Impressions_meeting in Hungary-turkey


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Impressions_meeting in Hungary-turkey

  1. 1. IMPRESSIONS_HUNGARY MEETING-TURKEY My aim was to see historical places in Hungary and I saw. I went sighseeing tour in Szeged and Budapest. We went to the Memorial Park. It was very good. We listened to Hungarian music there. There were shows related with Hungarian History.I learnt a lot of things about Hungary. It was a good journey. Halit Erdoğan, Before I went to Hungary, I was very excited. I hoped that it would be a nice trip and my dreams came true. on the other hand, I was leaving home for 4 days and I would miss my family a lot.Because I hadn't left them before..Hungary is different from Turkey. Meals are different. Buildings were really gorgeous. I liked Memorial Park. Öykü Sude Tekoğlu, When I heard to go to Hungary, I was shocked. but later I thought it would be nice if I went there and I decided to go..I got excited but I was also happy when the time came. When I arrived at the school, they welcomed us. Everywhere was clean. There weren't any rubbish . We were together with the other students. I enjoyed the trip. If there is a trip like this, I want to go again. . Mert Soykan, , Our journey was very nice. Our teachers were interested in us.We stayed at the dormitory with the students from other countries. It was good for me.We were together. We spoke English with them. We learned the food culture of Hungary. I Iam very satisfied. Thank everyone. Kemal Onur Beyhan , I was very excited. I was going to a different country for the first time. Our journey began by plane. We flew from Samsun to İstanbul and then to Vienna. After that We went to Budapest by train. We saw the cities and villages while travelling. The school was nice. We stayed at the dormitory with my friends. We enjoyed ourselves.The food was different from our food. We went to the Aqua park. We had fun.We went to the Memorial Park describing local life. It was very interesting and beautiful. When we were leaving Hungry, all of us were sad. Berkay Efe Arslan First of all, I want to thank everybody. who has prepared this project.. This journey was very good. Five of us went abroad first time. We were all excited and happy. Some of us would fly first time.After a long journey, we arrived at the dormitory. We liked the school and the dormitory. Because we didn't see the school like this before. We admired the school. It was in a big garden and there weren't any fences or walls around it. There were banks in the school corridors for students. Hungarian cuisine was very different from ours. There wasn't any salad.The streets were very clean. There weren't any traffic noise. The students helped us. They were always near us. The organisatıon was also good.Being with the other countries students and teachers together were great.. It was the best experience for me. I enjoyed being in Hungary. I hope I will go Hungary again. I want to see Budapest which is the most beautiful 2nd city in the world. Ayşe Sabah,