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FanTech - Ventilation Fans


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FanTech - Ventilation Fans

  1. 1. Suppliers of the highest quality plumbing, heating and HVAC products. Featured Category: FanTech
  2. 2. FanTech is a popular line known for manufacturinginnovative ventilation products forresidential and commercial properties.Available product categories include:•Power Roof Ventilators•Wall Fans•Inline Fans•Air Circulators•Specialty Fans•And More!
  3. 3. Benefits of FanTech VentilationFans:•Top Quality Products•Solves Air Movement Problems•Improves Indoor Air Quality•Available for Use in Residentialor Commercial Properties•Varieties for Bath, Kitchen,Laundry, or for the Whole House
  4. 4. FanTech FKD SeriesRound Inline Mixed FlowCentrifugal FansFanTech’s FKD Series of mixed flowcentrifugal fans offer the following benefits:•Good for Exhaust Applications•Good for Supply Applications•Quiet Performance•Easy Installation•Made of Galvanized Steel•Withstands Airstream Temperatures up to140 degrees Fahrenheit•100% Speed Controllable•Permanently Lubricated Sealed BallBearings•And More!
  5. 5. FanTech FKD SeriesRound Inline Mixed FlowCentrifugal FansFanTech’s FKD Series ofmixed flow centrifugal fansare great choices for thefollowing businessstructures:•Office Buildings•Hospitals•Veterinary Clinics•Beauty Salons
  6. 6. FanTech FKD SeriesRound Inline MixedFlow Centrifugal FansFanTech’s FKD Series ofmixed flow centrifugalfans are a great choicefor those looking toremodel a home kitchen.The FanTech FKDSeries Fans can be usedin the kitchen’s rangehood exhaust.
  7. 7. A Variety of Ventilation Products Are Currently Available
  8. 8. Suppliers of the highest quality plumbing and heating products including FanTech Ventilation Fans. 1-888-757-4774