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The End of Gay


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Is the end of gay conceivable? Is gay 'just a phase', not for individuals but for society?

Adam Knowles, Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, argues that it could be, but not until the insight offered by queer culture has been taken up. He will present the Central London Humanist Group with an argument that a path toward this vision is available - and help you decide if it's impossible or inevitable.

Mapping a broad historical view of gay from ignored to illegal through tolerated to integrated, this talk will outline some of the possibilities for the future and put the case for a modern conception of human sexuality. What happens is up to all of us: gay, straight or otherwise.

The talk comes at a poignant time as we grieve the loss of David Kato, the gay human rights campaigner who was brutally murdered in Uganda. The homophobia displayed even at his own funeral acts as a reminder that the fight for equal human rights across the world is far from over.

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The End of Gay

  1. 1. From ignored to illegal, tolerated to integrated Adam Knowles Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
  2. 2. Ignored
  3. 3. Illegal
  4. 4. Tolerated
  5. 5. Integrated
  6. 6.