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RealDolmen Atlassian Customer Immersion Event Slides


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These are the slides of the first Atlassian Customer Immersion Event organized by RealDolmen.

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RealDolmen Atlassian Customer Immersion Event Slides

  1. 1. ATLASSIAN CUSTOMER IMMERSION EVENT Get in touch with the Atlassian Tools
  2. 2. Who am I? Peter Van de Voorde Schoonaarde Atlassian Expert & ALM Consultant @pvdevoor
  3. 3. Who are we? DP&E Education EPM ALM Testing & QA People Tools Processes Atlassian Microsoft
  4. 4. Agenda  Introduction  Phase 1: Requirements Gathering and Analysis    Overview Hands on Exercise Phase 2: Agile development & Explatory testing    Overview Hands on Exercise Phase 3: Support and Customer Service  Overview  Hands on Exercise
  5. 5. Customer Immersion Event
  6. 6. Requirements Gathering & Analysis
  7. 7. Create requirements using templates
  8. 8. Link your requirement pages to JIRA issues.
  9. 9. See the direct link to the JIRA issue in Confluence
  10. 10. Create multiple issues at once from a table.
  11. 11. See the linked pages in JIRA issues and JIRA Agile
  12. 12. Use JIRA Agile to track the progress of the Requirement Analysis
  13. 13. Summary  Functional Analyst:   Link the Confluence pages to JIRA Stories/Epics   Create Confluence pages for you requirements Use the JIRA Agile Kanban Board to follow up on reviews and the state of the requirements. Product Owner:   Comment on confluence pages using the inline comment   Rank the JIRA issues on importancy in the Kanban TODO column Do reviews of the requirements Project Manager:  Follow up the requirements together with the Product Owner
  14. 14. Development & Testing
  15. 15. Use JIRA agile to manage your product backlog and sprints.
  16. 16. Create sub task right from JIRA Agile
  17. 17. Use JIRA Agile to track the progres of your team.
  18. 18. Use the reports to get more information about how your team is doing.
  19. 19. Use JIRA Capture to create test sessions.
  20. 20. Follow all test activity in the test sessions.
  21. 21. Install the browser plugin for fast issue creation.
  22. 22. Use Bamboo for automated builds.
  23. 23. Use Stash to manage your git repository.
  24. 24. Use Confluence for documentation and meeting minutes.
  25. 25. Use Confluence Team Calendars to follow up on the team, the sprints and individual issues.
  26. 26. Use Crucible and Fisheye to do code reviews.
  27. 27. Summary  Developer   Work on issues JIRA and check your code into Stash.  Execute builds in Bamboo and code reviews in Crucible.   Create subtasks for issues, estimate them and plan them in a sprint in JIRA Agile Document everything in Confluence. Tester:    Test the issues using test sessions. Link your issues and test sessions to existing stories. Scrum Master:  Plan and Start the Sprint  Create a retrospective in Confluence  Follow up the sprint using JIRA Agile.
  28. 28. Support and Customer Service
  29. 29. The customer can use the customer portal to ask questions or give feedback.
  30. 30. The Service Desk Team can follow up on all the customer questions using the JIRA Service Desk.
  31. 31. The JIRA Service Desk has real time reporting.
  32. 32. Specify your own SLA’s and Calendars
  33. 33. The Customer Portal can be changed to the wishes of the business.
  34. 34. JIRA Service Desk can also be linked to a Confluence Knowledge Base.
  35. 35. Summary  Project Manager   Clone important bugs into the RealDolmen Travel Project   Follow up on the Service Desk Team Use the realtime reporting and change the SLA’s in JIRA Service Desk Service Desk Team:   Use comments to communicate with the end user.   Use the Service Desk Queues to follow up on issues and triage them. Follow up SLA’s and the Reports in JIRA Agile. End User:  Use the customer portal to enter new questions or give feedback  Use the customer portal to follow up on your existing requests.
  36. 36. What can we do for you?
  37. 37. Goal Installation (3 days)* Installation & Training (5 days)* Installation, Configuration & Training (10 days)* Basic Installation as seen in this event      Administrator Training Configuration to your processes  * : On Average
  38. 38. For more information: visit our website WWW.REALDOLMEN.COM Follow us on: Thank You Or scan this QR code with your Smartphone to immediately go to the website