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29th Lateral INCITE Awards Submission Briefing - 4 Feb 2020


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Chief Judge, Celia Jordaan, shares everything about the Lateral INCITE Awards, including:
a. why you should enter
b. how to enter
c. what's involved in the Awards program
d. what categories are available in 2020

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29th Lateral INCITE Awards Submission Briefing - 4 Feb 2020

  1. 1. 29th lateral INCITE Awards Submissions Briefing Celia Jordaan Chief Judge
  2. 2. 1.Introduction 2.28th INCITE AWARDS – Glance Back 3.Important Information 4.Why Enter? 5.29th lateral INCITE Awards Categories 6.Pathways Beyond the lateral INCITE Awards 7.How to Enter 8.Stage 1 Finalists – and then what? 9.Questions 29TH lateral INCITE Awards AGENDA FOR TODAY
  3. 3. “To promote the WA ICT Industry and profession by recognising and promoting excellence in a sustainable way”. We do this by: • Informing – WA about the innovative and excellence in activities within the WA ICT industry • Inspiring – The WA ICT industry to achieve excellence in their endeavours; and • Influencing – everyone to improve the quality of life in every community through the delivery of services through the use of ICT. The Lateral INCITE Awards are designed to do just that. OUR MISSION
  4. 4. Introductions Housekeeping WELCOME AND HOUSEKEEPING
  6. 6. Derek Gerrard Achiever of the Year Rob Nathan Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year Royal Flying Doctor Service Dr Mal Bryce WA Tech Company of the Year 28TH INCITE AWARDS GLANCE BACK
  10. 10. 29th lateral INCITE Awards
  11. 11. Changes in 2020 Petra Vanessie Marketing Committee Kiri Trent Events Management
  12. 12. 29th lateral INCITE Awards IMPORTANT INFORMATION
  13. 13. • Phase 1: – Online Submission - closing date: 27 February 2020 – Online Judging & Referee Checks – Finalists announced : 2 April 2020 • Phase 2: – Presentation to Panel of Judges: 30 April – 6 May 2020 – Winners & Merit Awards Announced – Gala Presentation: 12 June 2020 lateral INCITE Awards Phases 13
  14. 14. 29th lateral INCITE Awards IMPORTANT DATES Submission Briefing - 21 November 2019 Early Bird Submission Closing 13 December 2019 Close of Submissions 27 February 2020 Finalists Announced 2 April 2020 Judging Week 30 April - 6 May 2020 Winners and Merits Award Winners Announced 12 June 2020
  15. 15. 29th lateral INCITE Awards FEES 1.Start-up category - $160 (plus GST) 2.Other categories - $375 (plus GST) per entry 3.Student, WA Tech Company, Pearcey Entrepreneur and Achiever categories - no fee
  16. 16. 29th lateral INCITE Awards CONTACT DETAILS
  17. 17. 29th lateral INCITE Awards WHY ENTER?
  18. 18. 29th Lateral INCITE Awards WHY ENTER? 1.National and international awards pathways 2.Places you, your product and Western Australia “on the map” 3.Opportunity through recognition 4.Better understanding of how to present your organisation
  19. 19. 29th lateral INCITE Awards WHY ENTER? “The WAITTA INCITE Awards have helped solidify Western Australia’s reputation for producing ingenious, innovative solutions. I congratulate all the finalists and winners on their achievements…. The impressive innovations we’ve seen at the WAITTA INCITE Awards demonstrate that fostering ingenuity in ICT creates new opportunities and will be a key driver for future jobs and economic growth in WA.” Hon Dave Kelly, the WA Minister for Innovation & ICT 28TH INCITE AWARDS
  20. 20. 29th lateral INCITE Awards WHY ENTER? “The INCITE awards is a fantastic platform for connectivity. At Noisy Guts, our experience is that we need at least 5 touch-points with each potential investor, partner and collaborator. WAITTA offered us that and more, both here and at the national iAwards.” Josephine Muir PHD CEO, Noisy Guts
  21. 21. 29th lateral INCITE Awards CATEGORIES
  22. 22. 1. Smarter Communities 2. Social Impact 3. Innovating Government 4. Transformative Business Solutions 5. Research & Innovation Project of the Year – Postgraduate Tertiary Student and Industry 6. Peter Fillery Best Undergraduate Tertiary Student Project of the Year 7. Startup of the Year 8. Dr Mal Bryce WA Tech Company of the Year 9. Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 10.Achiever of the Year 29th lateral INCITE Awards CATEGORIES – OVERVIEW
  23. 23. This award recognises and celebrates an outstanding digital and/or technological solution created or based in WA that demonstrates enabling, improving and sustaining smarter communities. This category combines world-class visions and strategies to achieve economic, social and cultural improvements with the integration of digital and technology projects, products, solutions and services that deliver smarter, better connected communities. Smarter Communities 23
  24. 24. This award recognises an outstanding digital and/or technology solution created in or based in WA that best improved mankind’s health, welfare, education and/or deliver a positive social impact. It breaks down barriers to health, education, social impact and/or entertainment. Social Impact 24
  25. 25. This award recognises an outstanding ICT solution created in WA that is dedicated to innovating government and providing improved government service delivery or other digital and/or technology initiatives by reducing internal costs or delivering better services to the public, citizens and communities in an innovative and impactful manner. Innovating Government 25
  26. 26. This award recognises and celebrates an outstanding digital and/or technological business solutions created or based in WA for smart processes and business solutions that support smarter process in an innovative and collaborative manner, delivering and transforming businesses with high levels of productivity and competitiveness. Transformative Business Solution 26
  27. 27. • Most outstanding ICT project undertaken by a WA-based undergraduate student or group of students. – Registered as active undergraduate student in a higher- learning institution, such as a college or university. • Tertiary postgraduate student(s) undertaking either coursework or research Masters, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral programs must enter the “Research and Innovation” Category). Peter Fillery Undergraduate Student Project of the Year 27
