TI Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of RFID


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TI Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of RFID

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER OF THE TI RFID GROUP ISSUE NO. 20, 2000 Baggage Direct –Uses Tag-it™ The World’s First RFID-based Baggage Delivery System aggage Direct took off use the Internet to check on the passengers a complete high-tech year via its partnership with Lynx B at Heathrow Airport on whereabouts of their luggage at solution to baggage transporta- Express, allowing baggage to be July 27th. Developed every stage and verify its final tion. Baggage Direct is also plan- delivered anywhere in the by systems integrator delivery. It is even planned to ning to offer a nationwide UK country. KTP Ltd using Texas equip top London hotels with delivery service before the Instruments’ Tag-it™ 13.56MHz RFID readers that will automati- end of the smart label technology, the innov- cally trigger a text message to ative new Baggage Direct service the passenger’s mobile uses smart labels to track and phone via the Internet route passenger’s luggage from the telling them that their airport to their hotel freeing pas- baggage has safely arrived sengers from all the hassle of bag- at the hotel. gage transportation. "This unique service Baggage Direct is a new sub- puts London way ahead in sidiary formed by BAA and the innovative use of RFID launched with the backing of smart label technology to major partners: United Airlines, provide totally hassle-free Forte Hotels and Lynx Express service for passengers," delivery services. said British Airport Baggage Direct’s service offers Authority’s chief executive, automatic routing and tracking Mike Hodgkinson. of the baggage from a special Baggage Direct intends Baggage Direct kiosk at the to extend the service to airport direct to the passenger’s all terminals at Heathrow hotel. The service guarantees as well as to other UK delivery to a major London hotel airports, and then within 3 hours and passengers can internationally to give The Ease of Speedpass™ at TI Celebrates 10 Year McDonald's® with TI RFID Tags Anniversary of RFID ustomers in the People who want to use this Emerging from the lab just ten early days, transponders were sold C Chicago area can now payment method can order a free years ago as a promising technology by the thousands," said Dave in search of new data collection Slinger, a vice president at Texas use their Speedpass tags Speedpass tag from Mobil. When applications, the billion dollar Instruments. "Today there are at select Chicago area they go to the McDonald's drive- RFID industry today is as pervasive hundreds of millions of transpon- McDonald's locations both inside thru window, they simply order and as commonly used as the keys ders deployed worldwide. People the restaurant and at the their food at the menu board, in your pocket. literally carry them on their key From its beginnings in tracking chains to automatically pay for gas drive-thru. drive on to the payment window livestock, RFID technology has or to protect their cars from theft. moved into hundreds of industrial, They may have a transponder in Continued on page 8. commercial and consumer applica- their car to speed them through a tions affecting hundreds of millions highway toll, or they may wear an of people's lives worldwide, and RFID employee badge to help driving an industry that is growing protect them in the workplace." by 25% according to Venture When it was first introduced in and Development Corporation. 1990, RFID was a little known As a pioneer of this industry, technology used to identify and Texas Instruments just celebrated their 10th anniversary. "In the Continued on page 2.
  2. 2. Continued from page 1. technology, these and shift. Corporations were replacing rials, work in process, and prod- other companies are mom-and-pop filling stations, and ucts during distribution. The tags using RFID to create competition for customers was allow data to be collected auto- new markets and heightened. Gas stations were matically, without human inter- move out ahead of teaming up with everything from vention and without human error. the competition. grocery stores to banks in an effort With the growing development of to create an easy, one-stop shopping standards, these tracking applica- Automotive Security experience. The business became tions will begin to cross company Back in the early more about driving traffic and and country boundaries in true 1990s, car thieves repeat sales through customer supply chain automation. and joy riders were loyalty. Today As part of the celebration, Texas making off with Instruments hosted an anniversary millions of vehicles party at Frontline around the world. High theft rates mplishm ents. a decade of RFID acco also meant insur- Dave Slinger describes ance rates were skyrocketing. At track livestock and follow pallets that time, the Ford Motor through warehouses. Ten years Company took a dramatic step to later, RFID: thwart would-be thieves with the • Reduces car theft and insurance introduction of an RFID-based premiums for 50 million anti-theft immobilizer system. motorists worldwide; What began on the 1994 Ford • Provides faster gas and conve- Escort in Europe is now on 84% nience stores purchases for of all 2000 model-year Fords, and more than 4 million drivers; will be on more than 90% of the • Tracks hundreds of millions of company's vehicles by 2004. dollars worth of commerce Other international automotive Over 1 each day from containerized 00 invit companies such as Daimler- ed gues ts celeb freight yards and warehouses, rated d Chrysler, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, RFID is uring th e TI pa right to retailer’s doors; Toyota and Nissan have also rty at F a strong point-of-sale rontlin e Chica • And is improving manufacturing adopted the technology. go Expo. tool for Mobil that has helped productivity for companies form stronger customer relation- around the world. Retail Refueling ships. An experimental technology just Retail customers have embraced Solutions 2000 in both Chicago a decade ago, RFID today is being the technology as a faster, easier Materials Tracking and Frankfurt with many old driven by market leaders like Ford, way to pay for gas and are now Companies around the world friends who have been contribut- Mobil, Chrysler, and 3M in areas using it to buy convenience store have been using glass capsule ing to the growth of the industry such as automotive security, retail items. When Mobil introduced transponders embedded in plastic for all these years as direct cus- refueling and materials tracking. Speedpass three years ago, the totes, attached to racks and carts tomers, systems integrators, and Pioneering the application of industry was undergoing a major for many years to track raw mate- users of TI RFID. Web Site is Upgraded– Made Easier and More Comprehensive The web site www.tiris.com worldwide marketing manager was redesigned to be the one-stop for TI. informational site on RFID. A new section was added that The site remains a source for focuses on Team Tag-it™, a information on TI's RFID prod- worldwide program formed by TI ucts, complete with downloadable to accelerate the development and brochures, reference guides and adoption of RFID smart label application notes on TI's technol- solutions. Member information, ogy and product offerings. Case news and events are available studies for the many applications online. Issues of the Team Tag-it and solutions offered by TI can quarterly newsletter are download- Click on also be found on the site. able on the site as well. www.tiris.com "We're continuing to make our RFID technology easier to use and adopt and the Web is a major part of our strategy," said Tony Sabetti, 2
  3. 3. BRAZIL A Solution to Security Needs of Brazil's Citizens chindler Technology, board that can manage S of Rio de Janeiro, three Micro-readers or three Brazil, has been S2000 Readers; passing installing access the identification to the control systems for computer using a single people and cars using TI RFID serial cable. The first byte since 1998. Since Rio is one of transmited is the reader the biggest cities in the world, number (1-3). It also has 7 security is a major concern, relays controlled by the computer. With only one particularly in residential build- ings where more than 1000 byte passed from the PC, people enter and exit daily. it can select the relay and "We evaluated many RFID establish the time of action providers, and found TI offered between 0 and 3 seconds, after that, the relay goes to the best relation between cost and the initial position auto- benefit, said Sigismond Schindler, company owner. matically. It releases the soft- ware, making it “ W e evaluated many more efficient. Many of the people access installations use a gate antenna mounted individuals carry a Handsfree access to garages is fast and convenient. residents from parking more cars RFID providers, and found on a wall or gate while than the allowed number. A 85 mm batteryfree, low frequency disk TI offered the best relation keyring tag. With this transponder is issued to each Our read range record with this tag is 2.10 m," he added. To date, Schindler has out- fitted more than 10 residential between cost and benefits. combination it is easy enough for students to authorized vehicle. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to enter buildings with close to 10,000 issued tags. “ leave the tag right in their backpacks and the garage. "Since this tag has a read range For more information, contact Sigismond Schindler, simply turn around of up to 1.5 meters, it is perfect Tel: +55-21-493.7990 or towards the antenna for cars," said Mr. Schindler. 493.7216; or e-mail to until the gate unlocks. "Other technologies can reach 4 sigis@bol.com.br Schindler Technology In the area of vehicle access to 6 meters, but the cost for the engineered several new access control, the problem in Rio is to system is too high. TI is the only products around TI. One of manage garage space. Residential company that can reach up to 1.5 m these is the SCH31, an interface building managers want to prevent with low cost RFID products. HOLLAND AUTOMATIC ACCESS TO FUN AND GAMES The Dutch company VConsyst, pass or a specified numbers of vis- one of the main benefits is that five facilities in Holland are based in Genemuiden is using its. Turnstiles and readers are they are free from routine ticket- equipped with RFID and another Texas Instruments RFID systems located at entrances to areas and on ing operations and can devote 275 are expected to come on line for access to swimming pools, lockers. more time to children, disabled in the next two to three years. sports facilities, and health clubs and elderly visitors to help them For more information, contact throughout improve their swimming and Henk Westenbrink, VConsyst, Holland. sporting skills. Tel: +31383857057, At the public With an automatic system, Fax: +31383858525. pool "de Steur " supervisors can get a quick (Steur means a overview of how many people type of fish) in are in the building at any one Zwolle, regular time and how they are using the visitors have been facilities. This business issued a RFID tag information helps for the last 4 years to the supervisor to get access to the pool, make better decisions the lockers, the about management sauna, the Turkish and marketing. bath and the restau- Zwo Visitors who have pool fa cilities in lle, The rant. They receive a de Steur Net purchased a tag for access to herl tag in the form of a key Automatic For regular visitors and s. "de Steur" can also gain fob, a card, or an arm- this means that they don’t have to access to other pools and band that allows access for speci- wait in lines and can walk right in. sports accommodations in fied lengths of time, like a monthly According to the facilities workers the area. Almost seventy 3
