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  1. 1. Collective Letter 08_2616 27 March 2008 page 1 of 5 To: ETSI MEMBERS, OBSERVERS AND COUNSELLORS Subject: Call for Experts for GRIFS and CASAGRAS European Research projects on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Networks Please note that the form to present candidatures has changed. A single form (Annex B) must be completed and submitted to the ETSI Secretariat directly by an ETSI Member, also when supporting the candidature of a non-ETSI Member. Dear Madam, Dear Sir, We are recruiting a pool of experts on RFID Networks to work in two European Research projects: GRIFS and CASAGRAS, as part of a consortium of which ETSI is a member. We will establish one Specialist Task Force (STF) for these two projects. The project time scale and the qualification required for the candidates are summarized in Annex C hereafter. The work will be done partly in the experts’ own premises and partly in the ETSI Headquarters of Sophia Antipolis (France), to ensure coordination with the ETSI Secretariat. Experts should also attend outside meetings and work abroad for the GRIFS and CASAGRAS projects, work with other groups/projects and write the reports and deliverables. Candidatures must be proposed by ETSI Members (including Observers and Associate). The questionnaire in Annex B duly completed and the Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, in English, must be sent by the ETSI Member in electronic form to the STF Support Unit Director, before 27 April 2008. If experts with the required qualification are not directly employed by the ETSI Member, candidates from a non ETSI Member Company may be nominated, as indicated in Annex B. A short list of candidates will be set up by Project Leaders as soon as possible after the deadline. These candidates will be invited to attend the Preparatory Meeting to set up the STF, which is provisionally scheduled on 6 May 2008, in the ETSI Headquarters. The candidates should be prepared to start the work immediately after the Preparatory Meeting. Yours faithfully, Dr. Walter Weigel Encl. ETSI Director General
  2. 2. Collective Letter 08_2616 Page 2 of 5 ANNEX A CONTACTS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Mr. Patrick Guillemin GRIFS and CASAGRAS ETSI Project Tel: +33 4 9294 4331 Leader E-mail: Mr. Ultan Mulligan ETSI Strategy and New Initiatives Tel: +33 4 9294 4388 Director E-mail: Mr. Philippe Cousin ETSI FP7 Coodinator and Tel: +33 4 9294 4306 Services Sales Director E-mail: Mr. Gavin Craik ETSI EC/EFTA Officer Tel: +33 4 9294 4214 E-mail: Mr. Alberto Berrini ETSI STF Support Unit Director Tel: +33 4 9294 4264 E-mail: Mrs. Pascale Georges STF Support Coordinator Tel: +33 4 9294 4348 E-mail: For further information see also: STF home page Terms and conditions for the participation of experts in ETSI STFs Letter of engagement (LoE) Other Open Call for Experts STF working methods and practice Travelling to ETSI
  3. 3. Collective Letter 08_2616 Page 3 of 5 ANNEX B Candidature for Specialist Task Force for GRIFS and CASAGRAS European Research projects on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Networks Please return to, together with the CV of the candidate, before 27 April 2008 Candidatures must be proposed by ETSI Members (including Observers and Associate Members). ETSI Members may propose candidates not directly employed by their Company or Organization. In this case, the contract will be made with the Company employing the candidate and the candidature must be proposed by the Official Contact of the ETSI Member. ETSI can make contracts with registered Organizations and Companies but not with individuals. ETSI Member proposing the candidature: exact name, as registered in the ETSI membership list Person proposing the candidature: Title, First name, Last name Role *: e-mail: (mandatory) Note: the candidature must be proposed by the Official Contact of if the candidate is not directly employed by the ETSI Member. Candidate: Title, First name, Last name e-mail: (mandatory) Nationality: (required for work permit procedure) Mobile phone: If the candidate is not directly employed by the ETSI Member, please indicate the Company with which the contract should be made, if the candidate is selected: Candidate Company name (contractor to ETSI): Availability of the candidate for the duration of this project (see ToR): indicate the availability of the candidate with respect to the requirements in the ToR, e.g. number of days per month, percentage of time, availability to work in sessions, over continuous periods or both, unavailability periods. Availability to work in ETSI premises: STF work is normally done in the ETSI premises of Sophia Antipolis. Please indicate whether you have limitations in the number of days (or percentage of time) you can spend working in the ETSI premises. Specific qualification of the candidate in relation with this project: Provide information to assess the qualification of the candidate with regard to the specific requirements of the project. In addition to the CV, this element plays an essential role in the pre-selection of candidates to invite to the Preparatory Meeting. Experience in standardization areas related to this project: Indicate the candidate’s standardization experience in ETSI and/or other organizations and, in particular, if he/she is actively involved in the work of the reference TB for this STF, its WGs or other related bodies. Motivation of the ETSI Member to propose this candidature: Indicate the motivation of the Member to contribute to this standardization area.
