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  1. 1. RFID IN THE NEWS Dear Readers, In your hands is the first issue of this year’s RFID SIG newsletter. This year Arvind, who did a great job in bringing out the newsletter last year, has passed on the baton to me. As a result, the regular readers will notice changes in the thrust and approach of the newsletter. However the objective still remains the same, to inform you and provide the knowledge relevant to the entrepreneur in you. In addition, we believe that while the technology is very important, it is the business problem that it seeks to solve that merits the maximum attention. And that is where we will focus this year, while keeping you updated on the social and technical context. Without further ado, Let us dive right in …… Kapil Dev Singh, Newsletter Chair, RFID SIG. Big Stories of the Month 1. Wal-Mart announces results of Research Study: Undoubtedly the single biggest story this month was Wal-Mart’s announcement of the results of a research study conducted by Univ. Of Arkansas on its behalf. The study compared 12 RFID enabled stores with 12 control stores and found 16% reduction in out of stocks in RFID enabled stores. It found that RFID tagged SKU’s were replenished 3 times faster than non tagged SKU’s and there was 10 % reduction in manual ordering. The study was conducted over 29 weeks. The study has been well received by the community. Though some analysts called for more data. Gartner analyst Jeff Woods pointed that ‘It's not clear how much OOS [out-of-stock] reduction occurred in control groups’ and also that ‘the study doesn't quantify the impact of OOS reduction’. a. EPC Reduces Out-of-Stocks at Wal-Mart: b. RFID update from Wal-Mart: c. Wal-Mart RFID: More Data Needed: 2. Boeing’s RFID Mandate: Aerospace and defense (A&D) giant Boeing is mandating the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) for suppliers participating in Boeing's 787 Dream liner project. Boeing wants its suppliers to use a 64-kilobyte passive tag resistant to changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity; able to carry a unique identification number; and carrying a slew of maintenance and inspection data. The rub? "The smart labels in question...have not yet even been invented," wryly notes AMR. a. Boeing's RFID Mandate:
  2. 2. b. Boeing's Flight Plan for Dreamliner Tags: 3. United States Sets Date for E-Passports : The U.S. State Department says all U.S. passports issued starting in October 2006 will contain RFID chips. The chip used in the e-passports will comply with the ISO 14443 RFID specifications and contain the same information as a passport's data page—the passport holder's name, nationality, gender, date of birth, place of birth and digitized photo. The chip will also contain the passport number, issue date, expiration date and type of passport. The ISO 14443 specifications permits chips to be read when an e- passport is placed within approximately 10 centimeters of an RFID interrogator (reader). To prevent skimming, the department will add shielding material to the passport's front cover and spine. The material is supposed to make the e-passport's RFID tag unreadable as long as its cover is closed or nearly closed. a. United States Sets Date for E-Passports: b. United States to Require RFID Chips in Passports,aid,123246,00.asp 4. ‘Spy chips’: Last but not the least, Katherine Albrecht came out with her book, ‘Spy Chips’, regarding privacy invasion by ‘global corporations and powerful governments’. She marketed the book with panache and the book got wide media coverage including in mainstream press. She once again demonstrated the amount of effort that RFID industry needs to put in to inform the layman. AIM global came out with its spirited rebuttal but unsurprisingly; its coverage was not of the same level. a. Privacy And RFID: Are The Tags Spy Chips? b. Corporations, government to track your every move c. Spy chips- fact or fiction: =478&zoneid=24 These also made waves: 1. DoD's RFID Progress: A new report ("RFID: The Right Frequency for Government") by Professor David Wyld of Southeastern Louisiana University, calls attention to the fact that the U.S. Department of Defense's RFID mandate is more sweeping. a. DoD's RFID Progress:
  3. 3. 2. Maritime Industry Next Up To Catch RFID Wave: Maersk, One of the world's largest shipping concerns is preparing to participate in a track-and-trace, radio frequency identification technology supply chain pilot in Asia with EPCglobal Inc. Hutchison Port Holdings says its partnership with Savi Technology will help secure the supply chain and reduce costs for companies shipping goods. a. Maritime Industry Next Up To Catch RFID Wave:;jsessionid=IHLJWS WE0BZZ2QSNDBECKHSCJUMEKJVN?articleID=172900964&pgno=1 b. RFID Container Seals Deliver Security, Value : 3. Contact-less Credit Cards: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. said that it has begun rolling out its contact- less credit cards, known as "blink," in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. To