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Solar Item


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Solar Item by Petra Inventum

Published in: Business, Technology
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Solar Item

  1. 1. |by Petra Inventum
  2. 2. Solar Item |Company IntroductionCo. Introduction Section 1 Introduction "The company’s spirit is investigation and Product techological constant progress within the renewabledescription energy field.“ Why this Product? Should I trust it?What are theadvantages?
  3. 3. Co. Introduction|Company´s values Innovation Cost savings Industrialization Self-sufficiency Ecology and sustainability
  4. 4. Petra Inventum is a companyworking for the architectonical, sustainable and ecological innovation with a clear goal: energy savings.
  5. 5. ”We want to make society aware of the fact that we need to changethe actual model of building construction into a more sustainableone. For this, we created a portfolio with products and services thatgenerate thermal solar energy in order to protect the environmentand save our earnings.” Joan Franquesa CEO
  6. 6. Solar Item |Product description Co. Solar Item is a product that provides both theIntroduction needs of a roof and a solar collector. Benefits of Solar Item: Product • Supplying heating and hot water. description • Increasing the value of the building. Why this product? Should I trust it?What are theadvantages?
  7. 7. Solar Item |Product description Product Description
  8. 8. Solar Item |Why this product? Is it not disturbing knowing that our World is not Co. actually doing anything to protect your earningsIntroduction and you family environment? Therefore, become your own energy provider! Product Save energy = Save moneydescription Why this product? Should I trust it?What are theadvantages?
  9. 9. Solar Item |Should I trust it? Co.Introduction Productdescription Solar Item is a stainless steel solar panel which fulfills Why this cover function and captures thermal solar energy. product? After being installed it is used to provide domestic hot water and house heating. Should I trust it? The stainless steel makes the product reliable, has cheaper maintenance and ensures long life duration,What are the saving energy during all its working life.advantages?
  10. 10. Solar Item |Should I trust it? Co.Introduction Productdescription Customer`s trust comes from our offerings which includes: Why this • Installation of understructure and panels leaving the product? cover fully finished. • Installation of primary circuit, including the Should I connection between panels and filling all of the trust it? installation with heat-carrier liquid. • We offer guarantees of later maintenance.What are the • We inform all our customers of the grants and aidsadvantages? susceptible to apply for to install Solar System.
  11. 11. Solar Item |What are the advantages? Co. Advantages that makes us different:Introduction Product • CHEAPER: Being just one constructive element,description the price of the solar cover is cheaper than bearing the burden, as it’s been done so far, of separately Why this the cost of the cover and the solar collector. product? • AESTHETICS: Being a perfectly integrated solution, it doesn’t break the harmony of the Should I building. trust it? • SOLAR SYSTEM: Solar Item is the first solar panel which stands all kinds of temperatures. What are the • EASY TO INSTALL advantages? • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE
  12. 12. Solar Item has different using choices: Defreeze Basic needs Comfort Drying Cleaning
  13. 13. Solar Item Houses