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Top 14 most funny kitty names


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Top 14 most funny kitty names

  1. 1. Top 14 most funny kitty namesBy: Dr. Jane MatheysAssociate VeterinarianThe Cat Doctor Veterinary HospitalFor Pets Best InsuranceIt’s said that laughter is the best medicine,and as a practicing veterinarian and petinsurance enthusiast, I know this this true!So here’s a dose of laughter that is sure tokeep you healthy. I’ve always beenamused by the funny names peoplechoose for their cats. Here are some of thebest that I’ve come across in my time as avet.1. Bird DogIt’s what the owner really wanted to get, but a cat fit his lifestyle better. The poor kitty has tobear the brunt of the owner’s wishful thinking.2. MousetrapTechnically that’s what a cat is, so I can’t argue with this one.3. Dog FoodA cat could be this too, I suppose. But I hope not! Unfortunately, we’ve seen our share of catsthat have been chewed on or bitten by dogs. It’s instances like these where cat insurance cancome in handy.4. BoogymanMy colleague examined this cat. But his demeanor wasn’t as scary as his name implies.5. Albus Percival PeanutHe started out as just Peanut, but that was too plain and his owners thought his name neededmore bling! I’d say they achieved this goal.6. Buttsey WiggleThis is one of my all time favorites! It’s descriptive and cute. I always laugh when I see my owncats do their impression of “buttsey wiggle” when they’re about to pounce on an object.7. Chunky ButtThere’s just something about those big, fluffy, kitty posteriors that captures owners’imaginations!Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART7-0212-IAIC/AICC
  2. 2. 8. Monk E. BuhtOf course, a guy came up with this one! Need I say more?9. Skimbleshanks and GrizabellaThey’re both from the T. S. Eliot poem and Broadway play “CATS”, but the first one is muchharder to roll off the tongue.10. Leonardo DiCatrioThere’ s plenty of famous people to play off their names.11. Harley DavidsonIf you have a cool last name, why not take advantage of it?12. Nickat KnightAnother last name you can work with. This refers to Nick at Night on the Nickelodeon channel, Ibelileve.13. NBCAlso known as “Not Bill’s Cat.” When this stray was found, Bill said “This is not going to be mycat.” The cat had other ideas. Sorry Bill.14. Very Delicious OmeletThis wins my category of most bizarre. This kitty suddenly appeared on the back deck onemorning when the owners were cooking an omelet. Apparently they were good cooks, too. Sowhat else could they call her, right?For more information about cat health, behavior and cat insurance, visit Pets Best Insurance.Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART7-0212-IAIC/AICC