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Pit mobilization : remediation : recovery application flow diagram


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Petromax Technologies Crude Pit Mobilization Remediation & Recovery

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Pit mobilization : remediation : recovery application flow diagram

  1. 1. Crude Sludge Pit Mobilization / Remediation / Recovery Application Flow Diagram Mobilized Petromax Injection Sludge Transfer Mobilized Sludge module to further 500 bbl Secondary detach hydrocarbons Containment The injection module may in preparation for be used when necessary to decanter and achieve gain more liquid free and maximum oil removal cleaner solidsHydro SludgeBlasting Mobilization 2nd StageUnit Extraction 1st Stage Oil Recovery Oil Recovery Mobilized Crude Sludge 500 bbl Mix Tank With Heater CoilsPetromax Electrocoagulation WaterHolding Unit to Clean and Important note: The 500 Decanter – Liquid Solids bbl mix tank provides aTank Recover Petromax for Separator Recycling homogenous mix with Solids proper water to solids ratio prior to the decanter for maximum separation to achieve clean solids. It may • Petromax product is water-based environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic formulation also provide an opportunity that is designed to remove hydrocarbons and contaminants from solids while not allowing them to blend or heat (using to re-attach while in an aqueous homogenous phase. heater coils within the mix tank) heavier than water • Petromax applications minimize material handling throughout the sludge mobilization and oil crude for proper oil/water recovery process. separation. Polymers may not be necessary when • Petromax applications inherently provide a cleaner and more liquid free cake in a 3-phase utilizing such a Petromax separation process. system. • This process is designed to pull off and recover the majority of the oil prior to the decanter.