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Hawthorn to box hill trail


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A proposal for a family-friendly shared bike and pedestrian trail to connect Hawthorn to Box Hills and the activity centres along the route.

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Hawthorn to box hill trail

  1. 1. Hawthorn to Box Hill TrailThe opportunity: a Hawthorn to Box Hill central route This corridor has very limited safe cycling infrastructure
  2. 2. Hawthorn to Box Hill TrailThe challenge – poor existing cycling infrastructure Source: Critical Route Corridor 9, presentation to Stakeholders 20 March 2012
  3. 3. Hawthorn to Box Hill TrailThe opportunity – a shared cycling pedestrian trail Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Box Hill to Ringwood Trail
  4. 4. Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Benefits• LINKAGES: Provide transport linkages between the Camberwell and Glenferrie Road Central Activity Districts and several other shopping centres.• TRANSPORT: Help promote sustainable transport in a future likely to be impacted by rising fuel costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions.• CYCLING NETWORK: Provide connections with the Main Yarra, Anniversary and Box Hill to Ringwood (in planning) trails.• LIVEABILITY: Reduce traffic congestion and pollution.• HEALTH: Promote healthy lifestyles for people of all ages through recreational and commuter cycling.• SAFETY: Provide a shared pedestrian and cycling route that will keep bicycles separate from cars.• COMMUNITY: Encourage many people to cycle who otherwise wouldnt and would greatly improve safety for those who already do
  5. 5. Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Who would use it?• STUDENTS: There are twenty schools and other education institutions either adjacent to the trail or within one km.• LOCAL RESIDENTS: Safe pedestrian and cycling trips between shopping and activity centres including Camberwell, Glenferrie, Canterbury, Maling Road, Union Road and Box Hill.• COMMUTERS: Safe commuting along the corridor from Box Hill through Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Camberwell and Hawthorn to Richmond.• CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: a safe route free from cars, trucks, trams and buses where children can learn to cycle and families can go for recreational trips.
  6. 6. Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Along the route
  7. 7. Who can make it happen?• Residents of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs• Victorian Government – Department of Infrastructure and Transport (planning) – VicRoads (main and arterial roads) – VicTrack (rail easements) – Ted Baillieu MP; member for Hawthorn – Robert Clark MP; member for Box Hill• City of Boroondara – Back streets and minor roads – Parks, gardens and reserves – Integration with existing bicycle routes and paths• Bicycle Network Victoria• Local groups – Boroondara Bicycle Users Group – Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre – Lighter Footprints
  8. 8. More information• Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail - Victorian Cycling Network• Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycle Trail - Greenlivingpedia• Boroondara Bicycle Strategy - City of Boroondara strategy• Eastern Rail Line Trail - Boroondara BUG• Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail Project