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Tsi Green Flag Notebook Web Presentation Version 29 Apr09


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Learn how TSI can recovery your debts for only $10 per account and NO PERCENTAGES

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Tsi Green Flag Notebook Web Presentation Version 29 Apr09

  1. 1. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #0 MIND YOUR Client Survey OWN BUSINESS Page 1 of 58
  2. 2. Agenda • Survey of your current situation to see if you qualify for our service • Company information and “Green Flag Profit Recovery” process overview • Display of actual Status Reports of our customers • Sharing of Recommendation Letters from our customers • Becoming a customer if you qualify Page 2 of 58
  3. 3. Agenda - Detailed • Customer A/R Late Past Due Survey Overview - @10 min. – TSI Verbal Demands • TSI Review - @20 min. – TSI Verbal Demand Recovery & Cost Statistics – Collections Approaches – TSI Legal Options – TSI Corporate Structure Linkage – TSI Litigation Determination – TSI Press – TSI vs. Typical Collection Agency Netback Comparison – TSI Customer Base – TSI Service Summary – TSI Service • TSI Client Report Review for Performance Facts - @15 min. – TSI Locations • TSI Client Recommendation Letter Review - @5 min. – TSI Regulation Compliance • TSI Pricing Proposal - @10 min. – A/R Depreciation – Industry Advice on 3rd Party Involvement – TSI Recovery Statistics – TSI Website Interface – TSI Written Demand Notices – TSI Written Demand Notice Recovery & Cost Statistics – TSI Client Feedback on Written Demand Notices – TSI Written Demand Notice Performance Guarantee Page 3 of 58
  4. 4. Accounts Receivable Analysis Need • What are your terms? Net ____ days • When do you feel you should be paid? ____ days after ship/invoice • How many accounts per month do you send to collections? ____ accounts • When do you turn your accounts over to collections? ____ days past due • How much of your money in % do they keep? ____ % • How many different accounts would you say go at least 60 days past due each month conservatively? ____ accounts/month • What is your average balance per past due account? $ __________ • How many active accounts do you bill on average each month? ____ accounts/month • If you experience bad checks, how many per month bounce? ____ checks/month • If you experience credit card charge-backs, how many per month? ____ charge-backs/month Page 4 of 58
  5. 5. Accounts Receivable Analysis Money Owed Right Now • How much money is owed to you right now which should have already been paid that you would like to have recovered? $__________ • How many accounts does that represent? ____ accounts • What is their average age? _____ days past due • What is the oldest age? _____ days past due • What is the youngest age? _____ days past due Page 5 of 58
  6. 6. Accounts Receivable Analysis Evidence • Do you have a copy of your aging report available to look at? ____ • How much money is 30 but not yet 60 days past due? $__________ • How much money is 60 but not yet 90 days past due? $__________ • What is the average balance under 60 days past due? $__________ • How much money is 90 but not yet 120 days past due? $__________ • How much money is over 120 days past due? $__________ • What is the average balance over 60 days past due? $__________ • Do you have good addresses for all the debtors? ____ • What % of the delinquent customers do you care to do business with again? ____% • Out of $100, what is your net profit? $____ • What sales volume would be needed to offset this loss? ____ units • How long would it take to sell this this extra volume? ____ months • How much does your company spend monthly on collections? $__________ Page 6 of 58
  7. 7. Accounts Receivable Analysis Aging Days Past Due 0-29 30-59 60-89 90-119 120-180 181-360 +360 >60 >90 >120 0 0 0 # of Accounts $0 $0 $0 Dollars #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! Avg. $/Acct: Accts Days Old Tot Days Old 60 0 90 0 150 0 270 0 360 0 Avg. Days 0 0 #DIV/0! Total Page 7 of 58
  8. 8. Accounts Receivable Analysis Decision Makers & Influencers • Other than yourself, is there anyone else required to make the decision to use Green Flag? ____ • Are any key influencers necessary to be in the meeting whose decision your would rely on to make the decision to use Green Flag? ____ Page 8 of 58
