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Zehren, Peter Management Lessons


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A book recommendation for managers at every level.

Published in: Business
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Zehren, Peter Management Lessons

  1. 1. Lifescripts for Managers a recommendation from Peter Zehren What to say to get what you want in life’s toughest situations
  2. 2. byStephen M.PollanandMarkLevine
  3. 3. Script 29:Asking Your Superior for a BudgetIncrease  Strategy: Opportunity to improve bottom line  Tactics:  Attitude: excitement and hope  Preparation: documents and fallback for objections  Timing: as soon as you can (don’t wait until budget time)  Behavior: urge opportunity, don’t suggest cuts
  4. 4. Asking Your Superior for a BudgetIncreaseIcebreaker: Pitch:I figured out a way Add position dedicated tofor us to increase classified sales would increaserevenue gross revenue by 40% with only 10% overhead. Too Don’t have AgainAttacks long you money st term grain
  5. 5. Asking Your Superior for a BudgetIncrease Don’t have money: you might be right. However, we just don’t have the money to gamble on something like this right now. Cut to add: We can eliminate risk by cutting 10% on our T&E budget. That way the new move pays off from day one.:
  6. 6. Asking Your Superior for a BudgetIncrease Cut to add: Open to Still Against idea: Idea: I’m sorry. I just All right, let’s go can’t bring that over what you kind of have suggestion in mind. upstairs.
  7. 7. Asking Your Superior for a BudgetIncrease Open to Still Against idea: Idea: Ask for Outline Plan: Reconsideration: I’ve prepared Let me leave memo with memo, validated assumptions, you, I’ve got a 2-year profit willing to take and loss for the change. I’ve suggestions before validated assumptions. Take it goes upstairs a look and I think you’ll reconsider I’ll get back to you tomorrow.
  8. 8. Overarching Rules Take Control of the Situation Say What You Want Show Your Power Before You Use It Absorb or Deflect Anger Have the Last Word Managing a team at an eco lodge in Bolivia
  9. 9. Critique Powerful Tool To Explore Options May Frame Problems Too Tightly Not All Problems Covered (Micromanagement)
  10. 10. ConclusionGreat reference or guide because it gives you:  What to Say  The Rationale Behind the Conversation  A Visual Flow Chart  Keeps You From Making Minor Problems Major
  11. 11. Questions?Lifescripts for Managers a recommendation from Peter Zehren