  4. 4. Collective Letter 08_2616 Page 4 of 5 If the candidate is not employed directly by the ETSI Member, indicate the reason for nominating this candidate and outline the previous activities performed by the candidate and/or his/her Company in co-operation with or on behalf of the Member, the period of time and the nature of the relationship (employee, sub-contractor, partner, etc.). Remarks: Provide here any additional information to assess the qualification of the Candidate for this project or any special requirement of the Organization with respect to STF normal working methods ANNEX C ToR STF (GRIFS and CASAGRAS) Version: 1.0 - Date: 18 March 2008 Author: Patrick Guillemin Last updated by: Patrick Guillemin page 4 of 5 Terms of Reference for Specialist Task Force STF Experts for GRIFS and CASAGRAS European Research projects on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Networks ETSI will support this work through the creation of an ETSI STF. The ETSI Project Leader is Patrick Guillemin managing the STF experts working for two European Research projects GRIFS and CASAGRAS where ETSI is a consortium member. The STF will start on 13 May 2008 and end in December 2009. • GRIFS: Global RFID Interoperability Forum for Standards is a Support Action Project supported by the European Commission’s FP7 Programme. GRIFS will focus on developing liaisons between standards organizations and initiate a long-term forum of exchange and collaboration for global RFID stakeholders. The GRIFS members are GS1 (GRIFS Project Coordinator), a global organization dedicated to the development of standards for the supply and demand chain, ETSI and CEN. • CASAGRAS: Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation will provide a framework of foundation studies to assist the European Commission and the global community in defining and accommodating international issues and developments concerning Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) with particular reference to the emerging ‘Internet of Things’. The CASAGRAS members are ETSI, Supply Chain innovation Centre (Hong Kong, China), YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory (Japan), ETRI (Korea), Q.E.D. Systems (USA); Feig Electronics (Germany), the European Centre for Automatic identification and Data Capture (AIDC) and the project leader is AIM UK Total manpower The total effort allocated to the STF consists in a maximum of 140 working days (112 days in GRIFS and 28 days in CASAGRAS), to be shared amongst the selected experts. The actual number of experts may depend on the mix of skills in the actual applications received
  5. 5. Collective Letter 08_2616 Page 5 of 5 and will be decided when setting up the STF. We expect 2 or 3 experts to be selected. Qualification required Experts are expected to have a mix of the following skills: • Knowledge of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Networks technology; • Deep knowledge of RFID and awareness of existing research and development RFID initiatives, existing and on-going RFID standards and RFID Applications and Services • Knowledge of working process and, preferably, participation to international RFID standards organizations; • Knowledge of and participation to International and European RFID and the Internet Of Things Research Project (FP6 and FP7); • Working experience in the international environment, international communications skills and ability to carry broad studies summarizing worldwide complex technology situation in clear terms STF Experts deliverables The STF mission includes providing reports, minutes, presentations, attendance lists, etc., in addition to the deliverables required for ETSI in GRIFS and CASAGRAS projects. The detailed description of the CASAGRAS and GRIFS EU FP7 projects is contained in the relevant Technical Annex of the EC/EFTA Grant Agreement and will be provided to the selected experts after the Preparatory Meeting.