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PharmaSmart - Million Hearts Risk Check - Application Overview


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PharmaSmart - Million Hearts Risk Check - Application Overview

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PharmaSmart - Million Hearts Risk Check - Application Overview

  1. 1. PharmaSmart Inc. Million Hearts Application Submission - OverviewExecutive Overview of Application Platform Agnostic ApproachTwo main interfaces: We decided against creating native smartphone applications due to• Web based (HTML5/Mobile Aware/Optimized) the smaller reach such applications provide to target audiences• Two-way SMS Texting today. Our strategy uses mobile responsive web-based applications Note: We also are prepared to provide a third, telephone voice-based option for taking the assessment, but this would be something we would introduce in 2013. that can still be shown in the native phone App Stores, but can also be used on any computer or internet connected home entertainmentFocus areas: device. Further, we supplement this with a full SMS Text based• Accessibility: Be as accessible to as many people as possible. interface to reach patients with the most basic cell phones.• Simplicity: Keep it simple.• Education: Provide a interface that makes it easy to understand • Smart Phone Use by Age Distribution1 different blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and weight levels, in • Only 7% of smartphones are owned by 55+ addition to the overall health assessment. Make it easy for the patient • Only 28% of smartphones are owned by 35+ to see their progress.• Accuracy: Leveraging our core strengths and our extensive Blood • All smartphones only cover 47% of mobile subscribers2 Pressure monitoring capabilities to access to historical biometric data • Even of people with smartphones, the most highly used feature allowing us to use Last 10 Averages for biomarkers such as Blood across the population is texting. Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Cholesterol providing much more • 74.8% have texted vs. 49.5% have downloaded apps3 accurate health assessments.• Integration: Utilize our integration platforms and partnerships and the • This combination of web-based solutions and SMS texting covers resulting biometric data we receive to further improve the accuracy of a very high percentage of the population who are capable of the health assessment and better engage with patients needing engaging with a Health IT solution at a basic level. intervention.• Extensibility: We see this as only the beginning and plan to build the • Application is multi-lingual (both interfaces) health assessment and follow-up care pieces throughout our entire • English existing Health IT infrastructure extending to Pharmacies and other • Spanish health providers across the nation. • French• Depth: Develop a comprehensive solution that provides patient tools • More can be added if needed. for measuring and monitoring their biomarkers with automatic health assessment updates. • Blood Pressures Kiosks are multilingual. 1: Source 1 2: Source 2 3: Source 3
  2. 2. • Ad-Hoc Presentation and Usage Mode: No need to login. Immediately presents itself as a risk assessment tool. This is intended for the mass marketing using all media where there is no association with Kiosks or our Smart Cards. • Multilingual (English, Spanish, French) • Simple results, easy to read • Maximized use of natural language, minimizing clinical layout or terms. • Automatic responsive layout, adjusts to mobile and tablet layouts • Patient can re-take assessment • Patient can share assessment with their Doctor • Has automatic reminders and notifications via e-mail and SMS Text.• Integrated Presentation and Usage Mode: Integrated with our Blood Pressure Tracker.• Alternatively, patient can get a full, anonymous user account and have full Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol, Weight/BMI trackers, with the Million Hearts/Archimedes Assessment automatically updating as data is collected
  3. 3. • Integrated with complete suite of related biomarker tracking and history data, with Averages.• All BP reads taken from kiosks automatically display in the interface and the assessment is updated based on Last 10 Average.• Ability to e-mail results including a link to all the patient data to their Doctor or health care provider.• Data is very interactive. Simply sliding the range selector will immediately update the patient data.• Data visible to Physicians and Pharmacists in participating MTM/EMR solutions with visual alerting to immediately engage the patient and discuss the assessment.
  4. 4. SMS Texting with E-mailed Assessment Report & Link to Web Tracker English SMS Texting Interface Overview • Very accessible • Super simple to use. If people have texted, they can use this. • Engaging use of language • Multilingual. Three languages for consideration, but can easily add many more, full database-based translation tables • To choose language and initiate the assessment, simply text “Hello” in yourSpanish French desired language (e.g. “Hola”, “Bonjour”) • Due to limited length of SMS Text messages, it provides basic risk assessment via Text, and asks for e-mail to send a complete assessment report via e-mail which also includes link to full featured tracker. • Asks if it can send reminders for updated biometrics and will send updated assessments. • Easy to market in print and media ads. Simple say “Text Hello to <phone> to get started!”
  5. 5. Review Criteria Executive Overview (BPT = Blood Pressure Tracker)How well the apps follow the specific input The application asks the specific questions and provides the proper output per the API spec and otherand output requirements of the two APIs documentation based on our understanding of them.and exchange data with the data sourcesEffectiveness in getting individuals to Both Web and SMS Text interfaces are simple and straight forward. Each asks one question at a time and the nextanswer all the questions for the initial risk question depends on the answer to the previous answer. Answers along the way are saved if the patient walksassessment away from the process, we can engage them with follow up communications via e-mail or text messaging.Effectiveness in encouraging further The Million Hearts requirements were added the PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Kiosks and BPT web site . This istesting (specifically lipids and BP), designed to promote blood pressure and other biometric testing and reporting of data. Further, as new dataespecially for those with some risk transfers into the tracker from Kiosks, or manual entries made on the web site, the assessment data is updated and can be configured to send users notification whenever it changes.Effectiveness in communicating final risk to The BPT has concise graphical charts that clearly communicate a patients biomarker (blood pressure, glucose,individuals, based on guidelines provided cholesterol, and weight/BMI) in very intuitive and easy to read format with clear indications of where they fallby Archimedes API within recognized guidelines. This design was based on advisory panels and customer/patient feedback over the last 3 years. We extended this illustrative approach and added a health assessment page that shows the Archimedes assessment risk data on similar sliders and indicators.Effectiveness in communicating final risk to The simple “sliders” clearly show their Risk and where it falls on a scale. One look and it makes it clear where theirindividuals, based on guidelines provided risk is relative to the scale. This illustration is also used for the BP, Cholesterol, Glucose, and Weight/BMI historyby Archimedes API providing a highly effective and consistent view. Charts and tables also show historical readings so they can view their progress on improving their risk.Effectiveness in encouraging lifestyle The Risk Assessment page provides clear , color-coded warning indicators for all risk states.changes for those at some riskEffectiveness in encouraging seeing a The Risk Assessment page recommends seeing a health professional, but we take this much further. Our API’s arehealth professional if they are at high risk integrated in participating pharmacies and physician MTM/EMR software. This accomplishes two things. If the MTM/EMR software detects patients are taking medications related to hypertension or other targeted disease states , it recommends to the pharmacist that they consult with the patient and recommend enrollment in the monitoring program. Once enrolled, our API’s provide patient alerting within the MTM/EMR. If a patient has blood pressure reads in high risk zones , it will also provide a blinking red warning to the pharmacist to encourage the patient to see their Doctor and get the condition managed.How easy and intuitive is the app to use, Based on 3 years of experience with our BPT and constant refinement based on feedback, the tracker has been veryand how well does it engage consumers easy to use by Patients, Pharmacies, and other Health Providers. Adding entries is very simple. Blood pressurefrom diverse backgrounds. Which app is readings taken on our Kiosks automatically show up. We are integrated with Microsoft HealthVault and can alsothe most likely to get the most people to source biometric data from a patients HealthVault records.know their full cardiovascular risk?