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Guide To Winter Pregnancy


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It is important to wrap up warm and minimize your exposure to extreme cold (especially in weather conditions, such as snow and ice) if you are pregnant during the winter. Have an adult ' snow day ' and stay indoors to avoid dangerous conditions.

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Guide To Winter Pregnancy

  1. 1. Guide to Winter Pregnancy
  2. 2. Here's how to feel safe and comfortable and awesome! Longwinterseason.Whenthe temperatures drop, we share top tips on keeping your calm.
  3. 3. WearaWinter Jacket
  4. 4. The most important thing in the winter season is to be comfortable and warm. It's a good idea to buy a new jacket to wear as it helps keep your body dry. Instead of hitting the thrift store to purchase a maternity coat to wear for just a few months, purchasing a winter jacket and keeping the body comfortable and warm by zipping it properly is a better choice.
  5. 5. DrinkPlenty ofWater
  6. 6. Winter makes one stop or subconsciously neglect drinking water with its chilly weather, which is not ideal for pregnant moms. Because the winter air is dry the winter body needs extra water. When you try to replace water with beverages, it won't be conducive. Although a very good option is coconut water and juices, water is the best way to keep the body hydrated.
  7. 7. BeSnugly Attired
  8. 8. As the winter gets serious, pregnant women need to wear clothing layers so that they can be added or removed when needed. It's always been a disconcerting problem as to what to wear in winter during pregnancy. There are several ways to get through the weather changes, such as wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a cardigan, a buttoned sweater, or a lightweight scarf.
  9. 9. StayIndoors asmuchas Possible
  10. 10. Your body becomes more sensitive and more vulnerable to disease when you are pregnant. If your body is exposed to extreme weather conditions and the germs can impact the mother and the baby, it can be very dangerous. Due to extreme weather conditions, some ladies suffer from common cold and cough. After leaving the cozy home, the sensitive body takes time to adjust to the changed atmosphere of chilly winds outside. All outings are to be postponed until the weather gets better.
  11. 11. Use Moisturizer forSkin
  12. 12. The skin is dry during pregnancy coupled with the harsh winter breeze that steals the substance of moisture, leaving it dry and lifeless Dry skin is flaky and itchy, and while you're pregnant, the skin needs special care during the winter. Use lukewarm bathing water. You have to moisturize the skin immediately after taking a bath as it pulls in the moisturizer leaving the skin dry, smooth and supple. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the elbows, feet, and belly, and even the chest For the pamper shown during pregnancy the body may feel grateful.
  13. 13. GetCuredfor Cold
  14. 14. Most women who are pregnant are apprehensive and fear that if they take any counter medicine, it may affect the baby. The apprehension is reasonable and understandable, but if you have been suffering from cold and flu for more than three consecutive days, you must visit a doctor and receive treatment for the disease. The precautionary measures for it should also be discussed.
  15. 15. WashYour Hands Regularly
  16. 16. The best way to avoid germs is to wash your hands regularly, particularly during pregnancy. It is quite safe to wash hands after running errands before coming into contact with any near or dear one. Use a hand sanitizer if there is no sink nearby. You should wash your hands properly after every bathroom break and before eating something, considering the baby's safety in the womb.
  17. 17. Regular Exercises
  18. 18. It's not easy to go for a walk when it's extreme cold, as the ice cold and dry air makes the lungs feel like they're packed with icicles. It's even more complicated for pregnant women. To keep yourself fit and safe, some indoor exercises can be a good substitute. You can go to a nearby indoor swimming pool, join a gym, go to a local shopping mall and buy a yoga mat or yoga DVD to stay active and fit during your pregnancy.