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Riding the Drupal Wave: The Future for Drupal and Open Source Content Managementca keynote


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Jeff Walpole's keynote presentation at Drupal Camp Costa Rica

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Riding the Drupal Wave: The Future for Drupal and Open Source Content Managementca keynote

  1. 1. Riding the Drupal Wave: The Future for Drupal and 
 Open Source Content Management
  2. 2. Pura Vida!
  3. 3. Jeff Walpole Twitter: @jeffwalpole ‣ CEO/Founder @ Phase2 ‣ Director @ Drupal Association ‣ Someone who has benefited greatly from Drupal since 2007
  4. 4. The digital landscape is changing rapidly 1
  5. 5. come in 3 forms Digital Transformation new and innovative ways to disrupt traditional business models Web Plumbing infrastructure & integration Construction cheaper and more efficient ways to build Web Projects
  6. 6. Cost Innovation Contribution plays an increasingly large and important role in all three. Open Source
  7. 7. Internet TRENDS
  8. 8. Cloud Software, hardware, and content are distributed, ubiquitous and increasingly commoditized.
  9. 9. Commerce Everything is monetized from subscriptions, to shopping, to advertising to data.
  10. 10. Mobile Content and interface design must be designed FIRST with mobile in mind as the lowest common denominator of digital experience.
  11. 11. Omni-channel Content is disaggregated from code and is optimized for each channel. There are coordinated and automated efforts between paid, owned, and earned media.
  12. 12. International Global and cultural barriers are transcended and disproportionate growth goes to the developing and most populace locations.
  13. 13. Data-centric Data as both a bi-product and a primary objective are collected, stored, analyzed and business decisions and models are optimized based upon the insights.
  14. 14. Geo-centric Location awareness and optimization provide more personalized and targeted offerings to users.
  15. 15. Photo by: Flickr user frankieleon location is irrelevant. The implication of ALL of these trends is that increasingly…
  16. 16. Drupal is changing to accommodate 2
  17. 17. Drupal fits many of these trends natively Drupal is a global phenomenon that can create massive opportunity for anyone that uses it, delivers it or builds a business on it. Drupal is unique in that it is both widely accessible and enterprise focused 1 2 Drupal is about to release its greatest version yet 3
  18. 18. CMS TRENDS CMS is moving from a software tool to edit websites to an enabler of Digital experiences – a framework that supports and enforces the standards, interfaces, best practices for development for the products it creates.
  19. 19. Leading CMS Technologies
  20. 20. Wordpress Drupal Adobe Joomla 3% 50% Entire Internet - Wordpress dominates
  21. 21. Top 100k sites - Drupal is the second largest CMS 51% 10% Wordpress Drupal Adobe Joomla
  22. 22. Top 10k sites - Drupal & Adobe jump up 48% 14% Wordpress Drupal Adobe Joomla
  23. 23. 1. Community Innovation 2. Flexibility 3. Full control of platform 4. Open & Transparent 5. Cost Why is open source winning?
  24. 24. ‣ Think in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) not free ‣ All software has implementation and customization costs ‣ Cost is a competitive advantage - not a BRAND ‣ Don’t undersell the value Cost is a lower criteria for adoption but it matters.
  25. 25. 3How will Drupal 8 become the dominant open source CMS leading these changes?
  26. 26. Drupal 8 leading the change Other proprietary CMS’s won’t be able to keep pace… Drupal 8 is heavily focused on enterprise / larger and more complex use cases. But remains a viable and appropriate tool for smaller and simpler sites as well. That flexibility is an advantage for dev shops and enterprise organizations!
  27. 27. Top D8 Advantages SUMMARIZED With D8 we will see Drupal used as both a content repository, a workflow and site building tool and to create user experiences. Or in different combinations.
  28. 28. Advantage Omni-channel ‣ Built-in web services ‣ Content is optimized for each channel ‣ Over 25 services overridable 1
  29. 29. Advantage 2 Front End 
 Experience ‣ Improved Theming (using Twig) ‣ Better Markup (HTML5/CSS3) ‣ SEO (RDFa/ ‣ Accessibility (WAI) ‣ Front end performance (Javscript/CSS aggregation)
  30. 30. Advantage 3 Multi-lingual ‣ Core multilingual installer ‣ Infinite flexibility and control of translation for everything in the admin and on the site ‣ 4 consolidated modules do it all
  31. 31. With multilingual built into D8 core, Drupal is addressing the fact that the world is becoming smaller, and we interact with people online from all over the world.