  9. 9. A/R Process Timeline Wish List of Things to Change • • • • • • Payment Due +150 +180 +90 +60 +120 +30 Days Key S - Ship or Supply Service OI - Original Invoice P - Payment Due I# - Additional Invoice Copy 0 -30 -60 -90 L - Letter PC - Phone Call CA - Collection Agency Involved LG - Lawyers Involved Page 9 of 58
  10. 10. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #1 MIND YOUR Collections OWN Process BUSINESS Page 10 of 58
  11. 11. Conventional 2 Phase Approach to Collections The traditional collection process is expensive internally and externally. Phase I: IN-HOUSE COLLECTION FOR 6 MONTHS Past Due Past Due Past Due Past Due Past Due 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 120 Days +120 Days 3rd Statement 2nd Statement 4th Statement 5th Statement 6th Statement 1st Letter 2nd Letter 3rd Letter 4th Letter st Phone Call nd Phone Call rd Phone Call 1 2 3 $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 In-house cost $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 $20 to $30 $2.96 $2.96 $2.96 Dartnell Institute of Business Research Phase II: PERCENTAGE AGENCY/ATTORNEY Average Rate of Recovery = 10% to 20% . Average Fees = 30% to 50% of your money. True Cost of Collections = a loss of 90% or more of your company’s revenue! Page 11 of 58
  12. 12. 3 Phase Approach to Collections The Greenflag Profit Recovery service is simply a middle step (at a controlled cost) between your internal efforts and traditional agency representation. It provides your company with 3 clear benefits: Phase I: In House Phase II: Greenflag by Transworld Systems, Inc. Optimize in-house procedures Day 60 Day 70 Day 80 Day 90 Day 100 Day 0 to 60 TSI 5th and 2nd TSI 3rd TSI 4th TSI TSI Courtesy Notice Final Contact Contact Contact Contact Statement $1.10 Letter $1.10 36% to 76% Recovery Rate Phone Call $2.96 TSI offers you the opportunity to use a diplomatic 3rd party to recover your profit while Improved cash flow Improved cash flow • maintaining sensitive client relationships! 80% to 95% Collected Reduced expenses • Reduced expenses Identify intent • Identify intent Phase III: Verbal Demands and/or Legal Action/(CMS) Page 12 of 58
  13. 13. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #2 MIND YOUR Corporate OWN Overview BUSINESS Page 13 of 58
  14. 14. Corporate Structure Page 14 of 58
  15. 15. • Makes private equity investments behind compelling business ideas and strong management teams • Established in 2001 • Manages US$ 8 billion of investments and commitments for JPMorgan Chase & Co. • Invests in transactions that initiate strategic and operational changes in businesses to create long-term value • Management-led buyouts • Growth capital financing with an emphasis on corporate partnerships and divestitures • Typical transaction is US$ 50 million to US$ 200 million • Has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Page 15 of 58
  16. 16. Page 16 of 58
  17. 17. • Business process outsourcing giant • Acquired Outsourcing Solutions Inc. (OSI), which owned TransWorld Systems Inc. (TSI), in March of 2008 making it the largest collection agency in America • Has over 29,000 employees • Operates in 10 countries Page 17 of 58
  18. 18. • We are in the business of profit recovery. • We lead the industry in providing businesses with better tools for recovering bad debt and accounts receivables. • We’ve been proving it to our customers, including more than 200 Fortune 500 companies, since 1970. • Last year, we recovered $700 Million for an average of $10.00 per account.* • Our success rate is more than 3 times that of the industry average.** • We provide local impact with over 120 offices coast to coast. * Company average. ** Based on ACA statistics. Page 18 of 58
  19. 19. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #3 MIND YOUR Press OWN BUSINESS Page 19 of 58