  4. 4. USA FedEx Speeds Up Delivery with Keyless Entry and Ignition System FedEx couriers have one less to roll it out on additional RFID transponders, thing to keep track of as they go about the business of delivering millions of packages every day — their keys. The company’s couriers are wearing a new keyless entry and ignition system that uses RFID tags from TI embedded within a velcro wristband. vehicles next year. "TI’s RFID technology makes it easier for our couri- ers to quickly and securely deliver packages to FedEx customers," said Jim Steffen, chief engineer of vehicle/ground support equipment at “ T I’s RFID technol- ogy makes it easier for our couriers to readers mounted at each of the four doors to the delivery vehicle and a reader mounted on the right side of the steering column near the ignition switch. When the courier With this new automatic system, FedEx. "The couriers who quickly and securely places his transponder wristband within 7 deliver packages to inches of the readers, the transponder’s code FedEx customers. is compared to one in “ the system’s memory. If it is a match, the door unlocks for ten seconds. The courier simply pulls on the door han- world. With TI’s dle to enter the vehicle while the RFID system, they three remaining doors stay secure- don’t have to spend ly locked to prevent unauthorized precious time search- entry. To start the vehicle, the ing for keys or use driver pushes a button on the them to lock and right side of the steering column. unlock multiple doors The courier pushes another button to their delivery vehi- near the start button to turn off cles. During a driver’s the vehicle. route, the RFID wrist- The new FedEx system was cus- band need not be tom-designed by Strattec Security removed, making it Corporation, of Milwaukee, Wis., less likely to be lost. If experts in vehicle locks and RFID a wristband transpon- immobilizer systems along with der is misplaced, its Utilimaster Corporation, based code can be purged in Fort Wayne, Ind., who makes from the system and a custom-manufactured vehicles Couriers wear wristband transponders for efficient access to their trucks. new code can be reprogrammed for FedEx. in a matter of seconds. With the For more information, contact FedEx delivery personnel can easily have used this state-of-the-art traditional system, if a driver Mike Feucht at Strattec, keep track of keys and can secure equipment say that it shaves criti- misplaces his keys, he must wait Tel: (414) 247-3364, their vehicles faster along their cal minutes from delivery times." to have a spare set delivered and Fax: (414) 247-3329. delivery routes. By the end of FedEx couriers drive 2.7 million the vehicle must be re-keyed at a 2000, 1,400 FedEx delivery miles daily in the U.S. alone to cost of more than $200 per incident. vehicles will be equipped with the ensure the reliable delivery of The FedEx system consists of new system, and the company plans express parcels from all over the one-inch round, disk-shaped UK RFID Helps Xerox Achieve 100% Shipping Accuracy Xerox, the world’s largest photo- ping schedule. In the event of a copier manufacturer, ships about copier being inadvertently loaded 1/4 million copiers per year from onto the wrong truck, an alarm its main European manufacturing sounds and a display shows the facility centre in the UK to desti- correct vehicle that the copier nations all across Europe. should be taken to. They installed an RFID-based "By accurately and reliably logistics tracking system to ensure identifying and tracking goods 100% shipping accuracy. The throughout distribution, ware- company was determined to elimi- housing and shipping, companies nate any errors from its shipping such as Xerox can achieve major process because accurate and effi- savings in costs and higher pro- cient shipping to all customers is ductivity through reduced ship- essential for Xerox to maintain a good ping errors and more efficient reputation for service and quality. handling" said David Hyslop, TI Microlise Systems Integration of RFID tagged Xerox copiers pass through gate antennas to ensure they are loaded on the sales manager in the UK. Nottingham, a leading UK supply correct truck. For more information, contact chain management solutions Graham Lane, RFID Components provider, worked with software A battery free low frequency tag tracking and identification. Ltd., Tel: (0)1234 840102, specialist EDS to create the logis- is attached to the outer packaging At nine loading bays, RFID Fax: (0)1234 840707, tics system that uses TI RFID of each copier. It is planned to readers automatically read the e-mail: glane@rfid.co.uk, read/write card transponders and eventually integrate the tags into unique code and associated data Website: www.rfid.co.uk read units supplied by distributor, the copiers themselves to provide for each consignment, and match RFID Components. more comprehensive lifetime product it to the company’s vehicle ship- 4
  5. 5. Texas Instruments RFID Leader Again Frost & Sullivan honored TI ment and methods of addressing again with the Market Engineering Leadership Award for the year 2000 which was earlier bestowed on TI in 1998. The award is given by Frost & Sullivan’s Automatic Identification Group and is presented in tandem these dynamics. "RFID technology continues to establish itself in very mainstream markets. Many commercial, con- sumer and industrial customers are finding RFID an essential technol- ogy for enabling their businesses. “ M any commercial, consumer and industrial customers are finding with the release of their World We are pleased that Frost & Radio Frequency Identification Sullivan has recognized our work RFID an essential (RFID) Markets industry report. with this award," said David technology for enabling Recipients of the award are chosen Slinger, TIRIS vice president. their businesses. based on interviews with market Each year Frost & Sullivan stud- participants and Frost & Sullivan's research and consulting work for ies the RFID market by contacting the suppliers, the integrators and “ the RFID industry. Texas the customers to gather data. Instruments was awarded the "The role that Frost & Sullivan number one ranking for the com- plays as an outside observer to our Susy d'Hont, Market this way, so that we can all gain pany's identification of market industry is very helpful since there Communications Manager. "We better insight into the future," challenges, drivers and restraints, are not many professional research hope that other market research added d'Hont. as well as their strategy develop- organizations doing this yet," said firms will become more active in UK Collecting Tolls On the Move at the Tyne Tunnel, UK R FID tags help speed up Since the tunnel was opened in dow and swiping a card — prob- approaches, check the user's credit traffic through the busy 1967, tolls have traditionally been lematic in British weather. Also account via the host PC, and give Tyne Tunnel, a 1.7km collected in cash or by tickets. credit cards involve a 5% sur- a green light in a fraction of a sec- road tunnel running However, with traffic continually charge on every transaction. ond. A sign under the traffic under the River Tyne growing and presently peaking at All of these problems are over- lights warns the user if credit is serving the cities of Newcastle, around 35,000 vehicles/day, the come by the new AVI system low. If credit is zero, the traffic Gateshead and surrounding towns tunnel operators needed to find light stays at red and the toll in the north of England. new methods. Manual cash col- “ The system has achieved its main aims of improving booth operator is instructed to collect cash. If a vehicle goes through without a valid credit, the system alerts the operators and police action can be taken. Users pre-pay for multiple jour- neys by having their tag account credited with a fixed amount, and traffic flow and the toll fee is deducted from this credit each time they use the tun- reducing conges- nel. Users can top-up their credit tion with a low over the phone, so there is no need to waste valuable time going to the installation cost. “ toll office to renew their credit. The tag only carries the unique ID of each driver – all customer data, and credit information is held off the card by the computer system. The tag can be immedi- ately de-activated if reported Low frequency toll tags eliminate ques at Tyne Tunnel. stolen. In addition, all customers receive a monthly statement of toll "While cash booths still operate, lection involves fees and transaction. more and more people are switch- delays. Automatic Of the 10,000 TIRIS tags in cir- ing to automatic tag operation cash collection is culation, some 90% of tags are allowing them to take advantage expensive to install issued to private users while local of dedicated lanes for faster, more and also involves businesses find it useful to have convenient payment which also delays while dri- multiple tags for company reduces congestion at the cash vers search for the employees administered using a booths for other users. The sys- right cash to single business account. Travelers can leave their windows up when using tem has achieved its main aims of throw into a col- pre-paid RFID tags. For more information, contact improving traffic flow and reduc- lection basket. Graham Lane, RFID Components ing congestion with a low installa- Tickets are open to abuse by theft based on TI battery free, low fre- Ltd. Tel: (0)1234 840102, tion cost," said Paul Ducker, MD or fraud and also involve delays quency RFID. Tags are attached Fax: (0)1234 840707. of Paul Ducker Systems, the while tickets are inspected. Finally to the windscreen using a rubber systems integrator responsible credit card payment involves the suction cup. Readers at the toll for the system. driver stopping, opening a win- booth ID the tag as the vehicle 5
  6. 6. TAG-IT“ SMART LABELS HANDS-FREE LIFT ACCESS FOR EUROPEAN SKIERS kiers across Europe are of sight and can be read through S swooshing through clothing, so there's no need to access gates and speeding show them or have them stamped. through chair lift lines RFID ski passes can be pur- all without stopping to chased at the cash desks or via the remove a glove or show a ticket— Internet, cutting down long lines thanks to the AX400 hands-free at the cashier. Since the passes are access system for ski lifts devel- re-useable, they reduce the oped by Austria's TeamAxess. amount of waste from traditional The system, which has been one-time ski passes with magnetic adopted by European ski resorts stripes. The authorization data including the multinational "Les stored on the card is deleted when Portes du Soleil" region in the the pass is returned. French and Swiss alps, features The AX400 ticketing system Tag-it-based ski passes used for consists of three components: the access control and payment. computer inside the cash register The new AX400 system is sig- which writes the data to the ski nificantly faster and more efficient pass, the terminal access controller than traditional ski pass systems which controls the gate access, and and provides convenient, hands- the centralized server responsible free access