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Petra's Planet for Schools brochure

  2. 2. This unique solution opens up a safe environment where young students can safely learn critical digital skills and etiquette under their teacher’s guidance, as part of any subject. Petra's Planet for Schools helps children learn how to relate to others through the virtual environments that are such a key aspect part of modern life. It also ensures that the most important social skills for the digital world can be easily taught in a fun and engaging way. Developing cooperation and creativity for our digital age Created in collaboration with teachers, Petra’s Planet for Schools provides students with a range of engaging activities for online social and community-centred skills, such as simplified email, chat, and multiplayer games. New features such as a blog and the possibility to find a twin class – which offers students the opportunity to connect with a class in another school, anywhere around the globe – help teachers to develop communication, collaboration and creative skills in their students. At the same time, partnering with twin classes and sharing blog entries with them helps the students to gain a sense of global cultural awareness and, with their teachers’ guidance, allows them to share ideas and content. SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL The best way to get to know Petra´s Planet for Schools is to try it yourself together with your students. FREE TRIAL 30 DAY “Everyone is communicating with everyone else. Even those students who usually don’t make contact with others in the class are talking in Petra's Planet for Schools. They even want to become friends with their teacher!” Jenni Sipola, teacher, Vantaa Finland Petra's Planet for Schools is a motivating and student-centered online learning environ- ment, which helps schools to affordably teach important digital and social media skills to children aged between five and twelve.
  3. 3. Key Features of Petra’s Planet for Schools BLOG Students can now maintain a personal blog, which teaches them how to create text content, add images and share their work. They may also collaborate to create shared blogs for group assignments. Each class also has a class blog that the teacher maintains, and to which individual students may contribute their own blog posts. TWIN CLASS The twin class feature allows classes to publish a global profile visible to other users of Petra’s Planet for Schools, and to search for other classes based on their global profiles. This allows classes in different locations to share and exchange their class blogs, allowing them to learn more about each other and to collaborate long-distance – a unique opportunity to share experiences and to build a sense of global and cultural awareness. CHAT Teachers can allow students to participate in real-time chat by writing free-form messages. PIGEON POST Students have access to their own email system, Pigeon Post, which allows them to communicate with free-form writing and to add stickers and emoticons to their messages. ROOMS The classroom functions as the teacher’s home room and offers the ability to decorate and customise. It acts as a central point for accessing the features of the virtual classroom. Students also have a private room that they can decorate and customise, and they can visit others’ rooms or invite other students into their own during cooperative group work. CHARACTERS AND COSTUMES Students create a character (also called an avatar) and can alter the appearance and style of their characters by changing clothing, accessories, facial features, and hair. VIRTUAL WORLD The Petra’s Planet for Schools virtual world opens up a world of adventure across four regions, each containing regional maps with corresponding mini-games that offer different types of challenges. Both individual students and the class as a whole can compile a journal of their travels. An adventure shop allows students to buy additional clothing and accessories by using the virtual currency, Kipps. “It’s interesting to also see that students are helping each other more in the real world, while they are exploring together in the virtual world.” Tuulikki Leirimaa, teacher, Espoo Finland
  4. 4. Petra’s Planet for Schools offers concrete benefits for teachers and students Effective tool to enhance classroom teaching Fun and safe environment for learning social media and online skills Helps to develop global and cultural awareness by connecting with twin classes Inspires creativity and digital sharing skills through blogs and blog sharing Develops critical thinking, collaboration and creativity Supports the teaching of writing, reading comprehension, social studies, geography and other important areas Encourages direct student-to-student communication Simple and engaging for students to use Ideal for young learners of different IT skill levels Gives teachers full control over the learning environment Fully cloud-based – no special technical requirements for teachers or IT departments Headquarters Dramaforum Oy Ltd Metsänneidonkuja 6 FI-02130 Espoo, Finland Tel: +358 40 576 5801 Americas Dramaforum Transmedia Inc. 2300-1066 West Hastings St. Vancouver, Canada BC V6E 3X2 Tel: +1 604 807 1066 © 2014 Dramaforum Oy. Petra's Planet for Schools is a registered trademark of Dramaforum Oy. All rights reserved. Windows® (XP/Vista/7/8) or OS X® 2 GB RAM Broadband internet access Supported browsers : the latest version of Internet Explorer® (Windows®), Google® Chrome™, Safari® (OS X®) or Mozilla® Firefox® The latest version of Adobe® Flash® Player Microsoft, Windows and Internet Explorer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Adobe and Adobe Flash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Mac and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. System Requirements: You don’t need any special hardware to introduce your students to the many benefits of Petra’s Planet for Schools – you need only ensure that your classroom’s computers meet the following requirements: