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  1. 1. PORTFOLIOby Petra Božič Interior design Product design Graphic design
  2. 2. 2 portfolio petrabožič There is nothing like a dream to create the future. - Victor Hugo - And I am dreaming BIG!
  3. 3. petrabožič portfolio 3 design
  4. 4. 4 portfolio petrabožič PORTFOLIO Petra Božič 21.05.1991 Pot Draga Jakopiča 36 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia tel: +386 31 690 055 email: Online portfolio: Other website:
  5. 5. petrabožič portfolio 5 interior designcv product design graphic design 10 - Interior design 12 - Student container 16 - Layout bar 20 - Rog Factory 6 - CV 24 - Deskbuddies 28 - Woodstrip lamp 30 - Pillow trip 32 - Esenel 34 - Prints - patterns 36 - Sport feathers 38 - Triangle pattern 39 - Adventure awaits
  6. 6. 6 portfolio petrabožič CV
  7. 7. petrabožič portfolio 7 Little something about me, my ambitions and experiences. CV
  8. 8. 8 portfolio petrabožič Faculty of design Ljubljana - Interior design University of life sciences Poznan, Poland - Furniture design 6 month CEEPUS exchange Photoshop Illustrator Indesign AutoCAD Artlantis Sketchup Word Wordpress Assosiation of young designers and artists - DOUM position: PR, organizing events Hausfold position: founder and desinger Education Experiences and work Languages cv Slovenian English GermanCroatian
  9. 9. petrabožič portfolio 9 hard working team player quick thinker organized determined sympathetic friendly Traveling Sewing DIY Photography Meeting new people Interior Product Graphic Pattern Re - design Film Music Atributes Poland Croatia Greece England Germany Italy Spain Checz Republic Macedonia Austria Slovakia Interests The streets i’ve roamed cv
  10. 10. 10 portfolio petrabožič Interior design
  11. 11. petrabožič portfolio 11 interior design Creating space to dream in.
  12. 12. 12 portfolio petrabožič interior design student container Zigzag container is a place that would make a person feel like he is in a real home. The things that i put in considera- tion are that it is warm, it has a lot of ‘empty’ space. That is comfortable for a couple and for their guests. I also wanted to make a special fea- ture, that would be different than normal spaces that we have seen so far. I named my container Zigzag, be- cause of the patterns that I used on the surfaces, the combination of the osb board and white colour and be- cause of the mixture of the soft and hard texture. Basic points for designing were, that user is a student or a young couple. What they need and want is a lot of storage for books and other stuff. Enough space to have some friends around but it still has to be function- al and easy to clean. ZigZag
  13. 13. petrabožič portfolio 13 interior design
  14. 14. 14 portfolio petrabožič interior design living/dining room kitchen bathroom bedroom/office Living room in the zigzag container is very fresh, modern and cosy. Instead of normal couch and coffe table I put in seating bags and a tray for drinks. But because the living area is lifted, it does not give you the feel- ing of sitting on the floor. The centre of the living space is a big bookshelf, the light is given by two standing lamps, that can be also used for a ceiling lamp above the dining space. Dining space is a spe- cial feature. It is stored in the wall when you need empty space and when the table and chairs are needed, they can be pulled out in the lenght of 1,60m. I wanted to separate the office and sleep- ing area, even thought they are in the same room. I did this in the way, that I lifted the bed and because of that I also gained a room for storage under the bed. On the other half of the room, there is an office space, with a big table, chair and some shelves for storage. Kitchen is equipt just with the essentials - sink, oven and stove, everything else is re- served for storage. Because the counter top is limited by the size of the room, i also made a part that can be lifted when more space for cooking and preparing food is needed. Bathroom is the smallest space in the container but is not less functional be- cause of that. It has all the furniture that is needed and a large cabinet for storage. The shower is not to- tally closed, it is de- vided with the rest of the room just with a glass ‘wall’, so that the space feels bigger.
  15. 15. petrabožič portfolio 15 interior design
  16. 16. 16 portfolio petrabožič BAR Project The purpose of the project is to increase the supply, adding various programs, events. But the most ip- ortant task is of course to change the interior of the bar, updating it and making it more appealing and inter- esting for visitors. Inspiration Open plan The interior has to be bright, open and it has to have enough room to move around. Creative corner I inclouded a special place in a bar, where people could leave notes, business cards, write beautiful thoughts and drawings. Layout interior design Scandinavian style My main inspiration was Scandinavian style. This style has a lot of wood in the interior so it makes a room feel warm and cosy. Good vibe The bar also has to have a wellcoming feeling for dif- ferent groups of people.