for customers. When for data management. All compo- skiers approach one of the revolv- nents are part of a network. ing gates near the lift, their valid Customized software manages the ski pass is automatically identified whole system. allowing them fast entry without For more information, contact stopping to wait in line or fumble Stefan Trautner, TI Sales Manager, with their passes. The credit card Tel: +49 8161 180 4353. RFID ski passes mean much faster moving lift lines. sized ski passes don’t require line 3M Bases Digital Identification The new 3M Digital System on Tag-itTM Identification System was recently Materials Management for Libraries Combines installed in the RFID With 3MTMTattle-TapeTM Security Curriculum Materials Library at M has completed the and position them correctly, the University of 3 launch of the 3M whether at the circulation desk or Nevada Las Vegas Digital Identification at the 3M SelfCheck™ System. and into its state-of- System that is revolu- The system accelerates the check the-art Lied Library tionizing how libraries out and check in process, thus that is under con- track and secure their materials. making the patron's visit to the struction. The Lied According to John Yorkovich, library more efficient and the Library will be one digital technologies marketing library staff more productive." of the most techno- manager at 3M Library Systems, "The 3M Digital Identification logically advanced Library worker quickly scans shelves for lost books. "This system further streamlines System is unique in that we libraries in the the flow of materials into, within haven't simply taken RFID tech- world. and out of a library in several nology and retrofitted it for use Read/write smart tags allow • Conversion stations for the ways. Because of the smart label, in libraries," said Yorkovich. library personnel to change the transition from optical "We have information on a tag when they bar codes to digital identifi- selected TI change the book’s status, a capa- cation tags. smart label bility not offered by bar codes. • 3MTM SelfCheckTM Systems. technology The ability to quickly scan • 3MTM Staff Workstations. and com- shelves helps libraries locate lost • 3MTM Tattle-TapeTM bined it or obsolete items and do fast Security Strips and 3MTM with our inventory updates. Personnel can Detection Systems. materials also scan items left out on tables 3M is the global leader in flow man- to get better information of the library security for nearly 30 agement materials their clients find most years, 3M protects literally bil- compo- popular. lions of individual items in thou- nents to 3M Digital Identification sands of libraries throughout create a System tags are part of the opti- the world. system that mization of an entire checkout, For more information, contact offers all check-in and inventory manage- John Yorkovich, 3M Library the benefits ment process that maximizes Systems Marketing Manager, at Smart labels on books mean fast and accurate checkout systems. of RFID security. Other components 651-736-7168, technology of the 3M Digital Identification email: jyorkovich@mmm.com there is no requirement to locate without compromising security," System that maximize materials traditional optical barcode labels added Yorkovich. flow management at libraries are: 6
  7. 7. TEAM TAG-ITTM MEMBERS More than 40 companies have joined Team Tag-it to provide complete solutions and accelerate the adoption of smart labels. Product/Service Company Product/Service Company Labels Avery Dennison Handheld Terminals Bancolini Bielomatik id Systems (convertor equipment) Granite Communications Brady Microlise Engineering Ltd. Charnwood Label Craft Opticon Sensors Europe bv. Melzer Psion Inc. Mikoh Symbol Technologies Moore Trion Technology AG Sihl Securakey (Cards) Software Alpha SW Schreiner Etiketten Jex Technologies Sessions of York Thax smart-TEC Torres Ind. E Com. Ltda Systems/ Integration 3M Library Systems Confidence International AB Printers Avery Dennison Data Recognition Inc. Brady Euro Link TEC Metrologic Zebra Technologies Microlise Engineering Ltd. RFID Components RFID Readers AWID Savi Technology Baltech Seal Electronica Ltda id Systems Siemens Moby Feig Snyder Electronics Moba Securakey TI Announces Two New reduces parts count in the final product. The device enables rapid terminals and printers for advanced solutions in product design of Tag-it, ISO 15693, and authentication, ticketing, library Tag-it Products ISO 14443-2 (Mode A) proximity and vicinity RFID interrogators. management and supply chain management. With the addition of a micro- Two new Tag-it products were readers. The ISO/IEC 15693 processor, crystal, and a few pas- announced at Frontline Solutions standard is supported by several sive components a full functioning Europe in November. They are semiconductor manufacturers, reader can be easily developed. the ISO 15693 Inlays and the reader manufacturers and system Tag-it ASIC-enabled reader mod- Multi-protocol Transceiver IC. integrators, and can coexist with ules can be seamlessly integrated The new Tag-it 13.56MHz other 13.56MHz standards, such into traditional barcode portable inlays are compliant with the as ISO/IEC 14443 ISO/IEC15693 standard which is for proximity cards. a global open standard for optimal ISO 15693 compli- use under different regulatory and ant readers developed noise environments around the to support the ISO world. The standard also allows inlays will be back- for interoperability of tags from ward compatible to multiple manufacturers. communicate with With added memory and func- current Tag-it inlays. tionality, the new ISO compliant The Multi-proto- chip will be implemented on all col Transceiver IC Tag-it standard inlay sizes avail- enables a broad range able at 13.56MHz. ISO/IEC of 13.56MHz RFID 15693 is a global standard for interrogator designs. contactless 13.56MHz vicinity This low power con- cards, and is used in smart labels. sumption device sup- The ISO/IEC 15693 protocol is ports portable and designed to conform to FCC fixed reader designs (USA), ETSI (Europe) and MPT that have tight foot- (Japan) regulations worldwide, print constraints. Stefan Trautner leads Tag-it technical seminar for converters and systems integrators in Freising, allowing tags to travel around the The IC minimizes Germany. Some of the participating companies included: Sihl, Feig, Eurolink, Melzer, and Meto. world under optimal conditions onboard power for operation with region specific requirements and 7