  20. 20. What the Experts Say – “Transworld gets credit for the highest recovery rate in the industry.” » Barron’s – “The Company has a collection rate of well over 50%. The typical collection firm gets only 20% and keeps 25% to 50% of recovered funds.” » Fortune Magazine – “Its low fee structure encourages clients to assign accounts early, usually 45-90 days past due. Their recovery is more than 2 ½ times better than the competition. » Investor’s Daily – “In addition to the superior collection rate and speed of recovery, Transworld’s low fee provide the client with a 30%-70% savings.” » FORBES Magazine – “…Transworld has a long term proven record of being able to deliver twice the normal recovery rate at a fraction of the normal cost.” Shearson Lehman Page 20 of 58
  21. 21. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #4 MIND YOUR Clients OWN BUSINESS Page 21 of 58
  22. 22. Industries Transworld Supports City, County & State Governments Banks and Credit Unions - Wholesalers and Retailers - over 10,000* Hospitals, Medical, and Dental over 300* over 1,500* Practices and Clinics - over 10,400* Wholesale Food Manufacturers & Distributors Court Reporters Financial Services - over 215* Medical Laboratories Convention Services CPA’s - over 825 practices* Medical Supply Clothing Manufacturers Libraries Insurance Companies & Agents - Ambulance Services Manufacturers over 550* Industrial Manufacturers and Distributors Colleges and Universities - over 625* Optical Stores Real Estate Services over 700* Fraternities and Sororities Health and Fitness Clubs Auto Parts Stores and Suppliers Trade Schools Veterinarians - over 610* Automobile Rental Agencies Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops Utility Companies Employment Agencies Over 1,200* Waste Disposal Companies - over 310* Florists Trucking and Moving Companies - over 1000* Cable TV Services Video Stores TV Stations Heating and Air Conditioning Services - over 560* Long Distance Telephone Services Advertising and Marketing Firms Plumbing Services Cellular Telephone Services IT & Web Firms Electrical Services Security Alarm Companies Publishing & Printing Companies - over 840* Fuel Oil Companies Pest Control Printing Shops Oil and Gas Companies Newspapers and Magazines Travel Agencies Mail Order Houses Information extracted from Hotels - over 635* audited client lists - * individual companies or institutions using the TSI system Girls Scout Councils & YMCAs - over 250* Professional Athletic Teams Page 22 of 58
  23. 23. Some of Transworld’s 60,000 Clients Page 23 of 58
  24. 24. Customers of Transworld Marriott Hotels Citibank Office-Max Con Edison SYSCO Food Service Hilton Hotels Union Bank Canon Computer AT&T Alliant Food Service Embassy Suites Downey Savings Eastman Kodak Bell South Sam’s Club National Rental Car Ernst & Young LA Weekly Cingular Wireless Coca Cola KPMG Gannett USA Today Sprint Cellular Pepsi Cola Deloitte & Touche Val-Pak Comcast Cable American Linen ChoicePoint Merrill Lynch Guthy-Renker Direct TV Tru-Value Hardware Blue Cross-Blue Shield American Express ADP Proxy Services ADT Security Healthsouth Transamerica Chicago Bar Association Waste Management Columbia HCA State Farm Insurance University of Phoenix USA Waist Culver City VA Hospitals Nationwide GEICO Insurance Vassar College City of Irvine Gold’s Gym Sylvan Learning Centers City of Inglewood Goodwill Industries Hollywood City American Red Cross Chamber of Commerce YMCA Girl Scouts Page 24 of 58
  25. 25. What Our Clients Have in Common • They extend credit and/or accept checks. • They mostly have an individual or an entire department devoted to collecting past due accounts internally. • They all use GreenFlag Early Profit Recovery services to minimize bad debt losses. “As a national direct marketer we faced some very unique challenges in the area of collections. TSI not only helped us meet these challenges, but help us exceed our goals in a very cost effective manner.” Tom Miglino Vice President American Mint Page 25 of 58
  26. 26. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #5 MIND YOUR Offering OWN BUSINESS Page 26 of 58
  27. 27. What We Do For You • For an average of less than $10.00 per account, we provide the impact of third party intervention. • Minimize internal efforts, improving overall department performance. • Preserve your valued customer relationships. • Minimize the risk of accidental violations of state and federal collection laws and/or harassment suits through the use of a hold harmless agreement - $25M in insurance coverage • Allow 24/7 access to account information via OCP website as well as complete monthly reporting on all accounts. “As important as collecting arrearages is ... even more important is … retaining customers. This is where your company has really shined. Our re- activation of collected accounts has leapt a full 14%! This difference has really set your company apart from those we’ve used in the past” Margaret Lewis – DBS Coordinator – DirecTV Page 27 of 58
