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  1. 1. Ekaterina Jivkova
  2. 2. The trip was fun. The road was no long and we arrived quickly. When we arrived we were welcomed very well. We split up for an afternoon, that was funny.
  3. 3. Miruna's family is very nice. They accepted me great. I felt at home in them. Her mother Aurora took care of me as her daughter.
  4. 4. Their school was a big and beautiful. There are a lot of kids with talent. Some play the piano, violin etc, while others draw, sing and dance.
  5. 5. Some of the food was not my taste, but the others were great.
  6. 6. The places we visited were very interesting, especially the castle of Carol I. He had a 160 rooms.
  7. 7. The Tower of Dracula was huge and the view wonderful.
  8. 8. In one of the days we visited the Parliament, which is located in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. There took us round the halls.
  9. 9. The last night was the craziest of all. We danced, sang and had fun.
  10. 10. Here in Romania I created many friendships that I will keep also in future.