  8. 8. CONSUMER RECOGNITION RFID Fuels Faster Convenience Store Purchases SpeedpassTM Goes In-store TI. ExxonMobil recently Easy-to-use indoor Speedpass 69-store trial in St. Louis where announced they are extending reader units are located on the customers reported that they the RFID-based Speedpass pay- checkout counter next to cash valued the increased conve- ment system inside participating registers. Customers simply wave nience and simplicity of using convenience stores at Mobil- their keyring tags over the indi- RFID for purchases inside branded service stations nation- cated space on the counter-top stores. ExxonMobil is currently wide. Consumers using reader, where the system recog- making the Speedpass program Speedpass at more than 3,500 nizes the customer, approves the available to all approved partic- Mobil convenience stores can transaction and automatically ipating Mobil service stations enjoy the speed and conve- issues a receipt. Without the regardless of the brand name nience of purchasing products added time spent waiting for their convenience store operates using their tags without having credit card transactions to clear under. to open or searching for cash, customers Introduced at Mobil fuel make purchases faster and more pumps in 1997, today TI's conveniently. RFID technology is speeding "This is the first expansion of retail gasoline and product pur- Speedpass technology for pur- chases for more than 4 million chases beyond the fuel pumps," Speedpass customers. "With said Jim Carter, U.S. regional the extension of RFID technol- director for ExxonMobil's Fuels ogy from the gas pump to in- Marketing Company. "Its intro- store purchases, we're building wallets duction provides a glimpse of a strong foundation for the or purses for credit how consumers will shop in the extension of our RFID technol- cards or cash. ExxonMobil is also future, and we're proud that we ogy into other retail environ- Customers using Mobil's planning to bring Speedpass to are the first to make this innova- ments," said Jim Bucklar TI Speedpass to fill up their cars, Exxon-branded service stations tive payment technology available marketing manager. can fuel their bodies just as easi- and convenience stores in early to our customers." ly using RFID technology from 2001 at more than 1,800 locations. The national rollout follows a SpeedpassTM goes to McDonald’s® Continued from page 1. and point the keyring tag at the the credit/check card of the Speedpass reader. The Golden customer's choice. Arches® light up to indicate that Inside the McDonald's restau- the tag is read. The system auto- rant, the customer places an order matically bills purchases to and then points the tag at the reader next to the cash register. There are no extra fees when using this method of payment. This is the first implementation of our RFID technology for customer recognition outside the oil industry,” said Jim Bucklar, TI Customers point their keyring tag at the Speedpass marketing manager, “watch for it reader to pay at the drive- to take off with other retailers as thru. well,” he added. 8
  9. 9. NEW PRODUCTS SMART LABEL INLAY FAMILY GROWS With the addition of the minia- Like the other inlays, the mini Tag-it UHF System ture inlay to the Tag-itTM family, model is paper-thin, re-program- we now have a "momma, papa, mable, flexible and capable of Targeted to Long Range and baby bear". The small size, being read simultaneously by Supply Chain Applications rectangular-shaped, mini-inlay fixed-position readers or handheld can be easily incorporated into scanners. smart labels or The 3 inlay models embedded into include: The UHF RFID platform leverages existing and source tags emerging allowances in the global UHF bands to deliv- used for er breakthrough performance in passive read range. This new UHF band supports a longer reading passive RFID tag and reader system that will open new logis- tics and asset tracking applications. It includes the ANSI NCITS 256 compli- ant Application Programmer Interface (API). The UHF inlays offer easy conver- sion to smart labels. authen- Square tication Inlay, mea- and brand suring 45 x protection of 45 mm (1.8 x valuable products. 1.8 in); Rectangular, It can also be incorporated Large Inlay, measuring 45 x into plastic cards for access con- 76 mm (1.8 x 3 in); and the trol, applied to containers and Miniature Inlay measuring 22.5 x totes for logistics automation, or 38 mm (0.9 x 1.5 in). used to track and manage important All models can be read with the insurance, legal, or medical files. same reader systems. Low Frequency RFID Evaluation 13.56 MHz Keyring Tag Kit Now Available Online The 13.56 Keyring tag is targeted at automated payment systems and point-of-sale purchasing in retail environments such as consumer The easy-to-assemble-and-use LF Evaluation Kit (134.5 kHz) gives you gasoline, quick service restaurants (QSR), or any industry where the opportunity to explore the capabilities of TI's RFID technology. service is paramount. It includes the robust Series 2000 Reader System, a readout antenna, and a variety of different transponders, plus demonstration software that runs on your desktop computer to allow you to experiment with all the features of the system. The reader requires a 7-14V DC with minimum 1A current power supply. An optional power supply is available for purchase. The tag can be easily carried on a customer's key ring and provides a LF Evaluation Kit includes what you need to get started. more superior level of security than do credit cards with magnetic strip. Eight blocks of 256-bit non-volatile user memory allow for customizing Part number – RI-K2A-001A Price: $595.00 initial data or updating the tag with new data. Each block can be locked Purchase at www.tiris.com by clicking on the eStore. to protect data from modification. 9
