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Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4How did you use media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning andevaluation stages?
  2. 2. Research and planning stagesIn the research and planning stages, I have used blogger tocollate all of my work together, this was very helpful, as it meant Icould update my work from anywhere, where there was anInternet connection, school, home or even on location wherepossible, I could instantly update any changes to my work.It also meant that all my work was much easier to organise andcollate together in one place, with links to YouTube and othermedia could be embedded into the blog.
  3. 3. BloggerHere you can see blogger being used on the computer and iPod touch, during the researchand planning stages, an example, here of research, Into a similar musician’s music video:
  4. 4. Research and planning stagesI used YouTube as a main source of inspiration and research, forexample when researching into similar artists I could watch andtake notes about the codes and conventions of the video, as wellas taking screen shots of the visual style.
  5. 5. YouTubeHere you can see YouTube, the worlds largest collection of music videos, here I could studyand screen shot parts of the video for reference to visual style/ techniques used.
  6. 6. Construction: ProductionIn the actual production of the music video I used DSLRcameras, whichever both light and maneuverable, to gain manydifferent shots and give high quality media files as outputs, bothin 720p and 1080p HD quality.
  7. 7. CamerasHere you can see camera being used in the production of the music video, the 5d and 1100dgave outstanding HD footage.
  8. 8. Construction: ProductionAs well as this, I was able to useiPod touches on location, to viewshot lists and storyboards, toremind myself of all of thedifferent shots that I need to gainthroughout the different shoots.Here you can see my shots listsloaded onto my iPod as a PDFduring the shooting for referenceto ideas for shots.
  9. 9. Construction: EditingI used premiere elements 7 in the post production of my music video,which allowed me to pick out the best parts of the clips to use in themusic video, as well as creating time lapses, colour grading differentfootage, getting the video in time to the beat of the music as well assyncing the original footage with the audio of the track.
  10. 10. Premiere ElementsHere you can see the program used for editing my music video, this is where a made multipledecisions on how my music video now looks
  11. 11. Construction: EditingI also used photoshop extensively in the creation of my poster and digipak, inthis I was able to edit photos taken at the gigs, add text, effects and style tocreate both a final poster, as well as the final digipak. Photoshop allowed highquality, professional image editing, which allowed me to create digipaks andposters which were similar to those in the industry.
  12. 12. Photoshop ElementsPhotoshop allowed me to create the digipaks and the poster, as seen below.