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Experieces in london_2013_Italy2

  1. 1. ISTITUTO D'ISTRUZIONE SUPERIORE TECNICO – PROFESSIONALE Indirizzo Tecnico: Turistico - Indirizzi Professionali: Agricoltura e Sviluppo Rurale – Servizi Socio Sanitari – Enogastronomia e Ospitalità Alberghiera – Manutenzione e Assistenza tecnica C.F. 91161590350 Segreteria Amministrativa: Via Morandi,4 – 42035 Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) tel. 0522812347/612328 fax 0522896645 Email:iiscastelnovonemonti@gmail.com - Email:REIS014004@istruzione.it sito web: www.iiscastelnovonemonti.gov.it COMENIUS PROJECT In LONDOn From 19th to 24th of november, my classmate Daniela and I, two students from agricoltural school Filippo and Jessica, four students from Correggio with may teacher Ameya Canovi and other two teachers partecipated in a project: ”Comenius History in our Kitchen”, which included a meeting with ten European countries to exchange typical recipes of each country. We left from Castelnuovo Monti about 5.30 am and we went to Reggio Emilia where there were the other, then we went to to the Bologna airport. Arrived at the airport we had the check-in and then we waited our flight and at 9:30 we left. I wasn’t nervous even if it was my first flight because everything went well. When we arrived to London we took a pullman and it took us to our hotel, after we went to visit Piccadilly Circus, it’s a famous square of London and there are a lot of fashion shops, then we went to visit Soho a quarter near Chinatown, we went to eat and after we came to the hotel. The day after we went to Covent Garden, in the past this place was a fruit and vegetables market. In Covent Garden there is the largest Apple Store of London. Then we went to visit another famous quarter in London, Camden Town, a place in the forefront, and very busy and there are a lot of shops. In the evening we went to
  2. 2. visit the London Eye,and in the distance you could see Buckingham Palace illuminated. Near the London Eye there were a lot of stalls, and they sold sweets and Christmas items. After we left this place and came back to the hotel. The next morning we went to the Renelagh Primary School. When we arrived a child guided us to visit the school, we had lunch with them, and then we prepared to expose the project. When it was our turn I felt anxious, but at the end it was alright, but our English was very poor. At the end of the project we went back to the hotel. In the evening we went to visit the Tower Bridge, and we ate in a pub. The next morning we went to the Historic Food Market,one of the biggest market of the city,where you can find food around the world.In the afternoon we went to the Primary school,where the teachers discussed the project, and i and the other kids were spit up and send in different classes to see the children how they worked,and i was impressed by the respect between children and children bacause in Italy there isn’t respect, and then.when the lesson finisched we ate in the school and we ate typical foods but also foods of the various ethnic groups who wee in the school.Then we left the school and we come back to the hotel and later we walked around the city.The next morning we went to visit Green Park,and we visited Buckingham Palace,Houses of the Parlament,the Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.Then we did a boat tour.After we arrived we went to visit Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory and there was a beautiful view then we came back to the hotel. In the evening we went to the pub and when we finished to eat we were a little sad because it was the last day in London. When we came back to the hotel we did our bags and at 4:30am we left the hotel. At 9:00 we took the airplane and after a good flight we arrived to Bologna. We took the minibus and went to Reggio Emilia. We said goodbye to the other guys and then we went to Castelnuovo Monti. From this experience I have learned and seen many things: respect between the children and the teachers, and the fact that we Italians can’t speak English, respect the other countries and I felt embarrassment. However, it was a fantastic experience that helped me to grow up and understand many things, different lifestyles for example about the food, because in London there aren’t many typical English dishes, but there are
  3. 3. different cultures mixed together, to offer food with many flavours. For this reason if you want to travel you have to adapt to any situation. I feel grateful for this opportunity. It will stay forever in my memories… Matteo Borrazzo 4C Hotelier Scholl IIS Castelnovo ne’ Monti Italy When I was in London...First day I visited many places, this places are China town typical Chinese quarter of London, Piccadilly circus where there are the most famous advertising of the world, and Soho typical quarter a red light… on the second day, my friends, teacher and I went to Camden town typical place where you can eat typical dishes from all over the world. In the afternoon, Lugari, Gessica , my teacher and I, we went to the Tate gallery, it’s the museum of modern art. it’s very beautiful, and suggestive . 3rd day met with Comenius people and we went to visit an English school, where they were beautiful and polite children and teachers. In the afternoon we illustrated a menu as a project. Finally I visited Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London eye, Buckingham palace, London bridge and st Paul cathedral . I’m happy because I met new guys from Europe and I could speak English…I think it was my first great opportunity and my experience was very beautiful and interesting… Thank you all! Daniela Bronzoni 4 C Hotelier school IIS Castelnovo ne’ Monti Italy
  4. 4. Our impressions about London meeting Our experience was really great because it gave us the opportunity to have fun and at the same time to meet new interesting people from other countries and culturing. It was a great effort for us to speak English all the time! But it helped a lot to understand the importance of foreign languages and of English as a ways of communication. The cooperation in the project with students from very different schools from very different countries was really motivating! But the best thing of all was that ever from different points of view we shared the theme of the project: food is culture!