Strategies For PPC Success


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An overview of getting the basics of PPC right, to ensure your account has scaleability and ease of management from day one.

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Strategies For PPC Success

  1. 1. Adherence Digital Strategies For PPC Success Pay Per Click Specialists Peter Stannett @adhdigital
  2. 2. Who am I?Pay Per Click Specialist(s) Peter Stannett @adhdigital
  3. 3. Peter Stannett @adhdigital £4
  4. 4. PPC Building Blocks Peter Stannett @adhdigital Keywords Group keywords by theme. Red shoes belong with
 red shoes, not purple headscarves. Set each group of 
 keywords out ready for Adgroup creation Adverts Experiment with different types of messaging
 A/B split tests are a good way of finding winners Adgroups Group these together by theme. You can get creative
 with match type segmentation later
  5. 5. PPC Building Blocks Peter Stannett @adhdigital Campaigns Don’t be afraid to create more campaigns. They are
 your friend. Find a naming convention that helps you
 to identify campaigns easily Campaign Example: |REG - UK| |SN - Google| |LAN - English| - Brand - Adherence Digital - [E] Adgroup Example: Brand - Adherence Digital - Core - [E]
  6. 6. PPC Essentials Peter Stannett @adhdigital Brand Almost without exception, bid on your brand as
 well as misspells Budgets Always a difficult area. Like gambling, start by bidding 
 only what you can afford to lose. Test thoroughly and 
 then increase budgets when the data tells a good story Targeting Where do your customers come from? Think 
 geographically, time they visit your site, languages, 
 interests & more. Get as much information as you can 
 and refine how you target
  7. 7. Match Types Peter Stannett @adhdigital Exact [red shoes] Broad red shoes Phrase “red shoes” Broad Match 
 Modified +red +shoes “red shoes” “buy mens formal shoes” “red shoes for women” “buy red shoes for kids”
  8. 8. Match Types Matter Peter Stannett @adhdigital Quality Score Impact on the advert and the searcher Targeting Cost per Clicks
  9. 9. Negatives Peter Stannett @adhdigital Negative Keywords - your secret weapon Control what search terms your keywords appear for Applicable at adgroup, campaign or as a shared list across campaigns For consistency and speed, add common negatives to a Master List Run Search Query Reports regularly to find keywords to add both as negative 
 and as positive - create new Adgroups/Campaigns as necessary
  10. 10. Best Practice Peter Stannett @adhdigital Remember this? Campaign Example: |REG - UK| |SN - Google| |LAN - English| - Brand - Adherence Digital - [E] Reproduce for Broad match, Phrase etc |REG - UK| |SN - Google| |LAN - English| - Brand - Adherence Digital - [BM] |REG - UK| |SN - Google| |LAN - English| - Brand - Adherence Digital - [P]
  11. 11. An Example Peter Stannett @adhdigital Campaign Adgroups Brand - Adherence Digital - [BM] |REG - UK| |SN - Google| |LAN - English| - Brand - Adherence Digital - [BM] Brand - Adherence Digital Misspells - [BM] Brand - Adherence Agency- [BM] Adherence Digital Adherance Digital
 Adherense Didgitool Adherence Agency
 Adherence Digital Agency
 Digital Agency Adherence
  12. 12. Rock Solid Peter Stannett @adhdigital Make the basics as solid as possible Use tracking packages such as Google Analytics Understand the story the data tells you Keep track of your changes - and test
  13. 13. Tactics Peter Stannett @adhdigital Ad-scheduling Rules Geographic Targeting Different bid types - CPC/CPA/Flexible Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads Adwords Scripts
  14. 14. Example Scenario 1 Peter Stannett @adhdigital Traffic hitting the site at 3am but no conversions You could set up RLSA campaigns to capture secondary searches at a 
 cheaper Cost Per Click You could try ad-scheduling and down-weight your keyword
 bid for this period - up to 100%, effectively pausing the keyword You could use an Adwords Script to pause the advert at this time In conjunction with this you could use Search Funnels/Attribution to 
 identify if the keywords drive conversions through other searches
  15. 15. Example Scenario 2 Peter Stannett @adhdigital High CPA - low daily budgets Down-weight “seeding” campaigns - up-weight RLSA campaigns Different advert messaging - landing page issues? CPA bidding technique - dependant on enough conversions Analyse traffic - what is it doing? Bouncing? Irrelevant searches?
  16. 16. Peter Stannett @adhdigital £4
 BillionAt a cost acceptable to your business
  17. 17. Wrap Up Peter Stannett @adhdigital Ensure the basics are solid Understand the story the data is telling you Use Google Analytics + Adwords data
 to inform you on your audience’s behaviour Implement more advanced techniques to address
 issues - be sure to understand the before and after Test
  18. 18. Thank You For Your Time! Peter Stannett @adhdigital Feel free to contact me on the details below. Landing page optimisation/testing PPC/Digital strategy New account/campaign setups Existing PPC account audits Split testing Analytics SEO
  19. 19. Thank You For Your Time! Peter Stannett @adhdigital Links Ad scheduling:
 Re-marketing Match Types Automated Rules
  20. 20. Thank You For Your Time! Peter Stannett @adhdigital Links Bid adjustments Geographic Targeting Bid types: Adwords Scripts