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A walkthrough of the new design and features.

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What's New on

  1. 1. Introducing The
  2. 2. Swift & Easy AccessImproved Content Organization & Page ReductionReorganized main navigation& visible sub-navigation forswift access to topic areas Shortcuts can be found within the footer Tertiary Navigation to access pages within deeper sections
  3. 3. Swift & Easy AccessOverall new design and pages layouts
  4. 4. Swift & Easy AccessSearch Function Optimization Introducing PhRMApedia: a new, robust searchable database Relevant content regularly and automatically presented through content modules
  5. 5. Swift & Easy AccessResponsive design
  6. 6. Swift & Easy AccessContent Centralization Blog Integration: The Catalyst Events Integration: Annual Meeting
  7. 7. Swift & Easy AccessInteract with PhRMA Contact Us… PhRMA Polls, comment option and social media channels