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3D Logic Puzzle Explanation + Solution


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This is an explanation and solution to the 3D Logic Puzzle by PhilThePain (link to game:

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3D Logic Puzzle Explanation + Solution

  1. 1. 3D Logic Puzzle (rectangular prism) The picture to the left is the blueprint for a rectangular prism. You have to visualize that the blueprint was “folded” and is complete. Ignore the boxes with exclamations marks in them. Terminology: -”Adjacent” means a side is shared.Letters meaning: Corners are not enough. In other words, ADJACENT-LW=left wall DOES NOT INCLUDE DIAGONALS!-RW=right wall-F=front wall -If a clue uses the word ”faces”, it is referring to-C=ceiling wall positions facing each other on opposite walls.-B=bottom wall (example: front wall faces rear wall)-R=rear wall
  2. 2. Special thanks to Paintbrush for the picture to the left.SPOILER ALERT! SOLUTION FOLLOWS THIS SLIDE!
  3. 3. The position that faces F1 on the rear wall is R2. X in R2. X
  4. 4. The positions adjacent to R2 are C1, LW1, R1 and R4. If C1 and LW1 aren’tX’s, then their wall partner has to be since there is one X on each wall.X in LW2 and X in C2. X X
  5. 5. The position that faces C2 is B2. Y in B2. Y
  6. 6. The positions adjacent to B2 are F4, R3, RW2 and B1. Every wall has an X exceptthe right wall and the bottom wall so X in B1 and RW2. X X
  7. 7. The positions adjacent to RW2 are RW1, B2, F4 and R3. B2 is already a Y so Z inRW1, F4 and R3. Z Z Z
  8. 8. The position that faces RW1 is LW1 so Z in LW1. Z
  9. 9. All the 2x1 and 1x2 walls are filled except the ceiling. A Y is missingaccording to clue LW2 so Y in C1. Y
  10. 10. The position that faces R4 is F3. If F3 is not Y then it is Z. Z in F3. Z
  11. 11. The front wall is missing a Y according to clue B1. Y in F2. Y
  12. 12. So far, we have 3 Y’s and 5 Z’s. There are two positions left so Y in R4and R1. Y Y
  13. 13. The quiz is complete!