The social developer ted x u-howest - 6 min


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These are the slides of my 6 minute talk about 'The Social Developer' at TEDxUHowest 2013. The corresponding video can be found here :

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  • Foto van mezelf + boardgame + familie + RealDolmen
  • What isn’t a team? I always heare a team should consist of people who are all capable of replacing eachother, people should be interchangeable so a team will never lose some critical knowledge or so nobody will become a bottle-neck. In a team like that people will strive to be exactly alike, and not to excel in anything. In a team like that the best you can hope for is mediocrity. Don’t be afraid to have some real different personalities, with some real different skills in your team, I’ll give you 2 examples where very different personalities with very different skills come together and become more than the sum of their parts and skills. A group isn’t a team.
  • There is an I in team! Don’t be afread to say so…
  • The A-team is a prime example, 4 very different individuals who all have their own special skills : Murdock who’s the people and nut-job BA who’s the muscle Face who’s the pretty boy that can get you anything And ofcourse Hannibal who loves it when a plan comes together. 4 very different characters, who all are generaly trained as special forces, but have different capabilities that once combined make them excell as a team.
  • How can you build a great team? Work on it each and every day. Be honest. Talk, a team isn’t build by one manager, it’s build by the people that want to be part of it! Don’t be afraid to talk with other people, don’t be afraid to really listen to what they have to say, you might be suprised how much their is to learn! Some examples of companies that are trying to let their people do something different: Google 20% Atlassian ShipIt days Rowe at Best Buy Lean at Toyota This doesn’t mean that you should copy these examples exactly, you aren’t Google, you aren’t Atlassian. Let them inspire you to find something that suits your company and your people! Don’t be afraid to keep on working on a team. Don’t be afraid to listen to other people. Don’t be afraid to be inspired and to follow that inspiration.
  • Drie vragen aan het publiek : Who here is a developer, please raise your hand. Who here is a manager, please raise your hand. Now, who here can honestly say he or she is happy? A social developer is a person who isn’t afraid to challenge himself and the people around him. What’s a Social Developer? A social developer is a person who :           - Wants to teach           - wants to learn           - wants to strive for mastery in his life           - wants to play           - wants to feel part of something bigger (wants to have a purpose)           - wants to be in the zone and go with the flow.       -
  • Say hello to my wonderfull little boy Leander. For me this pictures says more than a thousand words, the joy and wonder it expresses makes me happy and glad to be alive. We all used to be like this little bundle of joy, when did we loose the wonder? When did we loose the joy in our live? We lost it at school, we lost it at work. Now let’s come together and find it anew. Don’t be afraid to search for you happiness and the happiness of those around you!
  • Be Assertive not Aggresive Assertiveness :  All of the previous isn't possible if you don't start doing things. Just do it Nike would say :)  How can you start making these changes?  Learn how to be assertive, learn how to express your opinion and believe in the value of your own opinion.  Don't become somebody who only listens to himself, listen to other people's opinions and share your own with them.  Believe in your own worth and in the worth of others. Be assertive not aggressive, watch out for any signs you're become aggressive, because that would undo all the good that you have done. These are signs that you are too aggressive :       - You start raising your voice in a discussion.       - You feel like everybody is always wrong and you are the only one who's right       - People start ignoring you, and when you ask why they will answer evasively        - You feel anger and even rage when something doesn't go right.
  • The road ahead : how to get there? The road isn’t set, it isn’t a paved 10-lane highway, it’s a road each and everyone of us will have to make for our own. My road will not be your road, your road will not be mine. They might cross but we will have to find the way ourselves. If you follow somebody else’s road you’ll run the risk of starting to living somebody elses life! Don’t be afraid… to create your own way in life!
  • Management is People Too!
  • Manager is a terrible word, it makes us think of people who will tell us what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Without taking our wishes, insights, experience into consideration. For most of us to manage means to micro manage, to think that those who you are supposed to manage wouldn't do anything if you don't continuously controlled them and punished them if they did something wrong. (The carrot and the stick approach) Daniel Pink explains this wonderful in his book 'Drive', he tells us that this type of management has been invented in the late 19th century and hasn't changed much since then. But our work has changed massively. From doing simple repetitive tasks we've gone to doing creative problem solving tasks without an easy step-to-step solution. Why hasn't management kept up? Why do we still need to explain each and every thing we do?  Pink tells us that management can also be about creating environments where people can work without control, where people can become more creative in their search for solutions. It can supporting instead of controlling. Who would want to have a manager who asks what you want, how you want to do it and how he can help you accomplish that goal? Most good things come in threes and so does this one. To motivate people we have to help them achieve :       - Autonomy        - Mastery       - Purpose
  • Don't be afraid, life is to short! : life every day as if it where your last, someday you'll be right! Or if you don't like this saying : life every day as if it was your first in this world, what would you do and where would you go? Don't be afraid of failure, failure doesn't exist, it's just a lesson we haven't learned yet. Have faith in yourself and your ability, find your purpose and search for Mastery. Don't be afraid of your manager, he's just a person like you!
  • Talk
  • Invest
  • Inspire
  • I hope I’ve planted a little seed into your hearts and minds that one day might grow into a mighty tree. I can only give you one more advice : Don’t be afraid!
  • The social developer ted x u-howest - 6 min

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