  28. 28. Page 28 of 58
  29. 29. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #6 MIND YOUR Locations OWN BUSINESS Page 29 of 58
  30. 30. 120 offices nationwide, including Canada now too! (Not shown) Page 30 of 58
  31. 31. Page 31 of 58
  32. 32. Page 32 of 58
  33. 33. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #7 MIND YOUR Aging & OWN Depreciation BUSINESS Page 33 of 58
  34. 34. How Your Money Depreciates Start Early – Recover More We all know that the older an account gets, the harder it becomes to collect. But did you know that at 90 days past due, accounts begin to depreciate at the accelerated rate of @½% per day ? At 180 days past due, consumer/commercial accounts have depreciated to the point where only 30%/44% on average will ever be recovered! 95% 100% 90% Critical Depreciation 80% Period 74% 72% 70% 1/2% per day 60% 50% 44% 40% 30% 29% 30% 20% 10% 10% 0% 90 45 A G E O F A C C O U N T S IN DAYS 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 365 Transworld Conventional Systems Agency Source: (U.S. Department of Commerce study on depreciation of accounts held in-house) Page 34 of 58
  35. 35. I strongly recommend that at the end of 60 days you consider going to a third party … when you get beyond 90 days, all your profit in that sale is gone! Page 35 of 58
  36. 36. Turn over delinquent accounts for outside collection quickly - after the first broken promise. There is a significant drop-off in the collectability of accounts after 90 days past due. Page 36 of 58
  37. 37. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #8 MIND YOUR Client OWN Interface BUSINESS Page 37 of 58
  38. 38. Convenience Counts •GreenFlag offers you two ways to transmit and manage your accounts: – Interactive Web Site (recommended) Upload and manage your accounts 24/7 via our secure interactive web-based Onyx Customer Portal (OCP) – Paper submission of accounts also available – For a demo of our TSI web site and to see service videos: WWW.COLLECTIONS4LESS.COM Contact us: (818) 710-0244 Page 38 of 58
  39. 39. Interactive Website Can manually enter Can also batch upload delinquent accounts all delinquent accounts one by one via this via these file types: screen Excel Access CVS dBase3 ASCII2 Page 39 of 58
  40. 40. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #9 MIND YOUR Phase #1 OWN Demand Notices BUSINESS Page 40 of 58
  41. 41. Getting Better Results • We recover more because we start earlier. – We recover more than traditional agencies because: • We work ALL of the accounts the same way, regardless of the size or the balance. • Most percentage-based agencies work only the accounts with higher balances that are the most cost effective for them, leaving the smaller balances uncollected. • Our fixed fee, diplomatic service allows you to have us get started early in the process with the increased impact of third party intervention. “…studies by the American Collectors Association show that 80% of all the monies collected by agencies are collected as a result of letters.” » American Collectors Association, Inc. Page 41 of 58
  42. 42. You Have 3 Choices Over the Content of our 1st Contact… Diplomatic, Intensive, NSF Check or Page 42 of 58
  43. 43. 5 Contacts in 40 Days Optional “Thank You” Letter sent whenever your customer pays Page 43 of 58
  44. 44. National Statistics Prove It Phase I - Written Demand Notices According to the American Collectors Average Agency Association, Inc., the average collection Cost TSI Collected 56% agency collects less than 14% of all debts 33% (company assigned to a demand notice phase at an (ACA Average) average) average cost of 33% per dollar collected. Our clients experience a 56% recovery rate at a cost of approximately 5 cents per dollar collected. Average Agency Collection TSI Cost: ( Our clients receive over 3 times the recovery at about 1/5th the cost) 5¢ per dollar 14% collected (ACA Average) (company average) Page 44 of 58
