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In this issue:               ...
written to the RFID tag, which acts like a     directly to the item and can automatically
real-time data carrier. By stori...
provide real-time inventory of items on a
store shelf. Databrokers also showed an
RFID wireless payment check-out system. ...
data on visitors for exhibitors and           largest and oldest breweries, recently used
organizers.                     ...
Budweiser mug, which promoted Labatt’s
Budweiser beer as well as told a unique
RFID story.                                ...
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RFid Creates Smart Product Tracking and Real-Time Data Management ...


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RFid Creates Smart Product Tracking and Real-Time Data Management ...

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL eNEWSLETTER OF TI-RFid™ SYSTEMS ISSUE NO.13, OCT. 2002 In this issue: system using Texas Instruments RFid tags and readers to more accurately ! RFid Creates Smart Product identify and track automotive seat Tracking and Real-Time Data components and finished products Management for Automotive Seat throughout the manufacturing process. Manufacturing The real-time data management solution ! TI Highlights Intelligent RFID was developed by systems integrator Retail Supply Chain at Frontline Youngstown Systems Company and Solutions’ Supply Chain Week automated conveyor systems and software 2002 provider Transept USA. The RFID system ! TI Access Control Products is running on four, automotive seat manufacturing lines with more contracted Shown at Largest International for this year and in 2003. Security Tradeshow ! RFID Improves Access Control 13.56 MHz RFID smart labels are and Data Management at incorporated into the build ticket for each International Exhibition and seat. The build ticket stores information Conference about the seat (color, material, type, VIN, ! Labatt Promotes Budweiser at etc.) and links the individual bar-coded Charity Event with TI-RFid components used to assemble the seat during the manufacturing process. The small, thin, flexible RFID tags with read/write capabilities can store 2000 bits RFid Creates Smart Product of data, more than 30 times that of low- Tracking and Real-Time Data frequency RFID systems typically used Management for Automotive today. As the seat moves down the Seat Manufacturing automated assembly conveyor system, each component is scanned into the A Tier-one supplier of automotive seats system and the has adopted an RFID-based smart label information is
  2. 2. written to the RFID tag, which acts like a directly to the item and can automatically real-time data carrier. By storing the be retrieved from the finished seat data on the tag during manufacturing, it without line-of-sight using an RFID reduces the processing capacity and reader. RFID reduces the labor-intensive storage requirements of the process of pulling apart the seat to read a manufacturer’s centralized database bar code tag in the event of a product system and also speeds production. In recall or for product warranties. It also addition, RFID aids in quality assurance potentially limits manufacturer liability testing and repair. When a seat is during an accident by providing the data completed, the RFID tag is scanned at one that the product was manufactured and of six test stations and the results are installed by the OEM. RFID can also help written to the build ticket and manufacturers more quickly determine communicated to the host computer specific products that are being recalled. system. Items diverted to repair are easily tracked by the system and information about the nature of the repair is carried with the seat. TI Highlights Intelligent RFID Retail Supply Chain at The returnable shipping pallets also contain an RFID smart label. Each pallet Frontline Solutions’ Supply holds an entire seating package for a car. Chain Week 2002 As each seat is completed, the information on the build tickets is transcribed to the RFID tag on the pallet via an RFID reader inside the conveyor so the pallet As an exhibitor at the Frontline Solutions “knows” it has all of the seats in the right Show, September 24-26, TI-RFid line-up. This information is demonstrated the power of its RFID 13.56 communicated to the central plant MHz smart label technology across the computer to ensure that the seats will be entire integrated supply chain. At an shipped correctly to their OEM interactive display, TI showed how RFID manufacturing plant. is used for item-level tracking at points along the supply chain, including TI is also working with automotive OEMs manufacturing, distribution, in retail on using RFID for item-level identification stores, and for point-of-sale transactions. and tracking of seat components. RFID brings dramatic benefits not only to the TI-RFid Systems partner, Databrokers, manufacturing process; it also makes Inc., a systems integrator, designed and product warranty and recalls more implemented the wireless inventory effective. Automotive manufacturers are management systems demonstrated in required to maintain a database about TI’s booth. A Zebra Technologies printer safety items in the seat for 10 years. An was used to print and program an RFID example is the Passenger Occupant item label to tag a garment. Snyder Detection System (PODS). By storing Electronics developed both the information such as the serial number, distribution center torque values, calibration data, operator tunnel reader and information, and installation method in the shelf reader the tag’s memory, it links the information system used to
