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Criteria For Evaluating Web Pages


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The 5 Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages.

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Criteria For Evaluating Web Pages

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  2. 2. Authority of Web Documents Accuracy of Objectivity Web of Web Documents Documents The 5 Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages: Coverage Currency of of Web Web Documents Documents
  3. 3. Web Pages Valuable for Research Are: ACCURATE CREDIBLE OBJECTIVE Up-To-Date Easily Accessible List the author and Provide accurate Includes information that institution that published information with List the author credentials Are current and regularly can be viewed properly the page limited advertising Their domain is preferred updated Are unlimited to fees, Provide a way of contacting Are objective in him/her… (.edu, .gov, .org, or .net) presenting the Includes up-to-date links browser technology, information software requirement, etc.
  4. 4. Cornell Library (2009), Five criteria for evaluating Web Pages, Information retrieved from the following address:, (November 24, 2009)