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Lime - Brand Guidelines


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Current and up-to-date brand guidelines for the Lime company.

Published in: Design
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Lime - Brand Guidelines

  1. 1. Brand Guidelines @Lime_CompanyLime
  2. 2. Logo Our logo represents a symbolic lime fruit with a leaf. Use the full version with the text as a primary alternative. The icon version is only for the cases where square is a must. Don’t remove the white background. Full white and full black logo alterations with a transparent background are also possible.
  3. 3. Color logo. Use as the default logo variant. Icon only version, use if square logo is needed.
  4. 4. Full white logo. Use on dark colors or photos. Icon only version, use if square logo is needed.
  5. 5. Full black logo. Use in print only. Icon only version, use if square logo is needed.
  6. 6. Both logo margin and logo padding are 1/3 of the effective logo height. Make sure to keep these spaces in order to let our logo breathe.
  7. 7. Colors Yes, we use black, white and couple shades of gray.
 But we are about other colors too. Identified by a vibrant Lime green, our brand shines, captivates attention and evokes positive feelings. Use the Lime purple with caution. It is suitable only for strong call-to-action items.
  8. 8. Lime Green #7FC000
  9. 9. Lime Purple #AC0B66
  10. 10. Black #000000
  11. 11. Dark Gray #333333
  12. 12. Gray #777777
  13. 13. Light Gray #AAAAAA
  14. 14. Extra-light Gray #EEEEEE
  15. 15. White #FFFFFF
  16. 16. Fonts The simplest fonts are often the most readable ones. That’s why we use Helvetica Neue. The primary font weight is “light”. Use “bold” weight with caution - the “regular” weight is often enough to emphasize your statement. Never use italic or underline. The company logo uses the Courgette font, but we don’t use it anywhere else in a general company branding.
  17. 17. Questions & Comments