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2015 Renovation Proposal - Gethsemane United Methodist Church

Dear Gethsemane Members:
During the last two and one
half years many hours have been given by generous
church people in accessing the needs of Gethsemane to move into the future
and remain a vital source for God's work in this world. We are now ready to
share the plan that will meet our needs for the years ahead. This plan focuses
on maintaining the facilities with much needed repairs and adding more viable
space and aesthetic aspects that will modernize and update our facility.
In many ways the church should always remain the same. Such as the call to
mission, a place to hear the word of God, a place to share in the acceptance of
people who love you and care for you in Christ's name. There is no doubt Geth-
semane does that and does it well.
This community is changing. People are changing. When looking for a church
not only are individuals looking for the things mentioned Gethsemane is doing
well, they are also looking for a place that is physically comfortable, safe and
It is believed by the Administrative Council the financial cost is within the reach
of Gethsemane and the work to be done will allow for the long term viability of
the church and its ministries.
On October 4, at both services, we invite you share in the unveiling of the plan.
Immediately following the first and second services on October 4 and October
18 there will be detailed informational sessions to become better acquainted
with the project and allow for questions. Please plan to attend one of these
sessions. If you are unable to attend, please contact the office and every effort
will be made to provide you with the information.
Mark your calendar as on November 1, following one service at 10:15am, there
will be a congregational meeting and vote by Gethsemane UMC members as to
the direction Gethsemane will take.
The future of Gethsemane is in your hands.

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2015 Renovation Proposal - Gethsemane United Methodist Church

  2. 2. 01
  3. 3. New Addition ✤ Relocation of the administrative office to the entrance of the church. This will provide a safer work environment by knowing who is entering and leaving the church. This will also be more welcoming to members and guests entering the church ✤ Pastor’s office will be moved to the new addition with an attached conference room. This will provide a better work space for our Pastor while also offering better access to the sanctuary. ✤ This addition will also free up more classroom space and allow us to move the choir room to the current pastor’s office area.
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  5. 5. 01
  6. 6. Sanctuary improvements ✤ We will begin with insulating the concrete block walls and ceiling. This insulation will provide a much more energy efficient church. We have been working with Focus on Energy to apply for available grants to help offset costs ✤ New front wall and stained glass window. The window is the one part of the project that changes both the interior and exterior of the church. This window will set our church apart from others in the area. ✤ A new color scheme and lighting in the sanctuary will provide a more modern feel and welcoming atmosphere. ✤ Audio and visual equipment will be added in the sanctuary to provide access to use the church in new ways. This will also assist those who may have difficulty reading hymns and other messages.
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  8. 8. 01
  9. 9. Narthex ✤ In the Narthex we will begin with installing a beautiful stained glass window which will allow for a much brighter space within the church ✤ We will also be adding a new drop ceiling with improved lighting ✤ Updating the fireplace and color scheme create a welcoming environment upon entering the church
  10. 10. 01
  11. 11. Upper Fellowship Hall ✤ The upper fellowship hall will be changed to create a larger area for those using the church. Removing the current choir room and storage closets will remove the bottle neck created during our fellowship after service. ✤ A serving station/coffee bar will be added in the south side of the room. This will move traffic flow away from the Narthex and into the room during times the room is in use. This serving area will have a refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher ✤ Our goal is to create a space that can be used for post-service fellowship as well as other events. This space will be able to host almost every event we have at the church, this will allow for an easier time for those that have trouble negotiating the stairs.
  12. 12. Downstairs ✤ The lower fellowship hall will be changed to provide a dedicated entrance, removing the current set up of multiple doors. This will allow for the addition of another classroom/meeting space in the area currently used by the Sunday school program. A drop ceiling will be installed throughout the downstairs to encase the asbestos based pipes in the ceiling. ✤ In the hallway and classroom area the piping will be boxed in with drywall and painted ✤ The entire downstairs area will receive updated paint and lighting to flow with the changes that are being made in the rest of the church
  13. 13. Fire Sprinkler System ✤ We felt it was important to add a fire sprinkler system to the entire church for a number of reasons. ✤ We have been grandfathered in with the current fire code. ✤ By adding a sprinkler system to the church we were able to remove the current fire doors installed and open up areas like the upper fellowship hall. ✤ Our church was restricted from offering programs like daycare and senior activities because we did not have fire suppression. ✤ We can expect better insurance rates in the future due to the addition of the sprinkler system ✤ It was the right thing to do for to safety of our members and guests.
  14. 14. The process ✤ The planning for this renovation has been taking place for a number of years. As we would address one area of concern another area would arise. In the end the decision was made to do a complete renovation that would set our church up for success for years to come. ✤ During this process it was discussed many times that it would be much easier to sell the existing church and land and relocate to build a new church from scratch. Our group felt it was very important to preserve the legacy that was established by those who came before us and that this church was worth renovating. ✤ We tried our best to take into account the needs of everyone in the church. One area that we had a number of discussions was the addition of an elevator. The elevator would not fit within our current floor plan without major adjustments being made. In the end we felt it was better to update the upper fellowship hall to accommodate more functions without the need to go between the two areas. ✤ Ultimately we feel we have come up with a plan that will serve our church, our mission, and our community for the next 25-30 years getting us to our 200th anniversary in the Pewaukee area.
  15. 15. 01 Project Breakdown ✤ Total project cost 1,150,000.00 ✤ Conference requires 1/3 in cash, 1/3 in pledges, and up to 1/3 in a loan ✤ Cash of $383,000 we currently have ✤ Pledge of $383,000 over a 3 year period ✤ Mortgage of $383,000 through the United Methodist Foundation ✤ Mortgage amount would be higher at first until all the pledges come in over the 3 year time frame ✤ The final mortgage payment would be around $2,300 per month based on a current rate of 4% fixed for 5 years on a 20 year amortization. This is about $1,300 higher than our previous mortgage payment, but is affordable based on our current financial trends
  16. 16. 01 History of prior building projects ✤ In 2007 we completed a renovation project valued at $465,000 ✤ We received $225,000 in cash and pledges from 2007-2009 ✤ The starting mortgage loan balance of $240,000 was fully paid within 8 years ✤ We are currently debt free and financially healthy
  17. 17. Project Breakdown ✤ Sanctuary front wall replacement including stained glass window $285,000 ✤ Drive way and parking lot replacement including new exterior lighting $155,000 ✤ Sprinkler system installation $160,000 ✤ New addition with offices $150,000 ✤ Audio visual equipment $25,000 ✤ Infrastructure updates, maintenance, and repairs $345,000
  18. 18. 01 Considerations when asked to make your pledge ✤ We are off to a very strong start with our current cash position. Much better than when we started the previous project ✤ We are asking for a three year pledge commitment but our preference is to receive as much as possible earlier in the process, in order to minimize the initial loan amount ✤ Building project pledges are over and above normal annual pledges. We still need to be able to pay the normal monthly bills ✤ Each member should prayerfully consider how much they can give ✤ To put what is needed into perspective we need 100 members to pledge $4,000 each over a three year period