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Local Aussie Mentoring Program, Initial Project Presentation

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  1. 1. LAMP Preliminary Evaluation of LAMP 2008 Dr. Peter Woods Prof. Michelle Barker Dr. Ray Hibbins Griffith University 3rd December, 2008
  2. 2. Objectives • Thank you our colleagues who made LAMP ‘happen’ • Review the current evaluation of the LAMP program • Identify areas for improving the program in 2009 2
  3. 3. Background • ‘Local Aussie Mentoring Partnership’ (LAMP) developed in response to needs of students identified in the GU results of the University-wide International Student Barometer (ISB) • Team – (GBS) Dr. Peter Woods, Prof. Michelle Barker, Dr. Ray Hibbins, Dr. Arthur Poropat along with Prof. Sally Borbasi from the School of Nursing and Midwifery • Project co-ordinator Ruth Hills • Sponsored by PVC International, Chris Madden and the GBS Dean, Teaching and Learning, Prof. Lorelle Frazer 3
  4. 4. Problem International Student Barometer (ISB) a measure of student satisfaction indicated: • international students’ feelings of isolation • difficulty understanding and using colloquial language • minimal interaction between domestic students and international students. • The LAMP program also aimed to address the problem of local students failing to gain the benefit of interacting with international students 4
  5. 5. Implementation • Trained all 180 students at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses undertaking the management course HR Training and Development (MGT2012) as mentors • At Nathan campus, the mentors were linked with students at QIBT who were preparing to enter the GBS in 2009 • At the Gold Coast campus, mentors linked with students (mainly international) enrolled in the first year management course, Management Concepts (1001MGT) • The mentors met with their mentees on three occasions and assisted them with orientation to Griffith resources, services and adjustment strategies that they had found helpful 5
  6. 6. Evaluation • Initial indications are that the program proved beneficial to both local and international students • Local students indicated that they gained empathy for international students • International students indicated that they benefitted from learning about Griffith University. • Majority of mentors spent more than 3 hours expected. • 6 mentors spent more than 10 hours (1 > 24hrs). Median number of meetings was 3, and a sizable minority reported more meetings. • Many comments from both mentors and mentees echoed this desire for LAMP to be longer. 6
  7. 7. Student Comments • A new friend made (Mentee) • If the mentoring process can take longer, then it would be better Mentor comment • Meet more times and talk more Mentor • Maybe more activities in peer-mentoring program: Mentee comment • This is not mentoring program to me. It is just assignment for them. That’s nothing to me and my mentor. (Disappointed mentee) 7
  8. 8. Mentor Comments • I have gained how to actually mentor someone, and understand the knowledge and experience which I got in my first year could be very helpful for new students. • It was innovative & fun; • I enjoyed it a lot. It became more than an essay for me. Gave me confidence. I think I was very lucky with my mentee too • Gained empowerment & confidence that I actually know something. • Better understanding of being out of my comfort zone. • Gave me a chance to critically reflect on myself. • Gained empathy for international students Australian Mentor • She did not show up to any, was not interested in participating. (Frustrated mentor whose mentee dropped out) 8
  9. 9. Mentee Comments • Not suitable this program for me. (Comment by mentee who dropped out of program) • I am not going to drop it. It’s fun knowing new people and doing extra work. (Enthusiastic mentee) • I wish he was more helpful. (Mentee describing disappointment) 9
  10. 10. Mentee Comments • It should be performed frequently Mentee comment • Gained empathy for international students Australian Mentor • To meet different people from different cultures and share experiences , Mentee commenting on benefits of LAMP • Good, it’s better to new students to improve their skill. Mentee comment • Learn more to deal with a new person. Mentee describing benefits of LAMP • Improve English: Mentee benefit • I learnt a lot and there wasn’t anything that I wanted to learn that I did not. (Australian student, mentored by student from another culture) 10
  11. 11. Recommendations • Reflect on and write-up learnings from the intervention (presentations, publications) • Examine whether there is interest in continuing the program for mentors and mentees and determine feasibility • Determine the most cost-effective way to offer the program 11
  12. 12. Conclusion • An innovation that has merit • Grows out of a lineage of mentoring programs at Griffith University • Publish results and learnings • “Procedures manual” important part of making the program sustainable/course portable • Funding by GBS and Griffith International acknowledged with thanks 12