  3. 3. provide real-time inventory of items on a store shelf. Databrokers also showed an RFID wireless payment check-out system. TI Access Control Products Shown at Largest Additional partners demonstrated other International Security applications of TI-RFid’s technology. The Tradeshow 3M Safety and Security Systems Division showed its RFID Smart Solutions, which are used to identify, track, and manage items in environments such as legal, The European market had their first accounting, insurance, mortgage, and opportunity to see TI-RFid’s new 13.56 banking, where the ability to locate files MHz card and reader solutions for access or specific documents is integral to control at this year’s Security show in business operations. 3M also Essen, Germany. The show was held demonstrated its complete RFID-based October 8 – 11 and boasted over 29,000 Digital ID Collection Management attendees. TI was an exhibitor at Essen, System, currently used in more than 60 which is held every two years and is libraries around the world. Dynasys considered the largest international Technologies, an authorized distributor of security tradeshow. This year’s show had TI-RFid products, showed its extensive a visitor increase of about nine percent line of high and low frequency automatic over the last show in 2000. Bill Allen, data collection equipment distributed marketing communications manager, TI- throughout the United States. RFid said, “The show was highly successful in both introducing our At the Frontline Solutions RFID Summit, products and learning about the security Bill Allen, marketing communications market in Europe.” manager of TI-RFid and Bruce Eckfeldt, engagement manager for IconNicholson, a systems integrator, presented a case RFID Improves Access Control study on the advances TI-RFid has made in bringing 13.56 MHz RFID contactless and Data Management at smart tag technology to retailers. International Exhibition and Focusing on the implementation of RFID Conference technology in Prada’s New York Epicenter, the speakers teamed up to discuss how an RFID-based system can The annual European Congress for accurately identify and track Prada Radiologists (ECR) in Vienna attracts merchandise and staff, creating a more than 12,000 visitors from all over seamless shopping experience for the world. Using TI-RFid’s 13.56 MHz customers. They also discussed how the technology, Vienna-based systems technology and success of the Prada model integrator Bruck Technologies developed can be applied to other retail functions, an innovative solution for fast and easy including front-end cashless payment, contactless access to the various ECR backroom supply chain operations, and exhibits and customer loyalty programs. conferences, while automatically gathering valuable
  4. 4. data on visitors for exhibitors and largest and oldest breweries, recently used organizers. RFID technology to provide local community support in a fundraising charity golf As part of the registration process, tournament. Labatt, along with R. Moroz attendees received a nametag embedded Limited, an RFID solutions provider and with an RFID smart label tag. As visitors Canadian distributor of Texas Instruments roamed the show floor, their badges were RFid Systems, and FEIG Electronics, came electronically read by TI-RFid readers up with the concept for using RFID located at strategic points throughout the technology for the tournament. conference halls and exhibition areas, granting immediate access and saving Labatt donated a Budweiser glass beer time by eliminating lines and the need to mug to each of the 225 registered golfers, swipe access cards. which were distributed upon arrival at the check-in table. A TI high frequency The data was read from the badges and ISO 15693 smart label inlay containing a transmitted to a host computer for further unique identification number was placed processing for use by organizers and onto the bottom of each mug. As part of exhibitors. Event organizers the registration process, a digital picture automatically collected, processed, and of each golfer was taken and saved in an analyzed attendee data and disseminated Access database file with the golfer’s it in electronic form to provide exhibitors name and a pre-assigned barcode number. with higher quality information allowing The golfer’s information was then scanned them to quickly evaluate the success of and linked to the smart label inlay and their exhibit. The technology also reduced the unique identification number. This administrative costs by saving time and process ensured that the owner of each decreasing staffing. beer mug with an RFID inlay was paired with the correct digital picture, name, An RFID tag enables exhibitors to gather barcode identification, and chance to accurate information about visitors at randomly win a prize. their booth, including monitoring who enters and exits, how often, when, and the At the reception following the duration of the visit. Because of the speed tournament, when each golfer approached and convenience of RFID technology, the bar and placed his or her mug on the exhibitors can effortlessly organize leads, FEIG high frequency pad reader located follow-up with inquiries, and improve on the bar counter, the bartender filled promotional activities. the mug with a beverage. The reader read the smart label inlay on the mug and all of the golfer’s information, including picture, name, prize won, and a short Labatt Promotes Budweiser at promotional phrase, such as “Bob, thank Charity Event with TI-RFid you for your support!” or “Bob, this Bud’s for you!” was transmitted to a big screen in the dining area of the clubhouse for everyone to view. In looking for new and innovative ways to In addition, the promote its Budweiser product in Canada, golfers went home Labatt Brewing Company, one of Canada’s with their
  5. 5. Budweiser mug, which promoted Labatt’s Budweiser beer as well as told a unique RFID story. Editor’s Comments With the success of this event, Labatt is now considering other ways it can use RFID technology to attract consumers. eNEWS will be distributed via email on a Labatt mentioned it was very impressed monthly basis to keep you abreast of with the capabilities of RFID and the product and business highlights of Texas “limitless” creative ways this technology Instruments Radio Frequency can be incorporated into its brand Identification Systems. awareness, customer loyalty, sponsorship events, and community services I welcome your feedback. Send your email programs. to: Regards, Bill Allen Editor Calendar of Events TI-RFid Systems will participate in the Erratum following upcoming shows and conferences: eNews Issue No. 12 listed Stuart Nicholls’ (SCN Containers) phone number as 0854 Cartes 2002 601 5035. The correct phone number is November 5-7, 2002 0845 601 5035. International inquiries: Paris, France +44 845 601 5035. EXPOSEC 2002 November 5-7, 2002 Sao Paulo, Brazil Subscription Information Toegang+Controle 2002 To unsubscribe, change an email address, November 12-13, 2002 or add a new subscriber, send an email to Veldhoven, Netherland Isabel Roco at Visit