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Is your shopping cart secure


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How secure is the website you are shopping on.
How to tell if the website you are shopping on has a secure shopping cart, that ensures all your credit card information is being transmitted securely.

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Is your shopping cart secure

  1. 1. Is your shopping cart secure? How to check if the shopping cart on the site you are shopping on is secure: With the plethora of online shopping and the recent stories of personal information being stolen, it is so important to ensure that the site you are browsing has a secure shopping cart. Here are some simple steps to follow. First the shopping cart must have an https:// in front of it's url and a closed padlock. Having a secure shopping cart means that information such as credit card details are encrypted and the information sent from your browser to the shopping carts server is totally secure. If it shows a triangle in front of the url this means that there is a problem with the page security, double click on the triangle for more information To view the details of an SSL Certificate, go to a secure site, click on the padlock and select “View Certificate”. All browsers are slightly different, but the certificate always contains the same information.
  2. 2. How secure is your shopping cart
  3. 3. Does your cart show? 1. https:// and a locked padlock….Good 2. https:// and a triangle…Problems
  4. 4. PS: The website itself may not show an https or a locked padlock, but the shopping cart server must, so to ensure data is encrypted and sent securely. For example: Our website is Our shopping cart server is: &IL=en&NextSection=&URLEnd=