  45. 45. What Our Clients Say… • “I’d recommend Transworld Systems to any business large or small that’s fed up with slow paying or delinquent customers and would like to get paid sooner without worrying about losing future business” » SYSCO Food Services • “Boy, was I surprised! Not only have you gotten our accounts paid faster than we used to by ourselves, but by you letting our clients know in a nice way that we need our money you’ve reduced the strain that had been building up in the relationships. Better still, once they understand our situation, they start paying on time regularly. » American Linen • “We’ve been using your service for the last seven years and have recently renewed for the fourth time. We had tried several other collection agencies prior to TSI, but we have stayed with you because you have produced results far superior to any other agency we ever used. TSI’s nationwide coverage affords us the opportunity to pursue accounts across the country for an amount that is much less than it would cost us, making TSI very cost effective.” » AAA Motor Club • “We have been using TSI at this location for three years now and the results have been nothing less than outstanding - 69%!! The demands for payment are diplomatic and yet very effective. It’s easy to see why Marriott Hotels chose to use Transworld Systems nationwide. You have our recommendation for any business looking to simplify collection procedures” » Marriott Hotels • “Many of our balances are small so we needed a service that would work for all of our balances not just the big ones. TSI has really come through. Collection success rate is great, cost is reasonable and best of all, my time is freed up to concentrate on my business and paying customers.” » Jennie Craig Weight Loss Centers Page 45 of 58
  46. 46. Written Demand Performance Guarantee Summary • If the amount TSI collects is equal to or less than the cost paid for the x account system then 100% of the cost is refunded in addition to what was recovered • If the amount TSI collects is greater than the cost paid for the x account system but less than twice the cost paid then the difference between twice the cost and what was recovered is refunded in addition to what was recovered • The 4 criteria below must be met for the guarantee to be honored: – All accounts placed into the Phase I Demand Notice service are $50 or higher average principal only balances – 100% of the accounts purchased must be placed/started in TSI’s collection service within 24 months of signing up – 100% of the accounts placed/started in TSI’s collection service must be less than 12 months past due – 90% of accounts placed/started in TSI’s collection service must have good addresses Page 46 of 58
  47. 47. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #10 MIND YOUR Phase #2 OWN Verbal Demands BUSINESS Page 47 of 58
  48. 48. Verbal Demands • When intensive recovery efforts are required • GreenFlag Verbal Demands employs a team of highly trained college educated recovery specialists operating from 22 nationwide call centers. – Verbal Demands Phase: • Turns up the heat on overdue accounts • Demands full payment in 7 days • Abides by all governmental regulations • You pay only for what is recovered • Offers legal recourse for tough cases • Handles the types of accounts other agencies ignore as un-collectable. Page 48 of 58
  49. 49. National Statistics Prove It Phase II - Verbal Demands According to the American Collectors Association, Inc., the average collection TSI Collected 25% agency collects approximately 11% of all (company debts assigned to a verbal phase at an average average) cost of 30% to 50% per dollar collected. Our clients experience a 25% recovery rate at a cost of 40% to 50% per dollar collected. Average Agency Collection ( Our clients receive over 2 times the recovery at about the same cost) 11% (ACA Average) Page 49 of 58
  50. 50. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #11 MIND YOUR Phase #3 OWN Litigation BUSINESS Page 50 of 58
