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Our Low Carbon Future Community Consultation Nov 2011 draft


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Our Low Carbon Future Community Consultation Nov 2011 draft

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Our Low Carbon Future Community Consultation Nov 2011 draft

  1. 1. Our Low Carbon FutureStrategyBriefing on progress so far &looking forwardCommunity forum - November 2011
  2. 2. Overview Strategy was adopted in June 2009. Targets set for 2020. Three-year action plans (2009/10 – 2011/12) for ‘corporate’ and ‘community’ were adopted. New action plans to guide priorities between 2012/13 – 2015/16 need to be developed for Council endorsement. Community forum aims to:  Update interested community groups and individuals on progress to date against the current action plans and foreshadow proposed upcoming actions  Seek suggestions for potential actions and priorities for the updated action plans  Explore opportunities for collaboration on community-focused initiatives .This briefing has been distributed prior to the forum to help attendees preparefor a meaningful and collaborative forum discussion.
  3. 3. Recap on the StrategyPrinciples:1. Leadership by Council with the community2. Assuming a moral obligation to act3. Pursuit of ‘multiple benefits’ and a ‘no regrets’ approach to action4. Actions prioritised by impact5. Equity in both strategy and actionObjectives (reflecting combination of benefits being sought):1. Reduce Council’s own greenhouse gas emissions2. Reduce aggregate emissions for Australia3. Reduce the impact of increasing energy prices on Council’s budget4. Reduce the impact of increasing energy prices of vulnerable sectors of the community5. Support the Australian Government to introduce more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets6. Increase local energy security through investment in renewable energy sources.
  4. 4. Recap (con’t)Targets:• To reduce Council’s corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 30 - 40 per centbelow its 2007/08 levels by 2020• To support programs and projects with the community that achieve anabatement total of at least 50,000 tonnes CO2-e by 2020.Highest priority action areas:Corporate • Buildings - energy efficiency (co-gen at leisure centres, ESD in buildings and facilities) • Streetlighting – switch to T5 lamps • Fleet – smaller, more fuel-efficient fleetCommunity • Residential – energy efficiency (eg light globes, showerheads, solar hot water) • Commercial – energy efficiency opportunities in existing commercial buildings
  5. 5. Context – then and nowThen (ie mid-2009):• Prior to international negotiations in Copenhagen• Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) announced and intended to start in 2011/12• Significant community debate on details but support for national action on climate change was high.Now• International mitigation commitments and framework still not agreed• Revised emissions trading scheme (Clean Energy Future) now legislated without bi-partisan support• Victorian Government undertaking review of the Victorian Climate Change Act 2010.• Public debate and opinion has shifted. Acceptance of the science and support for strong action has waned.• Climate action and advocacy groups remain engaged and driving for effective action.
  6. 6. Council emissions sources 2009/10 Refrigerants: Air Con & Fridges 1% Other Scope 3 Emissions * 10% Vehicles : Fuel 9% Buildings: Electricity Buildings: Gas 43% 10% Streetlighting: Electricity 27%
  7. 7. Corporate emissions progress 30000Greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes CO2e) 911 911 25000 8443 7819 20000 15000 26837 10000 17268 18074 16000 5000 0 2007/08 Actual 2008/09 Actual 2009/10 Actual 2020 Target GreenFleet GreenPower Greenhouse gas emissions
  8. 8. Building emissions by site 3500 • Top 14 sites = 87% of building emissions & about 50% of total emissions 3000 •Top 7 sites (out of ~ 200) = 70% of 2500 building emissions 2000 natural tonnes CO2-e gas 1500 electricity 1000 500 0