use the blink cards, customers wave the card near a reader at the checkout line. The reader emits a tone and lights up to signal payment confirmation. a. Chase Expands Blink's East Coast Presence : b. Chase Rolls Out RFID Credit Cards in N.Y. and Philadelphia: 5 4. RFID To Speed Commuting Payments: After a long wait, commuters traveling between New Jersey and New York could soon be using RFID technology to board trains. The Port Authority plans to install readers in 13 transit stations by next spring. a. RFID To Speed Commuting Payments For Some Big Apple Workers: 78 Not to forget these nuggets: 1. An ad campaign on Google?? RFID Ltd., is paying Google to publish several papers on the search engine that refute allegations detailed in a recently released book "Spy chips," which paints a less than friendly view of how radio frequency identification technology is affecting consumer privacy. However, The point to ponder is, will the future information wars for the hearts and mind of people be fought on Google ads? Is this a sign of things to come? a. RFID Firm Turns To Google For Image Campaign
  4. 4. 2. RFID in Postal Services: Microsoft has held talks with India's postal service about using the RFID system. Microsoft India says these talks are still in the early stages. If RFID were deployed by India's postal service it would probably be used for its premium, SpeedPost service. FedEx's NetReturn API shipping network has begun a unique project with Intellareturn Corporation, USA, to reduce the cost and labour involved in handling returns. a. RFID in Postal Services: _id=825&display=RFID b. RFID in the Postal and Courier service 3. RFID and food trace-ability: A new temperature logging radio frequency identification (RFID) tag targets food processors and handlers who need to comply with the latest EU requirements and pending US traceability legislation. a. RFID tag tracks temperature for food processors: tag 4. RFID in Jewellry store: Damas is trialing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in its stores in the UAE, prior to a global rollout. The jeweller is using RFID tags to cut inventory costs and make it easier to guard against theft. a. Damas trials RFID in UAE jewellery stores: 5. Cashless payment system for Amusement parks: PDC is showcasing its Cashless payment system for Amusement parks and water parks. The System consists of Smart Kiosk, Smart Band(R) RFID Wristbands, and Smart Readers, all located throughout a venue for quick and easy purchases. Smart Kiosk is a freestanding booth with touch-screen that allows patrons to load money using cash, credit or debit cards onto Smart Band RFID Wristbands, which are typically provided to patrons at admissions. Smart Reader is a freestanding combination POS system and reader that replaces the need for expensive stand-alone POS systems and readers. a. Precision Dynamics Corporation to Debut RFID Cashless Payment Solutions for Amusement and Water Parks at IAAPA _view&newsId=20051103006151&newsLang=en
  5. 5. Mark Your Calendars Upcoming RFID SIG Events: Contact-less Passports, Dec 5th, E51-376, MIT, Cambridge Contact less payment Systems, Jan 9th, E51-376, MIT, Cambridge National Active RFID Summit USA 2005 - November 15-16, Marriott Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, USA International RFID Telecom Conference 2005: Towards a Sensor Based Environment, November 29- December 2, 2005, Paris, France. Contact: Career Center 1. Vice President, RFID / Label Sales: Lowry Computer Products, Brighton MI, US 2. Product Manager - RFID Hardware: MARKEM Corporation Keene, NH 3. Sr. RFID Engineer Savi Technology Sunnyvale, CA 4. Managing Consultant - Consulting Verisign Dulles, VA 5. Sr Consultant - Consulting Verisign Dulles, VA End Note In the end, Let me reiterate that our goal for this SIG is to provide its members a chance to promote and strengthen the process of starting and growing RFID-related companies by providing services and programs that educate, inform, and support the entrepreneurial community. Our monthly events, this newsletter and discussion board (at are all geared to build, nurture and support the RFID community in New England area. We welcome all suggestions or feedback in terms of this newsletter, topics for events, speakers or any other thing that may be of interest to the community. The organizing committee is made up of volunteers and we welcome your participation in organizing the
  6. 6. upcoming events as well. Our contact emails are given below and we look forward to hearing from you. Kapil Dev Singh RFID SIG contacts RFID SIG Chair: Marketing Chair: Stephen Miles Arvind Ballakur, Ph.D. Program Manager, WAN SIG Technical Manager MIT Auto-ID Labs Global Operations Engineering Cambridge, MA 02139 Lucent Technologies 617-324-1519 N. Andover, MA 01845 s_miles@MIT.EDU 978-691-3770 Sponsorship Chair: Newsletter and Discussion Board Chair: Michael Radin, Esq. Kapil Dev Singh Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers Application Consultant, Boston, MA 02199 Demantra, 617-218-2035 Waltham, MA 02451