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Summer Safety Hazards for Pets


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Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine
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Summer Safety Hazards for Pets

  1. 1. Pet Summer Health Hazards A look at some of the most common claims of the season
  2. 2. Heat Stroke Dangers of heat stroke in pets • When body temperatures rise to dangerous levels and pets are unable to accommodate the excessive heat, leading to organ dysfunction and death in some cases • Short-nosed breeds and long-haired breeds are most at risk for overheating How to prevent heat stroke • Keep animals outdoor pets in the shade • Avoid exercising pets in high temps • Provide pets with ventilation and cool water • Never leave your pet in the car
  3. 3. Water Safety Safety tips • Make sure your pet wears a life jacket • Supervise your pets in or around water - Even good swimmers get tired • Train them to find the shallow end of the pool or back to shore What to watch for • Drowning • Being struck by boats • Swallowing fish hooks • Exposure to Leptospira
  4. 4. Hiking Injuries What to look for • Sprained muscles • broken bones • Attacks by wild animals Safety tips • Keep dogs leashed so they don’t chase wildlife • Carry a first aid kit including – Tourniquet – Neosporin – Benadryl for allergic reactions – Chemical ice pack – Tape – Bandage material
  5. 5. Preventative tips • Walk dogs in shaded areas • Carry dogs to grass or dirt • Purchase pet boots to protect pads What to look for • If the asphalt or sidewalk is too hot for humans, it’s too hot for your pets • Walking or running on hot surfaces can cause blisters on paw pads Burned Paw Pads
  6. 6. Ear Infections Preventative tips • Use vet prescribed ear cleanser for pets after swimming • Be sure to dry dog’s ears after cleansing What to look for • Commonly happen to dogs who often swim • Too much water enters the ears • Itching or redness occurs
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