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Start Smoking, Get Confidence - HTTP Smoke Testing - 2017-11-04 PHP Central Europe


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It is usually not easy to start with automatic testing of an existing web application. You may have heard that applications must be written to be “testable”. But what if you still want the confidence that your refactoring did not cause the application to crash? And even if your application is testable that does not stop you or other people from skipping writing tests in order to “save” some time because let’s face it - the application can be used even without automatic tests.

I will present to you our package for HTTP smoke testing that:
- makes it easy to start with testing any Symfony web application
- will automatically prompt you to test new pages/actions
- is so cheap to use that you will not even think about skipping writing tests

Published in: Software
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Start Smoking, Get Confidence - HTTP Smoke Testing - 2017-11-04 PHP Central Europe

  1. 1. Start Smoking, Get Confidence
  2. 2. Not like that!
  3. 3. Start Smoking, Get Confidence HTTP Smoke Testing
  4. 4. Petr Heinz More than 8 years of programming experience. Loves clean code, regular expressions and clever design. Dedicated last year to the Shopsys Framework, open source e-commerce framework made with passion on Symfony 3. ✉
  5. 5. Do you really test your code?
  6. 6. What is Smoke Testing?
  7. 7. When you’re testing a new electrical device, plug it in and look for smoke
  8. 8. Smoke testing = Sanity check
  9. 9. HTTP Smoke Testing
  10. 10. Checking just the HTTP status codes
  11. 11. “Is my app 200 OK?”
  12. 12. shopsys / http-smoke-testing
  13. 13. The Good and the Bad
  14. 14. ✔ Little configuration needed
  15. 15. ✔ Tests all new routes automatically
  16. 16. ✔ Can have multiple scenarios per route
  17. 17. ✔ Works well even for hard-to-test apps
  18. 18. ✔ Good addition to classic test suites
  19. 19. ✘ Checks HTTP response codes only
  20. 20. ✘ Makes real requests
  21. 21. ✘ Needs demo data to work well
  22. 22. Let’s take a look!
  23. 23. How is it used in Shopsys Framework?
  24. 24. Unit Testing Integration / Database Testing HTTP Smoke Testing End-to-End Acceptance Testing Nightly Performance Tests
  25. 25. Demo data set included used for both development and tests
  26. 26. Automated via Phing we can run “phing tests” to run them all or “phing tests-smoke” if we’re picky
  27. 27. HTTP Smoke Tests run in transactions our PostgreSQL database is rolled back to its previous state after each one
  28. 28. Coupled with shopsys/coding-standards can check coding standards and fix violations automatically
  29. 29. All checks are run on our CI server don’t make your developers run tests, execute them automatically
  30. 30. Try it yourself! shopsys / http-smoke-testing