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Virtualiztion Cloud Computing Program Cionet 14 October A


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Virtualization and Cloud Computing training initiative

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Virtualiztion Cloud Computing Program Cionet 14 October A

  1. 1. Launching an international training initiative on Virtualization and Cloud Computing Copyright © 2010 ITpreneurs CIONET - Peter Hanselman 14 October 2010
  2. 2. IT Priorities 2010 - Forbes Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs CIOs see a Technology transition from heavier weight technologies to lighter weight technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and web 2.0. Leading in Times of Transition: the 2010 CIO Agenda - Gartner
  3. 3. Virtualization Hardware Virtualization Network Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Server Virtualization Storage Virtualization Applications Infrastructure Dimensions of Virtualization Source: Gartner The ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical system and share the underlying hardware resources (Vmware)
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Source: Gartner A style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to customers using Internet technologies - Gartner Cloud computing is using the internet to access someone else's software running on someone else's hardware in someone else's data center. lewis Cunningham, Cloud Computing with Amazon and Oracle, 2008.Cloud computing Old Technology New Offerings Business Model= + =
  5. 5. Cloud Computing is Transformational for IT and Business Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs • Concerns – Security/privacy – Stability/service levels – Integration – Incompatibility with current software – New/upgraded infrastructure management tools – Legal/jurisdictional issues – Business models • Benefits – Scalability – Flexibility – Pay per use – Opex instead of Capex – Faster time to market – Innovative software solutions – Innovative platforms
  6. 6. What did we propose to ING A change campaign with the objective to prepare the ING workforce for the future – Significant impact on how people work / How many people work – As a commitment to the workforce ING is supporting the program and investing in the development of future proof IT competences – ING is further adopting Virtualization / Cloud lets’ see how…..
  7. 7. Book Business Simulation ING has adopted Cloud / Virtualization certification training and other activities as part of a change campaign Awareness Training #ofemployeesinvolved Time Virtualization Ready Foundation Project Lifecycle Video Message CIO Cloud Ready Foundation Gap–Assessment EXAM Manager’s Workshop/Seminar EXAM Marketing / Awareness Campaign
  8. 8. Today we are setting the international standard for a virtualization and cloud computing training and certification program Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs 15-10-10 Virtualization Ready Foundation Course + Virtualization Ready Professional Certification Cloud Ready Foundation Course + Cloud Ready Professional Certification Adopted by ING and Developed with support from EMC IBM Cisco HP Virtual Clarity VMWARE And others….examexam
  9. 9. A deep dive into understanding who requires what level of training / information V/CC Awareness Course (4 hours e-learning) Project Managers Business Users Virtualization Ready Foundation Course (10 hours e-learning / 2 days classroom) Cloud Ready Foundation Course (10 hours e-learning / 2 days classroom) IT specialists, IT technical services specialists, IT relationship managers, IT architects, IT consultants and key business users. Cloud Ready Professional Exam Virtualization Ready Professional Exam IT specialists, IT technical services specialists, IT architects, IT consultants. IT Management Executive Workshop (4 hours) Business Simulation Publication
  10. 10. Portfolio items – when will they become available Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs Cloud Ready Foundation course Business simulation Book: Before Christmas Courses: Before Christmas Simulation: Early next year
  11. 11. Advantages of the initiative Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs $$ Standardization of training / certification drives down the cost of training professionals Standardization of training results in able, capable, trained, interested, up-to-date professionals who speak the same language The portfolio of activities available helps to weather change and increase adoption of virtualization / cloud computing
  12. 12. Summarizing, this portfolio the fundamentals for any organization to venture into virtualization and cloud computing Non-vendor specific training and intl. certification Supporting reference publication Business Simulation for hands on experience Readies the organization for change Supported by leading Virtualization and cloud vendors
  13. 13. Questions? Copyright © 2008 ITpreneurs To support this Virtualization and Cloud Computing Initiative contact Peter Hanselman +31629265420