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How to check for cancer in your pet


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How to check for cancer in your pet

  1. 1. How to Check for cancer in your petBy: Cera ReusserGuest BloggerFor Pets Best InsuranceMy name is Cera Reusser and this story is about my dog“Chase” and the importance of pet insurance. One eveningwhen I was giving her and my other dogs their night timeloving, I found a lump under Chase’s chin. In just ten shortdays, I went from finding out the lump was cancerous tolosing her to Nasal Carcinoma. And she was just six yearsold.I knew it was possible for dogs to get cancer because sixmonths prior to losing Chase, two of my good friends alsolost their dogs to cancer. One was only two years old andthe other was 10. But I never thought it would happen to meor my girl Chase.In those 10 short days I learned more about cancer than Iever wanted to. I also learned that fighting cancer can be less costly if it’s found early. Sadly wedidn’t find Chase’s cancer in the early stage. Our bill quickly reached $3,000 before we’d evenreally had a chance to start fighting. One of the only good things about Chase’s story is thatthrough all of this I did have pet insurance. Losing my girl left me heartbroken but it would havebeen worse if we were without pet health insurance because we would have lost our girl, and stillbe expected to pay a huge bill– that would serve as a sad reminder.Right after the loss of my girl, with the support of friends, I was able to put my heart back intomy work. That is when I started the “Chase Away K9 Cancer” fund. In just over five years,nearly half a million dollars has been raised by volunteers across the US and Canada to help fundK9 cancer studies and to raise K9 cancer awareness. To date ten studies have been fundedthrough these efforts with more fundings on the horizon.One of the most important things that we promote at Chase Away K9 Cancer is our “Check YourDog Day” campaign. On the 14th of every month we ask everyone to give their dog that specialnight time loving, which is a complete nose to tail exam. Go over them thoroughly, look in theirmouths and their ears, feel all over their bodies for any lumps and bumps and if you findanything out of the norm please, please go and see your vet. If detected early, cancer is treatable.I’m happy to report that since we started the “Check Your Dog Day” campaign we receive notesand calls from people letting us know they found lumps– but in most cases, because it was foundearly, their dogs can be treated. From time to time, we do still get word that yet anotherwonderful dog has been lost to cancer.Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART8-0212-IAIC/AICC
  2. 2. Currently the odds of a dog getting cancer are 1 in 3. If the dog is over age 10, those odds go to 1out of every 2. Our goal is that someday those odds will be none in 3.Please join us in our fight to help our dogs live longer and healthier live. to make a donation. We are completely volunteer-run and alldonations go to fund K9 cancer studies and to raise K9 cancer awareness. Please also purchasepet insurance. So many of my friends and myself have found it to be one of the most importantinsurances that we have. My girls mean the world to me and pet health insurance will help meprovide the best pet health care to them so that I get the chance to see them enjoy their old age.Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART8-0212-IAIC/AICC