

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Intuitive Project Management - Molly Byrnes at DrupalCon Dublin

  1. 1. DrupalCon Dublin September, 28th Molly Byrnes Intuitive Project Management
  2. 2. molly @mabfire + Account Director, Phase2 + Content Managed first international Drupal 6 media platform, Sony Music + Worked on one of the first large Drupal 8 builds, Memorial Sloan Kettering + Crystal Collector
  3. 3. AH, SO YOU MUST BE a ... developer? designer?
  4. 4. dark matter unseen, everywhere & keeps the universe moving
  5. 5. Static to dynamic The shift to dynamic systems have brought about entirely new problem spaces, roles & way of talking about and understanding the digital universes we all inhabit.
  6. 6. intuition ɪntjʊˈɪʃ(ə)n/ noun 1. the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.
  7. 7. “Never Ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it is enough.” -RObert Heller
  8. 8. Project fundamentals + An actual plan + Detailed requirements + Clear goals + Project methodology and process + Metrics and reporting + Risk Management
  9. 9. Where to apply intuition + Define objectives + Clarify assumptions + Identify risks
  10. 10. Objectives
  11. 11. Transumute confusion into clarity Every project or initiative starts someone trying to explain something that doesn’t yet exist.
  12. 12. MVP Airport
  13. 13. Let’s Land this plane! Everything we do should be directly traceable to a goal that creates business value
  14. 14. Iron triangle SCOPE TIMELINE COST QUALITY
  15. 15. Project PYramid + Lots of nuances + Interpersonal dynamics + External factors
  16. 16. Site & Platform We want a site and we want a platform....
  17. 17. Assumptions
  18. 18. COmmon Drupal Assumptions + Web hosting is included in price with 24/7 support + Content entry is included in project / can do in one day + All parts of sites can be managed within CMS + Every word of site is automatically translatable + When a page is saved, I immediately see the content live
  19. 19. Internet This is how ‘the internet’ works … “Why does the custom font not look exactly the same on my favorite browser - IE7?”
  20. 20. Internet Level + Font displays + Front end CSS rendering on older browsers + Latency - loading of images in far away places + DNS propagation + Media encoding standards
  21. 21. System THat’s not exactly how this framework is designed. “I should press save & my content should appear instantly for all users on the internet immediately, like facebook, right?!
  22. 22. System Level + Drupal pagers + Modules + Assumptions or choices made in Drupal Core + Making it work with distributions + File System + Security patches
  23. 23. BUsiness AUTOMATE THE TPS REPORTS! “I “We want divisions in our department to be able to update the site but we need to make sure someone can approve all content”
  24. 24. Business Level + Offline workflows + Permissions and team structures + Approval processes + Branding and color + Taxonomy content
  25. 25. People P oh, the Humanity! “My item is really important and it needs to be on the homepage and I’m not afraid to send really angry emails about it every day”
  26. 26. People Level + Governance + Personality clashes + Communication style + Personal and life events + Power struggles
  27. 27. All the people + Project team + Client + Site user + Drupal community
  28. 28. P 075009
  29. 29. Being Human + Love + Loss + Acceptance + Validation + Fear of failure, the unknown, success + Desire to belong, be happy, be seen
  30. 30. People intelligence + Myers Briggs - + Human Design - + DOPE - + ... ask questions and learn about personal goals, motivations and interests
  31. 31. communication
  32. 32. P
  33. 33. Energetic listening + Repeat what the person is saying in your head while nodding so that you fully absorb it + Eye contact and focused direction + Listen for the spaces between and what is not mentioned
  34. 34. Energetic listening + Shift body language in dynamic of group + Anticipate who should naturally speak next and generate flow Advanced practices
  35. 35. 1. Does it need to be said right now? 2. Do I need to be the one to say it? 3. If someone else needs to say it, what question can I ask to facilitate the unfolding of the right information at this time? Metaverse Meeting tips
  36. 36. Risks
  37. 37. UNKNOWNS There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know. ~ Donald Rumsfeld
  38. 38. RISK Management
  39. 39. Mission Protocols + Regular risk meetings + Log & review transparent mitigation plans + Launch protocols & rollback
  40. 40. + Lay out the plan and unfold from multiple angles + Prepare for key moment of message delivery + The “missing piece” slots in for AHA moment Long Game Risks
  41. 41. Get in Tune
  42. 42. Introvert vibes
  43. 43. Thank you! Evaluate -
  44. 44. JOIN US FOR CONTRIBUTION SPRINTS First Time Sprinter Workshop - 9:00-12:00 - Room Wicklow 2A Mentored Core Sprint - 9:00-18:00 - Wicklow Hall 2B General Sprints - 9:00 - 18:00 - Wicklow Hall 2A