Five ways to find a dog name you love


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Five ways to find a dog name you love

  1. 1. Five ways to find a dog name you loveBy: Chryssa RichFor Pets Best InsuranceCongratulations, you‟ve just come homewith a brand new dog! Before you evenlook into a pet insurance plan for him,you‟ll have to find the perfect name.For some reason, people seem to havemore trouble coming up with boy dognames than they do girl names. In fact, thetop five male dog names on almost anylist are cute but pretty ordinary. Chancesare you want something more originalthan “Max”. (No offense to those wholove classic names!) Here‟s how to getsome inspiration.1. Remember the moment you adopted himThink about when and where you found your dog. Was the street name interesting? Whether hewas from a breeder, a shelter or running loose– would any of the associated names be a good fit?How was the weather that day? Was it on a holiday? Questions like these can lead you to uniqueor funny names with personal meaning, like Cole, Sunny or Turkey.2. Think of your favorite citiesIf you‟ve traveled and found places you really love, consider using one of those names for yourdog. Some of our Facebook friends have named their dogs Holbrook, Cutler, Brooklyn, Aspenand Dallas, after cities they love. One friend named her dogs after rivers in Ireland. London,Phoenix and Hamilton would also make proud dog names.3. Name him after another animalDoes your new pup behave like another type of animal? Maybe he hops, hides, or makes funnysqueaky noises. If so, consider names like Bunny, Turtle, Bear, Birdie or even Kitty.4. Go through your Facebook listsIf you like giving pets people names, Facebook can be a great resource. Where else can you findthousands of names in just a couple of clicks? You may not want to name your dog aftersomeone you already know, so poke around friends-of-friend‟s lists and see if you find anythingyou really like. I‟ll admit I found my dog‟s name that way. I asked a friend to read through herfriends list and when I heard “Jayda”, it immediately made my short list.Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART4-0212-IAIC/AICC
  2. 2. 5. Honor your favorite famous person …or beverageThink about your favorite movies, TV shows, sporting events or historical figures. You couldname your dog after a funny character (stage name or real name), or after an athlete you findimpressive. One Facebook friend named her cats Monet and Picasso, and another named her dogStoli Vanilla. There‟s even an adorable Aldo Ray, named after the American actor of the „50s –„80s.Once you‟ve chosen a name, think through your family members‟ names and make sure none aretoo similar sounding – that could cause problems when training your new dog. And if the daycomes when you‟re having second thoughts, check out our blog with great tips on how to changeyour pet‟s name.After you‟ve decided on something that fits your pet perfectly, be sure to sign him up for doginsurance.For more information about pet health and behavior, or for more information about petinsurance, visit Pets Best Insurance.Pet insurance plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. SS-ART4-0212-IAIC/AICC