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Data governance at belgacom - presentation for DAMA Belux 7 nov 2013


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the drivers, plan and approach used to deploy data governance at Belgacom. Includes use of our BEIM enterprise data model, metadata management, data stewardship,...

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Data governance at belgacom - presentation for DAMA Belux 7 nov 2013

  1. 1. Data Governance at Belgacom Presentation for DAMA session – Brussels Nov. 7th 2013. Peter Simoens – Enterprise Information Architect - Belgacom
  2. 2. Agenda • Drivers for data governance • Our plan • The enablers • Data governance in action
  3. 3. We are a telecommunications company active in the Belgian and international market. The quality and interconnection of our fixed and mobile networks makes us the leading operator in Belgium for residential, business, corporate and public-sector customers. We provide a complete range of telephony, Internet, digital television, ICT, and network services, and offer customers access to data and the best multimedia content, everywhere.
  4. 4. Current status of data management Source: DMBOK
  5. 5. Drivers behind our data governance deployment Major IT Transformation program Data Analytics program
  6. 6. Our data governance mission statement To improve the efficiency of working with data and reduce data integration effort by improving data standardisation and sharing knowledge on our information and data and assets.
  7. 7. We planted data enablers enterprise information model metadata management data stewardship data governance office
  8. 8. Belgacom Enterprise Information Model (BEIM) • Enterprise level with major information concepts used in our business processes. • UML class model with key attributes and relations. • Business vocabulary with terms, definitions and rules • Blueprint data model as during application development Inspired by
  9. 9. BEIM is part of our Enterprise Arch. framework Business Process Conceptual Information Target Operational Model BEIM Logical DistributionChannel (SalesMarketing) ProductCatalogue 0..* o ffe re d to 1..1 va lid fo r ValidityPeriod (BaseT ypes) 0..* o ffe r 1..1 va lid fo r ProductOfferPrice 0..* de scribe 1..1 spe cify 1..* o ffe re d a t Customer (Customer) 1..1 a ssigne d to 0..* de scribe d in ProductOffer 1..1 spe cify 1..1 de scribe d by 0..* de scribe 0..* ha ve AssignedProduct 1..* co nta in 0..* spe cifie s 0..* o ffe re d in SimpleProductOffer OneT imeFee BundledProductOffer RecurrentFee 0..* o ffe re d a s 0..* spe cify DeductionPlan 0..* a pplica ble to 0..* a pplie d fo r ProductGroup 0..* be lo ng to 0..* e x ist o f 1..1 o ffe r Product ProductT emplate 1..* use d in 0..* use d in 0..* co m po sitio n o f 1..* co m po sitio n o f ProductComponentT ype ProductComponent ProductMainComponent 1..1 0..* spe cifiespe cify d by 0..* re fe re d by 1..1 de fine d by 1..* de fine ProductComponentAttribute Physical 1..* spe cifie d by 0..* re fe r IT systems
  10. 10. Metadata management Reduce the effort to use our data and information assets and improve data standardisation by efficiently sharing and safeguarding knowledge on data and information.
  11. 11. Metadata management architecture Data Stewards Project architects & analysts central metadata repository IT development process workflow DB Application owners IT release process guidelines Data Governance Office Slide 1
  12. 12. Data stewardship • owner of a specific information domain • reach consensus amongst business and IT peers • mandated to take decisions on common information definitions and rules. • provide guidance and support on the correct use of information
  13. 13. Data governance office CEO Finance Human Resources Strategy & Content Consumer Business Unit Service Delivery Engine Enterprise Business Unit Product mgt., Marketing & Sales, Customer Care Data Gov. Office Architecture, Planning & Program Office Carrier & Wholesale “IT” Network Service Platforms Engineering & Operations Information Technology Customer Operations
  14. 14. How do we run our data governance operations?
  15. 15. How doon the waves ofguidelines Surfing we govern our project opportunities
  16. 16. Coaching the adoption of our data guidelines
  17. 17. Carefully nurturing our first results Confidential 09/11/2013 Slide 17
  18. 18. We have still a long way to go…
  19. 19. Should you want to contact me… Peter Simoens Peter_Simoens