  9. 9. Corporate Action Plan – statusPriority area and StatusactionStreet lighting • Funding allocatedswitch to T5s • Contract negotiations almost complete with United Energy (Ashburton and Glen Iris) • Also in negotiation with CitiPower (rest of municipality)Buildings energy • Install co- generator at Ashburton pool – completeefficiency • Lighting retrofits at Kew & Riversdale depot – complete •Sustainable Buildings Policy and Guidelines – complete • Implementation of new policy / guidelines – underway • (New) Feasibility study for cogeneration at Boroondara Sports Complex and Kew Rec Centre – commencedFleet • New efficient Local Laws fleet - complete • Switch to sustainable biodiesel for large trucks - completeData management • Annual emissions inventories – ongoingand reporting • Utilities data process improvements – ongoing
  10. 10. Key projects Asburton Community Precinct Cogeneration – • 230kW cogenerator at Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre commissioned in October 2011. • PVs, VSDs and lighting retrofits in precinct community buildings.APARC cogeneration plant • Emissions reductions in the order of 1000 tonnes will flow through into 11/12 inventory. • Project investment: ≈ $1 million Street Lighting bulk change - • Once fully implemented, project is expected to save approx 16,800 tonnes of CO2-e over ten years. • Negotiations with distribution businesses are complex and slow. • Anticipated completion in 2012/13 • Project investment: $2.4M
  11. 11. Community Action Plan - statusPriority area and action StatusResidential – Solar Hot • Sustainable Easter Suburbs program in 2010/11Water promotion with other Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) councils – completeResidential – Solar PV • Solar Suburbs program in 2008/09 – 09/10 withpromotion EAGA – complete Notes: early end due to loss of fed rebateResidential – Lightbulbs • Live Green with LESS program (free in-home replacement of light bulbs) in 2009/10 – complete • GreenHouse Project (with Sustainability Vic) in 2009/10 – completeResidential – Showerheads • Live Green with LESS program (in-home replacement of light bulbs) in 2009/10 – complete • Showerhead exchange at Council offices (supplied by YVW) in 2010/11 & 11/12 – ongoingCommercial – promote • Promotion via business networks and traderbuilding retrofits associations – lower priority
  12. 12. Complementary (community) actions• Eco-living centre at 25 Inglesby Rd, Camberwell – construction set for 2012/13• Living for our Future program – workshop series on composting and worm farming, solar hot water / PV, energy smart homes, productive gardening etc• Boroondara Sustainability Awards• Continued investment in walking and cycling infrastructure• Walking School Bus program – currently 17 schools• Ongoing promotion of available grants and rebates eg Victorian Energy Saved Incentive Scheme
  13. 13. A new sustainable living hubBoroondara Eco-Living Centre Tours School activities Seminars Workshops Meetings Events Outdoor classes Demonstrations Interactive activities Interpretive displaysUpcoming community consultation:Wed 30 Nov 2011 – 6pm at CouncilPLEASE COME AND HAVE YOUR SAY
  14. 14. Possible future actions (corporate)Priority area Options / ideasPublic lighting • Solar lighting along share paths • Other ideas/ options?Buildings • Increase ESD in building renewal program • Progressively retrofit co-gen at remaining leisure centres • Other ideas/ options?Fleet • Tighten ‘green vehicle’ definition in Fleet Policy • Trial hybrid / electric garbage trucks • Other ideas/ options?Data management • Progress to real-time utilities data monitoringand reporting • Other ideas/options?
  15. 15. Possible future actions (community)Priority area Options / ideasResidential - energy • Promo revised Vic Energy Saver Incentive Scheme offer (in-home smart switches etc) • Community / enviro group initiatives? • Other ideas / options?Residential - waste • Subsidised worm farms / compost bins • Community / enviro group initiatives? • Other ideas / options?Transport sector • Participate in PARK(ing ) Day • Other ideas / options?Commercial sector • Other ideas / options?
  16. 16. Group activity1. Split into two groups to share / brainstorm ideas: – Actions to reduce community emissions – Actions to reduce Council emissions2. Assess against value & effort matrix3. Feedback best ideas to whole group4. Whole group reflection WRAP UP AND CLOSE