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Dr Y and Dr NoClue


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Existing Preclinical Models for Parkinson's Disease R&D are not satisfactory.
Not young But Relevant is a new preclinical model designed by
Pharmaseed, which better mimics the disease by including in one
model the most prominent disease's risk factors.

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Dr Y and Dr NoClue

  1. 1. Dr NoClue, How come that with 15 animals per arm We can demonstrate drug efficacy in Parkinson’s Disease mouse model, yet with 300 patients per arm we can not?
  2. 2. Dear Dr Y, it is not so complicated! Just have a look at the disease mechanism
  3. 3. Dr NoClue… So many parameters and unknowns… where should I start? Feeling hungry…what shall I have for dinner?
  4. 4. Dr Y, it is simple! Start with young mice, or even young rats, and dosed them with neurotoxins. Or we can use transgenics, we have so many wonderful models! Didn’t we try them already?...I want to go shopping
  5. 5. I think I’ll have some pasta, and what about dessert?
  6. 6. Dr Y, it is complicated to run a study on aged animals that are on a western diet…this is not the way we were trained to think! Shoes… I need new shoes
  7. 7. I lost my apetite…I need to loose some weight. I am getting old…almost irrelevant
  8. 8. It might be a good idea to include the known risk factors in one model…if you think about it there aren’t too many…just add aging, environmental factors and western diet and you may cover 80% of the risk factors I need new glasses…I hate the bifocal
  9. 9. 125 euros a pair… 30% discount but I like them Dr Y, it might be worth including what we know about PD risk factors in one « dirty » model…we would be less academic but so much more relevant!!
  10. 10. I like your innovative idea, so simple and so smart! She likes me