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AIR BOND Keychain - Simply better mobile banking security for ordinary people.


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10 minute pitch presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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AIR BOND Keychain - Simply better mobile banking security for ordinary people.

  1. 1. Simply better mobile banking security for ordinary people. Smart solution by Powered by
  2. 2. Problem Mobile banking is not secure enough.
  3. 3. Inmite company has participated in development of 4 custom mobile banking solutions for the first class banks. First versions of KB and Česká spořitelna apps were developed with Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a.s.
  4. 4. 24% 58% 18% While only 18% of today’s smartphone users are using mobile banking, approximately 24% of them are not using it because of the security concerns.
  5. 5. Current security solutions are not suitable for the mass market. They are poor in design and even poorer in usability. Regular retail users (unlike enterprise users) have a choice and they can change the bank.
  6. 6. Solution AIR BOND - a keychain that emits your personal magic forcefield.
  7. 7. • Superb security. • Design for the people. • One year battery life. • Extra tiny and light. • Wireless
  8. 8. Personal magic forcefield is emitted by AIR BOND and it protects your apps on devices nearby.
  9. 9. Support for branding and multiple applications. Note: These illustrations are only examples of possible branding of the key fob.
  10. 10. AIR BOND keychain was introduced at CARTES 2013 in November ... CARTES 2013
  11. 11. ... and it received “the best enterprise app” award from IBM a month later. AppParade Event
  12. 12. Available from 06/2014
  13. 13. Contact us! ... or visit our website Petr Dvořák Inmite Junior Product Designer Tomáš Rosa Raiffeisenbank Senior Security Designer Juraj Ďurech Inmite Senior Apple Geek Tomáš Vondráček Inmite Senior Google Geek