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Back pain in early pregnancy


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Back pain in early pregnancy
@ swankmama which will resonate with anyone going through lower back pain in early pregnancy.
Being pregnant the second time around has pretty much been the same as when I was pregnant with my son: fast, easy and free of any morning sickness or nausea. The only thing that I didn't have with my first pregnancy that I now have with this one is lower back pain. It comes and goes but the turning point was when I strained my back on our recent Disneyland vacation. I could hardly move and yet my son still wanted to be picked up constantly during our trip.

That's where Wildflowers Aromatherapy & Gifts came in to the rescue! Wildflowers is a Vancouver based eco-conscious company run by Peter and Patricia and serving customers worldwide. They carry a full line of Warm Buddy products which provide back pain, neck & shoulder pain and stress & tension relief. Filled with natural milled rice, Warm Buddy heating pads and wraps are aromatherapy scented with pure lavender flowers and essential oils making it a relaxing and soothing experience for your body. Wildflowers also prides themselves on buying all locally made products to share with the world.

To heat up your Warm Buddy, you simply put it in the microwave for the required time {my Warm Buddy Body Wrap takes 2-3 minutes - I've been warming it up at just under 3 minutes} and it will retain its heat for hours. I love that I can use it on my back as soon as I take it out of the microwave since the heat has been distributed evenly and it's not super hot to the touch. Usually, I wake up a few times a night for a bathroom break {another pregnancy "symptom"} and my Warm Buddy is still warm! The website says that it will retain its heat for 1 hour or longer and it seems like mine is on the longer side.

In addition to heating up your Warm Buddy, you can also throw it in your freezer {in a Ziploc bag} to reduce inflammation and relieve lower back pain related to sprains, bumps and bruises, inflamed muscles, etc.

When my lower back pain was at it's worse, all I could think about during the day was coming home, putting my heated Warm Buddy Body Wrap on my back and waking up virtually pain free. I found that it helped alleviate the pain during the night so I could sleep better and the pain wouldn't return until halfway through the next day. I would highly recommend Wildflowers and their Warm Buddy Body Wrap as a natural, pain relief alternative to taking pain medication to relieve the pain. In addition, the Body Wrap comes with a washable cover that can be hand or machine washed.
Thank you Wildflowers you are a life saver with your Microwave heating pad for back pain relief.

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Back pain in early pregnancy

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