  32. 32. Advantage 4 Editor Experience ‣ SPARK ‣ In place editing ‣ Views in Core ‣ New and improved admin theme
  33. 33. Advantage Content Modeling ‣ Content as a service- allows for Headless Drupal ‣ Content object centric ‣ Fielding 5
  34. 34. Advantage Professional Development Practices ‣ Symfony and object oriented ‣ Configuration management ‣ Automated testing 6
  35. 35. Advantage Mobile ‣ Mobile first UI ‣ Responsive ‣ Mobile friendly navigation 7
  36. 36. the rapid pace of change? What can we do as a community to stay on top of 4
  37. 37. The key is ensuring that we have a thriving community of involvement, contribution & participation.
  38. 38. What are the threats to Drupal Adoption? ‣ Demand outweighs supply of global talent ‣ Professionalism is comparatively low ‣ Training is less available than other enterprise technologies ‣ Open source resistance still exists
  39. 39. The Drupal Community is becoming larger, more professional, more diverse, and more globally connected.
  40. 40. 3 Global Drupalcons including DrupalCon in India next Photo by: Tanay Sai
  41. 41. We are almost there! 12 issues left...
  42. 42. Ways everyone can CONTRIBUTE
  43. 43. Time It’s not just the coders Books Videos Themes Features Classes Documentation Blogging Events (like this one!) Demos Case studies Pretty Drupal sites High profile Drupal sites Innovative uses (of Drupal) Client references Social media chatter
  44. 44. Investment $$$ It’s not just the…
  45. 45. Make a small donation to the Drupal Association’s D8 Accelerate Fund. So far, the DA has raised almost $225k of our $250k goal to rally the community to the cause.
  46. 46. Ecosystem The Drupal Business Photo by: Carlos Reusser Monsalvez We must invest in developing a healthy, sustainable ecosystem and business climate with aligned incentives to the project.
  47. 47. Here come the elephants Photo by: Paul Bica
  48. 48. opportunity for small ones Big companies are an • They invest in a platform and its future • Create jobs and develop talent • Lend credibility to a technology • Attract big customers!
  49. 49. Partnerships and M&A We are seeing businesses joining up and also acquisitions. And there will be more…
  50. 50. 1. Products companies must emerge 2. Services companies should spread out and specialize 3. Profitable business models must co-exist with open source contribution 4. We need more businesses @ scale 5. Success must spread globally 6. All ecosystem players should work together to patch Drupal weaknesses healthy business ecosystem Key tenets of a
  51. 51. How can you get involved and be relevant? 5
  52. 52. Drupal is global TAKE ADVANTAGE
  53. 53. Open source levels the playing field
  54. 54. Photo by: David Spira Humanitarian.ID Spread good around the world
  55. 55. Growing More Talent Photo by: Bruno Cordioli
  56. 56. is essential to the Drupal ecosystem Talent renewal 82% of hiring managers surveyed plan to hire Drupal talent within the next 6 months. 82% 40% of hiring managers surveyed say they are “constantly” hiring Drupal talent. 40% HIRING PLANS “CONSTANT” HIRING MODE
  57. 57. Front End | Content Strategy | Core | Integrations | DevOps be on the cutting edge Opportunities to 92% of hiring managers surveyed 
 say there is insufficient Drupal talent in the market to meet their needs. MORE DRUPAL TALENT IS NEEDED 92%
  58. 58. Hiring managers say they are currently 
 trying to fill many types of Drupal roles. MANY JOBS, MANY ROLES Themer DevOps Site Builder Content Strategist or Admin Developer + Project Managers QA Specialists Analysts
  60. 60. find a way to get noticed. Photo by: Steven Depolo
  61. 61. What makes someone unique? ‣ Solution specialization ‣ Industry specialization ‣ Services specialization ‣ Geographic dominance ‣ Product/distro makers ‣ Community thought leadership
  62. 62. professional practices Ensuring • Configuration management • QA and testing • Documentation • Project management • Design • Security
  63. 63. Giving back is good business too. Insisting on contribution • Build it into the jobs of internal digital teams • Emphasize contribution • Make reusable architectures • Celebrate contributions COMPANIES THAT PRACTICED THIS HAVE SUCCEEDED IN DRUPAL
  64. 64. successful Drupal business? What is the recipe for a
  65. 65. successful Drupal business? What is the recipe for a 1. Leverage Drupal’s popularity for lead generation 2. Master services / deliver them successfully 3. Corner specific niches for competitive advantage 4. Invest in new business models and thinking around using Drupal (products, pricing, etc.) 5. Share, teach, learn, contribute 6. Rinse and repeat...
  66. 66. Gracias
  67. 67. Q & A ‣ Twitter: @jeffwalpole