  28. 28. • An outstanding Digital Research, Development & Innovation Project created in WA. The award includes digital research development activities undertaken in developing novel/”new to market” services or products or improving existing services or products. • Entrants must own at least some of the intellectual property of their Innovation, or be in the process of negotiating IP ownership or licence agreement. • Includes entries from postgraduate tertiary students. 28 Research & Innovation Project of the Year
  29. 29. • Start up Companies in the early stage of commercialisation that are high-growth, high-risk ventures that set out to find a scalable business model in a large market. • Strong technology component. • Minimum requirements: – The organisation was registered as a company on or after 1 January 2017; – The founder of the company and/or the product developers must still be the significant shareholder(s) of the company; and – The company must not be a subsidiary of a well-established parent company. Startup of the Year 29
  30. 30. • This award recognises the diverse economy in Western Australia and the positive impact of technology in the State. The Dr Mal Bryce WA Tech Business of the Year is a leader in the industry, making an outstanding contribution to the diverse economy of Western Australia, standing in its own right while changing and transforming industry. – Be based in Western Australia; – Demonstrate a minimum of 5 years trading history; – Demonstrate revenue of at least $1 million in its most recent financial year; – Use an innovative technology solution as a key point of differentiation for its main business. Dr Mal Bryce WA Tech Company of the Year 30
  31. 31. Pearcey Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year • Recognises an individual entrepreneur who has made an outstanding contribution to the Western Australian ICT Industry • Awarded to an individual mid-career who has demonstrated innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution 31
  32. 32. Achiever of the Year • Recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to the ICT industry in WA • Peak Award 32
  33. 33. 29th lateral INCITE Awards PATHWAYS BEYOND THE AWARDS
  34. 34. Pathways beyond the lateral INCITE Awards 34
  35. 35. iAwards Categories 35
  36. 36. iAwards Categories 36
  37. 37. TEAM CATEGORIES • Skills Transformation of Work Team – Small Team (under 20) • Skills Transformation of Work Team – Medium Team (under 200) • Skills Transformation of Work Team – Large Team (over 200) • Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer – Corporate • Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer – Government • Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer – NGO or NFP • Start Up Platforms ACS Disruptors Awards 37
  38. 38. INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES • ICT Consultant of the Year • ICT Higher Education Educator of the Year • ICT Higher Education Student of the Year • ICT Professional of the Year • ICT Researcher of the Year • Young ICT Professional of the Year – female • Young ICT Professional of the Year – male ACS Disruptors Awards 38
  39. 39. 29th lateral INCITE Awards HOW TO ENTER
  40. 40. How to enter at enter/ 40
  41. 41. Completing Your Entry 41
  42. 42. • All fields must be entered unless marked optional • Team member details (optional) • Joint submissions required where relevant • Note word limits • Guidance provided for fields • Media and PR information Entry Notes 42
  43. 43. • You can use the ‘copy’ feature to create a copy of your entry and change the category as required. However, please ensure that you update your submission to reflect the requirements of the new category selected. • Entry fees may be paid by credit card only and must be paid online at time of completing submissions. If your submissions have not been paid for at close of entry they may not be included for judging. • A merchant fee will be applied to entries paid by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. These fees will be added to your total and outlined in the payment summary. Finalising Your Submission 43
  44. 44. Important to Remember • Please note the entry deadline – 27 February 2020- this date is final and there will be no extensions provided. • Maximum Number of Entries - You are eligible to submit the same product/innovation/project in a maximum of 3 categories, as long as the work submitted meets the criteria of the specific categories selected. • Frequently Asked Questions & More Information - 44
  45. 45. • Directly address all criteria • Address the title of the category • Don’t load up with irrelevant information • Don’t assume judges know your business • Back up statements with proof and specific examples • Consider how your submission will stand out from the crowd • Testimonials • Case studies • Careful referee selection Written Submission 45
  46. 46. Category Criteria • The following criteria apply to the new categories: – WHY: THE PROBLEM – WHAT: THE SOLUTION – HOW: MATCHING THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION – INNOVATION – WHAT IS UNIQUE? 46
  47. 47. Remember the 5 Golden Rules 47 1. Address the criteria 2. Address the criteria 3. Address the criteria 4. Show how you stand out in terms of the category 5. Winning starts with the title of your entry
  48. 48. • Two independent referees are required – ensure that both your referees are available and ready to provide a reference for you • For companies – end-users of your product or service from another (i.e. not your own) organisation • For students – academic or supervising staff supporting your submission Reference Check 48
  49. 49. 29th lateral INCITE Awards LIFE AFTER STAGE 1
  50. 50. Now Should You be a Finalist… 50
  51. 51. We will be holding a Finalists Briefing/webinar to assist you prepare for your presentation. 22 April 2020 We strongly recommend you participate. Presentation Briefing 51
  52. 52. You will have: • Max 5 minutes setup – be ready • 20 minutes presentation • 10 minutes Q & A with judging panel • Pull down fast Presentation to Judging Panel 52
  53. 53. • Briefings – To help with entries – To help finalists – Prior to iAwards – Prior to APICTA • Storytelling – for Finalists • Coaching – for Winners and Merit Award Winners – for APICTA Support for Entrants 53
  54. 54. • Stronger competition and even more prestige • Judges are under more pressure • Criteria may be different to INCITE awards • Presentation times are shorter Further Awards 54
  55. 55. 29th lateral INCITE Awards QUESTIONS?
  56. 56. Questions? 56