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Moving Toward Meaning


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Sit down with almost anyone and you'll hear the same desire: “I want to do meaningful work." Let’s discuss what that even means and the opportunities, obstacles, and insights before us. Let’s dwell on creating confident movement rather than scary risk. This isn’t about quitting our jobs. It’s about simple intentionality today.

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Moving Toward Meaning

  1. 1. - Timothy Tonge
  2. 2. - Jonathan Harris, Beyond Flash
  3. 3. - Beck Tench, Swimming with Sharks
  4. 4. • Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow • Linchpin, Seth Godin • Beyond Flash, Navigating Stuckness, Jonathan Harris • Swimming with Sharks, Beck Tench • Should and Must, Elle Luna • The Happy Secret to Better Work, Shawn Achor • Systems and Goals, James Clear • Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg Resources