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  • FMCG, TLS, HLS, Apparel/Footwear Business Action Groups Supported by Fujitsu, IBM, Microsoft (tbc), NEC, Samsung, SAP,
  • Session #7

    1. 1. Auto-ID Research - A Global Perspective from the RFID Academic Convocations AUTO-ID Labs - Stephen Miles, Research Affiliate Laboratory for Manufacturing Productivity Massachusetts Institute of Technology Excerpts from: “ RFID Technology and Applications” Stephen Miles, Sanjay Sarma, John Williams Co-Editors; Cambridge University Press, 2008
    2. 2. Research in Radio Frequency Identification Hosted by MIT Auto-ID Labs Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity Co-Chairs: Steve Miles Bill Hardgrave, U Arkansas Duncan MacFarlane- Auto-ID Lab Camb ridge Hao Min- Auto-ID Lab Fudan John Williams RFID Academic Convocation Micro and Nano-scale Man ufacturing, Renewable Energy and Environmentally Benign Manufacturing and Bio-Engineering ufacturing, Renewable Energy and Environmentally Benign
    3. 3. RFID for Identification, Location and Telemetry Ch 2. RFID Technology and its Applications Sanjay Sarma, Auto-ID Labs at MIT
    4. 4. Optimizing RFID chip performance Ch. 3 RFID tag performance optimization: a chip perspective Hao Min, Director, Auto-ID Labs at Fudan University
    5. 5. Testing RFID – HF/UHF/FF/NF Ch. 4 Resolution and Integration of HF & UHF Marlin Mickle, RFID Center of Excellence, University of Pittsburgh
    6. 6. Integrating Sensors with RFID Ch. 5 Integrating Sensors and Actuators into RFID Tags , Kang Lee, NIST
    7. 7. Testing RTLS Systems Ch. 6 Performance Evaluation of WiFi RFID Localization Technologies Kaveh Pahlavan WISC, WPI
    8. 8. Modeling Supply Chain Network Traffic Ch 7. Modeling Supply Chain Network Traffic John Williams, Director, Auto-ID Labs
    9. 9. Active Tag Deployment Security Issues Ch. 8 Deployment Considerations for Active RFID Systems, Gisele Bennett, Director EOSL, GaTech
    10. 10. Testing tag read rates across portals Ch. 9 RFID in the Retail Supply Chain: Issues and Opportunities, Bill Hardgrave Director ITRI, UArk
    11. 11. Tag User Memory Encoding - Aerospace Ch.10 Reducing Barriers to ID System Adoption in the Aerospace Industry: the Aerospace ID Technologies Programme, Duncan McFarlane, Dir AutoID Labs Cambridge Univeristy
    12. 12. The Cold Chain Ch. 11 The Cold Chain Jean-Pierre Emond, Co-Director Center for Food Distribution and retailing, University of Florida
    13. 13. Anti-counterfeiting EPC network scenario Ch. 12 The Application of RFID as Anticounterfeiting Technique: Issues & Opportunities, Florian Michahelles, Assoc Director Auto-ID Labs ETH Zurich
    14. 14. Product Lifecycle Management EID’s Ch. 13 Closing Product Information Loops with Product Embedded Information Devices Dimitris Kiritsis, STI-IPR-LICP, EPFL Lausanne
    15. 15. Intelligent Material Handling Ch 14. Moving from RFID to Autonomous Cooperating Logistic Processes, Dieter Ucklemann, DISA, Univ of Bremen
    16. 16. Resources: MIT Auto-ID Labs Open Source EPCIS Conclusion, Stephen Miles, Auto-ID Labs
    17. 17. Resources: MIT/SAP Research EPC Network Simulator
    18. 18. Auto-ID Labs around the world - architecting an Internet of Things.