  10. 10. Texas Instruments RFID Tracks Containers Throughout Europe racking hundreds of ship- required hundreds of hours of of container transport quicker and T ping containers across acres and acres of proper- ty is a daunting task that can quickly turn order into chaos. But by embedding manpower to operate transport vehicles. A computerized container transfer system, based on TI's RFID tech- nology, was adopted by ECT to more efficient for large numbers of containers, the company installed Texas Instruments RFID lower labor costs and provide con- transponders into the pavement sistent performance. Under the to create a virtual ID grid, Europe new system, workers only operate Combined Terminals (ECT) in transport vehicles during the Rotterdam can track both the first stage of the process. All transport vehicles as well as the subsequent transportation sleepers containers they move and and stacking of containers forming a stack daily. is done using RFID grid across In addition to the Port at technology. the entire site. Rotterdam, ECT also operates a "The advantage rail terminal in Venlo and inland of these shipping terminals along the transponders Rhine in Germany. The largest . is that they are a sphalt container ships in the world moor ded in programmable," said mbed alongside these terminals, where ders e Dick Roos, project engineer nspon containers are unloaded and on tra based for ECT's Delta Container system shipped to small boats, barges, cking transpon- Division. "The system can track in er tra trains, and lorries to continue on Conta ders just under the container location to the nearest to final destinations throughout surface of the site to act as nav- centimeter – providing accuracy Europe. igational and positioning aids for not possible without radio fre- When ships come into port, the vehicles and cranes. quency." containers need to be picked up Rotterdam ship terminal. Conditions underground made The RFID-based computerized from the quay, transferred to a Container transport no longer the technology vulnerable to container transfer system has storage depot, and later moved to relies on worker availability and damage. In 1993, ECT turned proved so successful at ECT that a dispatch area. Traditionally, unpredictable weather conditions. to TI to solve this problem and a new terminal currently under ECT has done this manually with- The ECT automated RFID TI produced a special transponder, construction is being equipped out a method of tracking contain- process works regardless of time of housed in glass that protected the with the technology. er location – resulting in lost day, rain or shine. device from external threats. For more information, contact goods, confusion and inconsistent When ECT set out to find a way The transponders are now used Jeroen Bolscher, TI Sales, performance. The process also to make their traditional method in stacking cranes and railway Tel: +31 546 879409. TI Launches RFID eStore on www.tiris.com I is making it easier for product documents and applica- more ideas for T engineers and systems integrators to develop exciting new applica- tions for RFID tech- nology by offering them a con- tion notes. TI is initially offering 10 of its field-proven, low frequen- cy, RFID products for sale online to U.S. customers, plus reader modules and antennas, as well this inventive technology, who need a way to get started.” TI plans to venient way to purchase its as a complete LF Evaluation Kit offer additional RFID products online. for $595. RFID products Purchases can be made on the for sale online, We’re pleased to expand its secure site using a credit card. TI be taking the is also offering its online customers eCommerce technical support via email as well capabilities to lead in inspiring as phone support. international "We’re pleased to be taking the markets and new uses for lead in inspiring new uses for extend the site’s eStore Home Page. RFID by making the technology functionality RFID by making available online," said Bill Allen, in the near future. the technology eMarketing manager, Texas Instruments. "We’ve seen RFID available online used for hundreds of different applications from logistics and Customers can access TI’s security to retail and distribution RFID eStore at www.tiris.com during our 10 years in the indus- where they’ll find RFID prod- try. We’re certain there are engi- ucts for sale plus downloadable neers and marketers with many 10
