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Zingly - Single app for all banks


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Zingly is a multi-banking app for European banking - think of it as a Venmo for the Europe. An easy to use mobile app makes payments simpler than ever before, regardless of a bank you have.

Zingly uses a super secure open-source PowerAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and transaction signing, so that user money is extra safe.

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Zingly - Single app for all banks

  1. 1. One mobile app for all the banks #LAUNCHHackathon 2016
  2. 2. Petr Dvořák Eli Sakov CEO at Lime Data Scientist at Kaliber Labs
  3. 3. Multi-banking app for the Europe Think “Venmo for Europe”
  4. 4. Why it doesn’t exist yet?
  5. 5. Why Venmo doesn’t work in Europe?
  6. 6. European banking is different … • Free wire transfers (not “almost free” - free, for “zero”) • Fragmented banking market (thousands of banks) • Security up front - authentication + transaction signing • Either proprietary or no APIs (will change with PSD2)
  7. 7. PowerAuth Server PowerAuth Server PowerAuth Server Zingly API Server Zingly API Server Zingly API Server Zingly Multi-banking Hub Server Bank A Bank B Bank C BanksConsumers • Multiple bank support • Account and transaction history overview • Free wire transfers • Payment to friends (P2P payments) • Context-aware payments
  8. 8. Thank you! @joshis_tweets