  51. 51. Legal Options • Making the difference in the toughest cases: • GreenFlag Legal Options can make a difference where court action is warranted, and there are assets that can be recovered. – Legal Options Phase: • Cause suit to be filed • Pay all court costs • Pay attorney fees, service, or process fees • Pay any other fees necessary to satisfy a judgement • An attorney will appear in court on your behalf. – Most Importantly: • If no money or assets are collected, there is no charge. Page 51 of 58
  52. 52. Litigation Determination • Account balance must be over US$500 • Account can not be over 3 years old when sent to the Legal step • Facts justifying supply of product & service and failure to pay must exist • The debtor must have “attachable assets” – Real property with equity to place a lien against – Bank accounts with sufficient balance to levy against – Wages with >25% discretionary liquidity to garnish – Owner of a cash business to till tap Page 52 of 58
  53. 53. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #12 MIND YOUR Netback & OWN Summary BUSINESS Page 53 of 58
  54. 54. Netback Example Collection In House / Approach Est. Timeline Traditional Agency Transworld Explanation 500 500 Accounts Placed $200.00 $200.00 Avg. Account Value $100,000.00 $100,000.00 Total $ Assigned TSI quot;Written Demandquot; recovery rates vary by industry and age of account, but historically the recovery rates have been between 35 - 64%. According to the 14.0% 56% American Collectors Association, Inc. (ACA), the 2004 industry median recovery rate was 16.2%. $14,000.00 $56,000.00 $ Recovered Written Day 90 - 150 TSI quot;Written Demandquot; cost ranges from $4.99 - $24.99 per account, depending on Demands the number of accounts purchased - this represents the price of a 500 account 40% $10.99 system. Most agencies charge between 30% - 50% contingency fee for their recovery efforts. ($5,600.00) ($5,495.00) Total Cost $8,400.00 $50,505.00 Client Net Back (recoveries get paid directly to client) 220 Accounts Rolled Over to TSI Verbal Demands Phase (verbal demands $200.00 Avg. Account Value done for entire time) $44,000.00 Total $ Assigned TSI quot;Verbal Demandquot; recovery rates vary by industry and age of account, but 26% historically the rates have been between 16% - 36%. Verbal Demands Day 151 - 190 $11,440.00 $ Recovered 50% TSI quot;Verbal Demandquot; Cost (Contingency) ($5,720.00) Total Cost $5,720.00 Client Net Back (paid from Transworld to client) $8,400.00 $56,225.00 Total Client Netback (from quot;Writtenquot; & quot;Verbalquot; Demand Phases) 14.00% 67.44% Total Recovery Rate (from quot;Writtenquot; & quot;Verbalquot; Demand Phases) 430 163 Accounts Remaining $200.00 $200.00 Avg. Account Value Legal Demands Day 191+ Total $ Remaining (this can move to our legal department for contingency collections $86,000.00 $32,560.00 or can be written off as uncollectable) * Timing of the TSI written demands can be altered to fit specific client needs. Starts, stops and cancels are all controlled by the client. ** Variables are highlighted in red Page 54 of 58
  55. 55. A Final Word… See for yourself why 60,000 businesses choose TSI over extended in-house efforts and all other 3rd party alternatives combined •We recover three times the industry average for about one sixth the cost. •Flat-fee, no percentages – regardless of the balance. Average cost of only 7 cents per dollar collected. •Diplomatic/Intensive approach – we recover your profits without offending/simply with intent to collect from your valued/past customers. •You stay in control – you decide how diplomatic to be and when to turn up the heat. •Recovered profit is paid directly to you. No more waiting 30-60 days for an agency to pay you your money. For reference letters of client results •Over 120 Offices Nationwide – provides unparalleled local impact. go see “testimonials” at •Performance is guaranteed – Use TSI at no financial risk whatsoever. •Other services include bad check recovery, check guarantee, Call us at (818) 710-0244 for more info and medical insurance claim resolution. Page 55 of 58
  56. 56. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #13 MIND YOUR Reports OWN BUSINESS Page 56 of 58
  57. 57. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #14 MIND YOUR Recommendations OWN BUSINESS Page 57 of 58
  58. 58. T.S.I. Accounts Receivable Specialist Prospective Client Quick Overview The tools to help you PART #15 MIND YOUR Pricing OWN BUSINESS Page 58 of 58