  17. 17. petrabožič portfolio 17 interior design C O F F E E
  18. 18. 18 portfolio petrabožič v.p.166 (4x)120x105,p17 PISARNA v.p. 221 (4x) 120x52, p 17 odprtina v steni GOSTINSKI LOKAL blagajna 1 botiljera pomivalnistroj H*** H*** podest v=20cm podest v=20cm interior design
  19. 19. petrabožič portfolio 19 interior design
  20. 20. 20 portfolio petrabožič interior design RENOVATION OF A BICYCLE FACTORY Rog The main topic of this project is to renovate the Rog factory. The factory Rog, de- spite belonging to the industrial heritage, is as an object already in decay. Due to its location, architecture and history, it would be irresponsible to condemned it to failure. My intention was to renew the factory to keep its industrial architecture and update it. Although the building is in state od degredation, its interior still helds various cultural, artistic, musical and sporting programs run by the local current resi- dents. As part of the renovation, I kept some of the current program and added some new ones. However, since the current residents of the factory are already considereing it to be their home, the building would include a new living space for existing and new residents. The factory Rog would also obtain the renewal of its original grandeur of the building and would be a good example of maintaining industrial architec- ture. Residents and others who are currently working in the factory, would despite the renovation keep or even improved their living quarters and program. Project
  21. 21. petrabožič portfolio 21 interior design
  22. 22. 22 portfolio petrabožič interior design
  23. 23. petrabožič portfolio 23 interior design
  24. 24. 24 portfolio petrabožič Product design
  25. 25. petrabožič portfolio 25 Imagine, design, create. product design
  26. 26. 26 portfolio petrabožič product design OFFICE SET Deskbuddies Since so far seen similar office kits, Deskbuddies may vary by minimal- ist design, which adds aesthetic value to the functionality and gives strict office environment, a homey touch. Deskbuddies is a set of five wood- en elements, that when placed on a desk, both in the home and working environment, allows the organiza- tion and aesthetic arrangement of a wide range of office supplies. product design Featured in:Exhebitions: 2013 POP UP DOM, Ljubljana 2014 PREOBRAZBA with DOUM, Ljubljana PROCES with DOUM, Ljubljana VIENNA DESIGN WEEK- Pop up dom, Vienna Elle magazine Slovenia Delo in dom + Gloss City magazine The set consists of five handmade, unique “buddies: box for paper notes, pencil holder, ambient light, hour-box and box for small stuff.
  27. 27. petrabožič portfolio 27 product design
  28. 28. 28 portfolio petrabožič product design PENDANT LAMP Woodstrip Woodstrip is a simple hanging lamp, made of maple veneer. What makes it special is the polished design with an accent turquoise stripe on the side that gives the space a pop of colour. Other:Exhibitions: 2014 PREOBRAZBA with DOUM, Ljubljana PROCES with DOUM, Ljubljana BRANDS and SIGNS, Month of design, Ljubljana Elle talent competition - selected the best, by the Elle magazine editorial board
  29. 29. petrabožič portfolio 29 product design
  30. 30. 30 portfolio petrabožič product design PILLOWS Trip Trip collection is inspired by colours and patterns, that make a trip as a journey or trip as a state of mind. Pillows are all hand printed and dyed. Exhibitions: 2014 PROCES with DOUM, Ljubljana ODKRITJE with DOUM, Maribor LABIRINT with DOUM. Ljubljana
  31. 31. petrabožič portfolio 31 product design
  32. 32. 32 portfolio petrabožič COFFEE TABLES Esenel Collection Esenel consists of two cafe tables of different dimensions(Esenel L w440 x h600 and Esenel S w550 x h400). The design is inspired by geometry and the playful contrast between col- our, lines and clean shapes. The hexagonal table is made of ma- ple solid wood and the elegant color- ed legs are made of iron. product design Featured in:Exhebitions: 2014 VIENNA DESIGN WEEK- Pop up dom, Vienna ODKRTIJE exhebition with DOUM, Maribor H.O.M.E magazine Slovenia
  33. 33. petrabožič portfolio 33 product design
  34. 34. 34 portfolio petrabožič patterns PRINTS AND PATTERNS Instructions: 1. find scissors 2. pick the print you love 3. cut it out on the markings 4. find a frame 5. put it in a frame 6. Voila!
  35. 35. petrabožič portfolio 35 patterns
  36. 36. 36 portfolio petrabožič
  37. 37. petrabožič portfolio 37
  38. 38. 38 portfolio petrabožič
  39. 39. petrabožič portfolio 39 ADVENTURE awaits
  40. 40. 40 portfolio petrabožič Thank you for viewing my portfolio!
  41. 41. petrabožič portfolio 41