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Get the information on latest audio boo1

  1. 1. Get The Information on Latest Audio Book - III - EverythingBooks <br />Are you not able to search the latest audio books as per your interests or choice? EverythingBooks may be the perfect and ultimate destination where you can get the audio books at one of the best marketing prices.<br />[For Immediate Release]<br />(Press Release – July 12, 2011) – EverythingBooks is a pioneer online audio book store in Australia who has well-known for selling the latest audio books of all genres at one of the best marketing costs. Have a glance on the audio books along with their short descriptions:<br />Shall we dance? by Maggie Alderson:<br />The author of this romantic book is Maggie Alderson which has been magnificently narrated by Stephanie Daniel. Loulou Landers is about to turn 49 and she is feeling overlooked seriously. She hasn’t had any relationship with her 21 years old daughter Theo for the last twenty years. Theo is not able to see what her mum is so hung about it? This audio book comes with 12 discs. <br />High Noon in Nimbin by Robert G Barrett: <br />The author of the book, Robert G Barrett’s latest Les Norton adventure High Noon in Nimbin situated at Blueys Beach and Nimbin in NSW is non-stop action from go to whoa. Now, you can imagine how much interesting plot would be. This audio book has been narrated by Dino Marnika. It comes with 1 CD. <br />Leaving Bondi by Robert G Barrett: <br />The library edition of this book has been also written by Robert G Barrett who is also narrator of this audio book. This is the story of Les Norton who makes a movie; he had become the next Sam Goldwyn. Someone put a bomb on the film set. Who gets the blame for it? Now, Norton is a fugitive from the law desperate to prove his innocence.<br />Love struck by La Brooy Melanie:<br />This is the funny novel about a girl’s blossoming affair with life. Supposedly there was a time long ago when dating was simple. Rules were in place and long-held standards of courtship ensured that everyone knew what was expected of them and more importantly what to expect ... Following an alcohol-induced relationship-combusting one-night stand Isabelle Beckett finds herself suddenly single. The author of the novel is La Brooy Melanie and the audio book has been narrated by Louise Crawford.<br />There are so many other books available on EverythingBooks except the above mentioned. You can visit there for the latest audio books. <br />About everythingbooks:<br />EverythingBooks is Australia's best online Audio book retailer. Browse our large collection of audiobooks and find all your favourite Authors or, if you are unsure what you are looking for our helpful staff are always available to suggest a good audio book / book on audio. For more information please visit:<br />Contact info:<br />Everythingbooks<br />Website:<br />