Skillet Shot By Shot Analysis


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Skillet Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Shot No. Shot Desription (On Screen Shot Eye Level – Unless Stated)Shot 1 Long Low angleArc Shot (Slow Motiontion)Shot 2 Long Shot Panning UpShot 3 Close Up On Lead’s FaceShot 4 Close up looking through LegsShot 5 Wide angle long shot of whole bandShot 6 Mid shot of guitar player (Slow Motion)Shot 7 Mid shot of guitar 2 (Slow Motion)Shot 8 Mid Shot of Guy Guitar Player (Slow Motion)Shot 9 Tracking Long Shot Of Whole BandShot 10 Mid Shot of drum kitShot 11 Close Up Of LeadShot 12 Long Shot Of Whole BandShot 13 Close Up Of LeadShot 14 Long Shot Of BandShot 15 Mid shot of guitar playerShot 16 Mid Pan Up Of Lead
  2. 2. Shot 17 Mid Pan Of Guy GuitarShot 18 Low Angle Mid Of DrumsShot 19 Close Up Of LeadShot 20 Pan Mid Long Of LeadShot 21 Mid Of DrumkitShot 22 Close Up Of LeadShot 23 Crane Of Whole BandShot 24 Close Up Of LeadShot 25 Close Up Of Girl SingerShot 26 Hand Held Shot, Whole BandShot 27 Mid Shot Of Guitar PlayerShot 28 Close Up Of LeadShot 29 Close Up Of Girl SingerShot 30 Close Up Of BassShot 31 Low Angle Of DrummerShot 32 Pan up of LeadShot 33 Close Up on bass neckShot 34 Long Shot of whole band
  3. 3. Shot 35 Mid Of Guy Guitar PlayerShot 36 Crane Shot of whole bandShot 37 Close Up Of Girl SingerShot 38 Pan Of LeadShot 39 Low Angle of DrummerShot 40 Mid Of Guy’s GuitarShot 41 Pan up Of Guitar GuyShot 42 Mid Shot Of Guitar GuyShot 43 Pan down lead to bassShot 44 Close Up On LeadShot 45 Low Angle Slow Motion Of DrummerShot 46 Low Angle Mid Of LeadShot 47 Low Angle Of DrummerShot 48 Slow Motion Long Pan Of army manShot 49 Tilt up to Lead SingerShot 50 Low mid angle of Guitar PlayerShot 51 Slow Motion Low mid angle of LeadShot 52 Close Up of girl singerShot 53 Long Shot of whole
  4. 4. bandShot 54 Close Up of army guy slow MotionShot 55 Close up of army number on shirtShot 56 Close up of nurseShot 57 Close up of fire fighterShot 58 Mid Shot Of Guiter playerShot 59 Close/ mid shot of girl singerShot 60 Pan mid shot of army guyShot 61 High angle long shot of guitar playerShot 62 Mid Shot of leadShot 63 Mid shot of nurse Low angle long shot of leadShot 64 Pan down of bassShot 65 Close Up of DoctorShot 66 Mid Shot Of SheriffShot 67 Close Up Of fire- fighterShot 68 Mid Shot of LeadShot 69 Hand held, water blurred shotShot 70 Mid Shot Of lead
  5. 5. Shot 71 Low angle long shot of Lead/ bandShot 72 Close up of girl singerShot 73 Tilt Down of Army Guy with GunShot 74 Close Up Of Fire FighterShot 75 Long Shot Of Whole bandShot 76 Mid Shot of LeadShot 77 Long low angle shot of lead/ bandShot 78 Mid Pan shot of leadShot 79 Long shot of guitaristShot 80 On level shot of drummerShot 81 Long low angle pan shot of whole bandShot 82 Mid/ long shot of guitar guyShot 83 Hand held pan mid shot of girl guitaristShot 84 Hand Held Long ShotShot 85 Hand Held High AngleShot 86 Tracking Long ShotShot 87 Tilt to Lead SingerShot 88 Long Pan Shot Of Lead
  6. 6. Shot 89 High Angle Tilt down of guitaristShot 90 Mid Pan Shot Of LeadShot 91 Low Angle Shot Of Guitar GuyShot 92 Mid Shot Of BassShot 93 Low Angle Of GuitaristShot 94 Mid Shot Of Lead SingerShot 95 Hand Held Mid Shot Of Guitar GuyShot 96 Close Up Slow Motion of NurseShot 97 Close Up Slow Motion of Nurse’s HandsShot 98 Slow Motion Mid Arc Shot of SheriffShot 99 Close Up On LeadShot 100 Close Up On SingerShot 101 Crane High Angle Shot Of Whole BandShot 102 Mid Shot Of GuitaristShot 103 Low Angle Shot Of DrummerShot 104 Low Angle Mid Shot of Guitar GuyShot 105 Medium Shot Of Girl Singer
  7. 7. Shot 106 Mid Long Shot Of LeadShot 107 Medium Long Shot Of Army OfficerShot 108 Close Up On Army Officer’s FaceShot 109 Close Up On Fire- Fighter’s FaceShot 110 Close Up On Nurse’s FaceShot 111 Mid shot of Girl SingerShot 112 Mid Shot Of LeadShot 113 Mid Shot On Bass GuitarShot 114 Low Angle Shot Of DrummerShot 115 Low Angle Shot Of LeadShot 116 Mid Pan Shot Of LeadShot 117 Mid Shot of girl singerShot 118 Mid pan shot of leadShot 119 Arc Shot Of Whole BandShot 120 Zoom out to Long Shot of whole BandShot 121 Mid Hand Held Shot Of DrummerShot 122 Very High Angle Shot
  8. 8. Of Whole BandShot 123 Low Angle Long Slow Motiontion Shot Low Angle Mid Shot Of Lead Tilt Long shot Of Whole Band Low Angle Shot Of Drummer Mid Slow Motion Shot Of Army Officer Long Shot Of Whole Band Mid Shot Of Girl Singer Mid Shot Of Lead Mid Shot Of Girl Singer Hand Held Shot Of Lead Mid Shot Of Lead Long Shot Of Whole Band Mid Low Angle Of Drummer Long Tracking Shot Of Whole Band Very High angle shot
  9. 9. of whole bandMid shot of guitaristLow angle Shot ofdrummerMid Low Angle SlowMotion Shot Of LeadClose Up Shot AsArmy Officer WalksAwayHand Held Low AngleMid Shot Of DrummerMid Shot Of LeadLow Angle Long ShotOf Army OfficerWalking AwaySlow Motion Pan UpFinal Shot Of Lead