  11. 11. GERMANY European Auto Manufacturers Rely on RFID exas Instruments RFID production history is also logged, which move the driver’s cabins sive to determine how long dri- T technology is revolution- so if problems occur they can easi- through the production facility. ver's cabins stayed in the paint- izing the way automotive ly be traced back to who made When the driver's cabin is trans- ing and drying process. The manufacturers do busi- changes to the system. ferred from production to the time varied depending on the ness. From providing Opel has also saved time and painting line, the RFID transpon- paint color. As a result, some car secure access to process and sys- materials by incorporating RFID der is read and information about bodies had to be stored for 2-3 tems software to tracking automo- into their manufacturing process the cabin is linked to the chassis days before they could be sup- bile parts through the manufactur- and is planning on extending the number in the FIS (driver’s cabin plied to other assembly lines. ing cycle, transponders are finding system to all of its European loca- information server) database. The Because the storage area was new uses within automotive tions. The company will also inte- car body is also tracked at the stretched over the warehouse, production operations grate additional production facili- beginning and end of all painting finding car bodies with specific throughout Europe. ties using RFID, including adhe- stations. The time it takes to paint paint characteristics was a very Adam Opel AG sive bonding systems and robots, Adam Opel AG, one of the and ultrasonic testing. world's leading automotive manu- MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG facturers, needed a secure but easy Another European auto manu- way to authorize the many engi- facturer, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG neers accessing the computerized in Munich, Germany, is using process controls managing more RFID to optimize the production than 650 welding and adhesive process and materials flow in its programs. TI RFID not only manufacturing operations. MAN allows access to authorized person- manufactures tens of thousands of nel, but helps keep a record of truck and bus cabs every year, and changes to manage both quality Texas Instruments RFID and productivity. transponders are speeding produc- The RFID-based system con- tivity, improving the use of ware- trols access to Opel's welding house space and helping to equipment, logs production data, increase profits. and makes program changes Used in MAN's paint shop for Tags on vehicle parts withstand high temp ovens to automate manufacturing and understandable at any point in driver's cabins, the RFID-based measure paint processes. time before assembly begins. It system uses transponders to identi- also protects critical process and fy and track the parts throughout the car and for it to dry is deter- laborious task. With the help of system data from unauthorized the painting process. TI’s passive, mined and the information is used RFID technology, MAN can access during manufacturing. low-cost transponders were encap- for improving planning and pro- properly plan space requirements Opel's system consists of a sulated in Teflon cylinders to with- duction tasks. for intermediate storage in their transponder which grants or stand high temperatures and paint Before RFID was incorporated warehouse and their costs are denies access to individuals based mists, then mounted on transport into the system, it was virtually dramatically reduced. on predetermined parameters. A skids as well as trolley clamps, impossible and extremely expen- USA ExxonMobil Corporation Uses RFID for Controls to manage data Faster Maintenance Turnaround in Oil Refineries storage and data compression on the RFID tags. Oil refineries typically shut equipment, which must be tracked To date, down in the fall to perform throughout the process plant ExxonMobil’s tedious scheduled maintenance equipment life cycle. Additionally, Torrance and safety checks that brings pro- the low frequency multi-page Refinery has duction to a standstill and costs 1 RFID tags are being used to con- collected over 2 million dollars a day. With the firm operators properly perform million manual current shortage of fuel, any new procedures and provide verifica- data points methods that can decrease down- tion that operators are at the cor- since the origi- time can be easily justified. rect piece of equipment while nal installation The ExxonMobil Torrance collecting data. in June of California Refinery uses RFID With the RFID tags installed, 1999. Prior to tags as a key to an asset tracking operators make scheduled plant implementing initiative for Equipment Health inspections to collect process and the system, the Refinery workers collect data with 40% greater accuracy via RFID Monitoring (EHM) and daily mechanical data about equipment company was tags than by manual methods. mechanical integrity inspections. using Telxon handheld computers. averaging about In this application ExxonMobil Once inspections are completed 27,000 data deployed SAT Corporation’s the data is uploaded and synchro- points per IntelaTrac Automated Field Data nized with the plant’s Process month with a Collection and Asset Tracking Historian Database, and DOS based System. Texas Instruments RFID Computerized Maintenance hand-held data collection system. cation of equipment it has been tags were installed on process plant Management System over a Thus, with the implementation of estimated that data is being col- equipment to verify yard number wireless network utilizing SAT’s the new solution, using approxi- lected with 40% more accuracy and process location for improved IntelaTrac Automated Field Data matly 30 hand-held computers than on previous manual data col- data integrity and to help with Collection System and synchro- and thousands of RFID tags, lection methods. OSHA required Process Safety nization software. ExxonMobil is able to collect 10 For more information, contact, Management inspections. The tags attached to the assets times more field data with the Don Frieden, SAT Corporation, Equipment types included pumps, use SAT’s Universal Tag same resources. Further by Tel: 281-480-2424, motors, valves, and other safety Formatting Protocol and Active X deploying the RFID tags for verifi- Email: dfrieden@sat-corp.com 11